THIS Is American Idol [Live Blogging]

It is Thursday night and THIS is American Idol!

I have been sitting standing at the ballfield for two hours while Alex practiced. I am froze. My girls are froze. Yes, I said that. Doing things a little different this year since there isn’t a results show. Instead, as the contestants who have made it through are called, their red-lighted chairs turn green. The lighted chairs don’t have nearly the dramatic effect that Ryan Seacrest on result night, but I like it. And while we’re on the subject of dramatic effects, um, J-Lo’s girls are about to bust up outta that dress.

It’s movie night and that should make for an interesting night of singing.

Adanna Duru – Love You, I Do  (Dream Girls): First of all, I love, love, love that gold dress. It looks fabulous on stage, and on her. Except, is she wearing silver shoes? Hopefully, the television lights are playing tricks on her shoes are really gold. Adanna is a seasoned performer. She looks the part and tonight, she sounds the part, too. Good job, girl.

Daniel Seavey – Lost Stars (Begin Again) – I don’t know this song, but I really like Daniel. He’s a cutie patootie and he could be the next Beibs. Let’s see how this young cat does on this not-so-young love song. Maybe it’s just me, but this performance sounds really bad to me. It almost sounds like its too high for his voice. Not so sure he did enough to stay in the ballgame with that mess.

Rayvon Owen – Staying Alive (Saturday Night Fever) – I LOVE this song, but I’m not at all impressed with this arrangement. It’s funky, but W-A-Y too slow. I find myself trying to push the melody along. The good news is, he is doing a good job on it. He’s a really good performer, and I think he’ll advance, but I think he could’ve killed a faster version.

Nick Fradiani – Danger Zone (Top Gun) – This performance is just ok in my humble opinion. No big notes. No big finish. Just ok. That’s about all I have to say about that.

Joey Cook – Mad World (Donnie Darko) – I don’t know this movie, or song. Joey is quirky. Her hair is a hot, mint-green mess, but I like her voice. I’ve liked her since she sang King of Spain and played the Squeeze Box. That said, I’m not sure this song did much for her this week.

The Judges do not agree with me.

Tyanna Jones – The Circle of Life (Lion King) – Dear goodness, Tyanna’s hair is more of a hot green mess than Joey’s is. I just don’t get it. I happen to love this song, but honestly, I don’t think this is Tyanna’s best performance. In fact, it sounds about a half-step off key.

Quentin Alexander – You’re The One That I Want (Grease) – Y’all. Quentin KILLED it. I had chills. They were electrifying. See what I did there? Oh boy knocked it outta the park.

Harry claims the performance was horribly out of tune.

It sounded wonderful from my big, blue, bloggy couch.

Maddie Walker – Let’s Hear It For The Boy (Footloose) – This sounds very karaoke to me. Not good. Not good, at all.

Well, look at that. Kenny Loggins is in the house. I find it funny that not many of these kids are singing along. I suppose there’s a pretty good chance these young guns are too young to even know that movie.

Clark Beckham – Sunday Morning (Cheaper By The Dozen 2) – Clark chose a great song and he sang it very well. The arrangement was good and I loved it.

Jax – Gonna Grow Old With You (The Wedding Singer) – This performance didn’t do much for me. Two words – BOR and ING.

Qaasim Middleton – Come Together (Across The Universe) – This performance is so much better than several that we’ve seen tonight. I’m hopeful the judges use the save tonight. He deserves it. Triple loved it.

Best of the night: Q squared: Qaasim and Quentin

Worst of the night: Toss up between Jax and Maddie Walker

Going home: Maddie Walker

What say you?



So Excited I Could Squeal!

I am sitting on the big, blue, bloggy couch watching the Republican National Convention. And before you click that red “X” in the corner, let me just say, I WILL NOT be talking about politics. Well, except to say that I’d rather poke my eyeballs out with a fork than listen to politicians during an election year.

And that goes for ANY of them.

It just seems silly to me to stand on national television and talk trash about your opponent.

I’d much rather watch an extra hour of Big Brother.

I am pleased to announce that after four days, I FINALLY have my fall decor out. (I know y’all have been waiting with bated breath on that news.) And somewhere, McDaddy is sitting behind his computer screen rolling his eyes wondering why perfect strangers would be interested in that information, except to say that it IS NOT FALL YET.

But alas, I had a free day and more importantly, the urge. It might be weeks before those two collide again.

Fall ball is back in full swing. Alex “moved up” from T-ball to Coach-Pitch. It’s been about two years since Stevie played Coach-Pitch, and quite honestly, I had forgotten how difficult it is for 1st and 2nd grade boys to PAY ATTENTION and STOP DIGGING IN THE BLASTED DIRT whilst learning the game of baseball. God bless his coach’s heart. He has his hands plum full.

Is it time for the fall television line-up? Because seriously, I am ready for Dancing With The Stars (HEY MAKS!) and Grey’s Anatomy and American Idol and GCB and Mike and Molly and Private Practice. I’m sick to death of re-runs, and my DVR is ready to roll. Hurry up, middle of September!!! Until then, I’ll kick it with Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds.

I have several friends who think Shemar is the cat’s meow, and I’d have to agree. We enjoy sending random picture texts of Moore to eachother. I’m sad that he no longer plays Malcolm on The Young And The Restless. I’ll always call him ‘the one who got away’.

Alex is still suffering from the nasty coughing, sinusy aggravation. I had hoped it would be gone by now, but he is still battling the nose nastiness. We are rotating the nebulizer and the allergy pill and the nose spray and the Kleenex. Whatever you do, don’t forget the Kleenex. I’m thankful he can blow his own nose. I just wish he would.

Some time ago I received an e-mail from The Longaberger Company informing me that I was no longer worth their time I had not sold enough Longaberger in the previous year to be an active consultant. If that’s true, can someone please explain why I receive an e-mail a day from the Jokers. I have fought the urge to respond, opting instead to just delete it and move on. Someday though, when the time and the urge collide, it’s ON.

I hope you’re having an awesome Friday. My weekend will be spent at the ball field, and checking on the progress in what will be our new mud room. You can see some of my mud-room inspiration on my “Designing My Mudroom” Pinterest Board. I’m so excited, I could just squeal!

Which is what I do EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I climb in this sucker.

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

Causing A Scene

Welcome to Not Me! Monday, where I share a few things I might or might not have done this week.

“Why,” you might ask?

Well, because it’s cheaper than therapy.

I never, ever, dance around the house (in my underwear) singing Adele at the top of my lungs while getting ready.

Now, that would be a scene, wouldn’t it?  In case you’re wondering, I cannot sing, and I most certainly cannot dance.

It’s not me who goes to an outlet mall with three girlfriends, but prefers to shop alone because I enjoy taking my time and shopping at only those stores who have things that I like to shop for. I also don’t take breaks from shopping to use the bathroom and check Facebook.

Nope, not me, because I never check Facebook while doing my business in the bathroom. Ever.

And speaking of business, it wasn’t me who stood her ground at the ‘Under Armour’ store when the manager person refused to honor a 20% off sign because “um, that sign should have been removed from that rack yesterday, but I got busy”.

Couldn’t have been me, because I would never cause a scene over a  $20.00 savings. Nah, never.

I did not get excited when I discovered that we have You Tube on our fancy new digital TiVo. Nor did I sit and giggle about some of the “most frequently watched” scenes videos for more than an hour the other day.

And finally, I would never ask McDaddy if we could go ahead and put up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving because I never, ever, rush anything.


In fact, you will never find a more patient person than me.


What kinds of stuff did you NOT DO this week?

Dancing Around The Subject

Fall is lurking just around the corner, and that means it’s the start of a new season for all 73 of my favorite TV shows.

Oh little TiVo I do hope you enjoyed your summer break because here in about a week, IT. IS. ON.

Here’s a sampling of what I’ll tune in to watch this season: American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, The Young And The Restless, The View, Mike and Molly, Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, The Talk, and Dancing With The Stars.

For those of you who happen to be content watching reruns of Law & Order, party on! Around here, though? The fall line up is a BIG DEAL, especially after the lame summer line-up I’ve had to endure. I take my daily docket very seriously and I have said many times that the TiVo is the second greatest invention of my time (second only to my beloved iPhone). Me and my TiVo are tight. We spend lots of time together, and I’m thankful for her. (Yes, she is a her because we have enough boys around here already! Plus, she is crazy organized, so there!)

I was delighted when the new cast of Dancing With The Stars was revealed just a few days ago. I was excited to find out that Derek Hough would return this season. Last season just wasn’t the same without him. So yeah! Welcome back, Derek!

The new celebrity (and I use that word loosely) line-up includes David Arquette, Chaz Bono (celebrity? really?), Nancy Grace, NBA player Ron Artest, model Elisabetta Canalis, reality-TV stars Kristin Cavallari and Rob Kardashian, Ricki Lake, actor J.R. Martinez, Chynna Phillips, Hope Solo, and fashion commentator Carson Kressley (I’d rather poke my eyes out with a fork than listen to Kressley ramble on).

Though I have never heard of her before now, my money (if I had any) would be on Hope Solo, which should come as no big surprise because she is paired up with my boyfriend, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Can you say hot?

And hard to spell?

And on top of that, Maks’ brother Val will also be joining the cast this season.


Now, for those of you who couldn’t care less about dancing, olympic champions or hotties (GASP!) who really know how to cut-the-proverbial-rug let me just say this….

You are just plain missing out.


I have absolutely no grace whatsoever.

But, if they happened to host a Dancing With The Stay-At-Home-Moms Edition, I’d be all over it.

Especially if they paired me with my boy, Maks.

I would do my very best to make the stay-at-home moms of the world proud. I’d shake, rattle, roll and shimmy my way to the finals where I would work my tail off to dance with Maks as long as possible.

Or break my foot in the first 4.9 seconds.

Either way, I’d be a hit, don’t ya think?

Until my big break comes though, I’ll watch faithfully from my big, blue bloggy couch and daydream about the chance to take the dancing world by storm.

Maks, if by some weird twist of fate you’ve happened across my little blog, how ’bout you talk to the producers and see what you can do about changing the format for Season 14? And if by some miracle you can make that happen, I have three words for you.


Hope, if by chance you’ve stumbled across my blog, I am making a pre-season prediction that you and Maks will be the Season 13 Champions. You’ve got the sexiest, most talented DWTS partner and for that reason, you are sure to be a crowd favorite.

You get my votes.

All of em.

Without even campaigning.

Make me proud, girl!


My TiVo works for me.

Back To Reality

Things I am missing tonight:

My patio chair on the deck where I’ve blogged from the past two weeks. 
The sound of the waves.
The view of the ocean from the kitchen sink, the shower, the living room, and the toilet. Yes, I said toilet.
My sister-in-law and her family who stayed in the same apartment as we did.
Laying in bed playing Words With Friends while listening to the waves.
My 8:30 pm appointment with the sunset
Having a pool within 30 steps of my front door.
Carefree daily living

Things I am not missing tonight:

The spotty internet service.
The flat pillows
The strange bed
The anticipation of the 15 hour drive home.
My Tivo

We departed Florida at precisely 4:35 AM (Yes, I said AM) and made two stops to eat and two stops for gas. It was a perfectly uneventful drive and the kids were angels. I didn’t cause any commotion either. Even though we had a great time hanging in Florida with McDaddy’s family, it is good to be home.

It is back to reality, where I am facing a mound of laundry, stacks of mail, meetings, appointments, the start of school, and suitcases that need unpacked and put away.

Happy Monday y’all!

50 Random Things That Make Me Happy

1. A good song on the radio (Lose My Soul, Manifesto, I Was Made To Love You)
2. American Idol
3. McDaddy’s picture on my iPhone when he calls.
4. Written notes in the mail.
5. Cranberry Chutney candle from Yankee
6. Words With Friends
7. Home
8. Pedicure
9. Our church
10. Dirty Dancing (The movie, obviously)
11. Good hair days
12. My beloved iPhone
13. Comfortable shoes
14. Spring
15. Pink
16. Heated van seats
17. Fancy bathrooms
18. Empty laundry baskets
19. A new purse
20. Relaxing massage
21. Entertaining
22. My new rocking chair
23. A talented pianist
24. Flip flops
25. 2:20 PM
26. Spell Check
27. The Saturn Sky
28. Neat handwriting
29. Gerber Daisies
30. My people together
31. Creamy blue cheese dressing
32. Unexepected visitors
33. Facebook
34. Parades
35. Organization
36. Lists and marking things off of lists
37. Kelloggs Chocolate poptarts
38. Sunset
39. Olympics
40. My pink laptop
41. Decorated Christmas trees
42. A fresh calendar
43. Arbonne Moisturizer
44. Being out with the girls
45. My new blog design
46. Diamonds
47. Shopping at new malls
48. The Roomba
49. Alex’s love for shoes
50. Holding hands with my fellas

What makes YOU happy?

Cute Christmas Letters and Chocolate, Jermagesty

It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It is also Thanksgiving break here in our school district which means NO ALARM CLOCK for the McFamily this week! And for that, I am seriously thankful.

Today, I completed Phase 2 of the annual McFamily Christmas Card project which means that all 16 boxes of cards have been signed and the address portion of my cards have been addressed. I am moving right along on the 2010 Christmas Card extravaganza and I hope to have them finished by Thanksgiving day. My Christmas shopping is a whole ‘nother story that I won’t get into just yet because Y’ALL, I need to get busy.

In between my visit to the loony bin and my attempt at knocking out my Christmas Card project for another year, I learned some things. And, because I am such a sweet gal, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share them.

1. When you consider the fact that people are losing loved ones daily, a cluttered kitchen counter is not really anything to stress about.

2. If you hold down the control button while clicking on a Facebook picture, the picture will open up in a new window and you won’t have to spend time scrolling all the way back through the status updates each time you view a picture.

3. More than one of y’all hide chocolate in places like closets and behind healthy snacks in your cupboard.

4. Jermaine Jackson has a son named Jermagesty. (As a Princess, I find this simply amusing.)

5. In most cases, the DVR will only record shows that you tell it to record, SO, if you want to watch Skating With The Stars, you should program it into your Daily Docket.

6. If your seven year old tells you that his basketball team name is “Apeheads” there is a very good chance that he misunderstood his coach when she told them their team sponsor is “Apex.” You might also want to hold off on calling the coach to voice your concern about the whole “Apeheads” team name.

7. If your child is invited to a birthday party at the inflatable jumping place, you should ask him to take his glasses off.

8 IF your child is invited to a birthday party at the inflatable jumping place, and you neglect to have him take his glasses off, and he BREAKS his glasses, you should not rush him to the mall to have his glasses fixed until you contact the place where you purchased the glasses, because they MIGHT still be under warranty and be fixed free of charge.

9. If you have five skids or pallets or whatever they are called of cinder block sitting in your [sloped] yard, you should know that it is totally possible for the shrink wrap to give way and the skid or pallet or whatever it is called to tumble over and onto your driveway landing just inches away from your van.

10. There are a lot of people Googling “cute Christmas letters” this week. WHICH I have also finished for the year.

How about you? What did you learn this week?


You can read the long detailed version of rules here, or follow these easy steps.

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4. Then visit the other participants and see what they learned this week. Then leave a comment because comments are fun!


Everywhere I turn, there are piles.

Piles of laundry.

Piles of mail that needs filed.

Piles of stuff in the freezer, still nothing that looks appealing.

Piles of stuff on the kitchen counter that needs sorted.

Piles of shoes by our front door.

A pile of used tissues in my van. Gross, I know.

A pile of socks beside of my chair that need to be sorted.

A pile of shows on my DVR docket.

A pile PTA papers that need attention.

A pile of clothes on my bed that need to be packed into a bag for a short trip I’m taking over the weekend.

Piles of toys in my living room floor, mostly cars.

A pile of stuff by McDaddy’s nightstand that for some reason has been there since he returned from Cuba.

Piles of miscellaneous papers that need sorted or thrown away.

Piles of unwritten blog posts in my head that may never see the light of day.  Or the keyboard

There are piles all over the McResidence.

I do not like piles.

My OCD does not like piles.

Still the piles are there. It seems I am the only one in the house who is concerned about the piles. The kids have piles of cars. McDaddy has a pile of pending stuff to go through. I have a pile of clothes on the little green bench on our room.

Some days, the piles are overwhelming.

Some days. SOME DAYS. The urge hits.

The urge to eliminate the piles one pile at a time.

It is refreshing to eliminate the piles. 

I would love to report that I spent the day eliminating the piles. Sadly though, the only pile I eliminated was the laundry. I spent my morning climbing Mt. Washmore. At approximately 7:00 PM Eastern time, I eliminated a ginormous pile of laundry. Hopefully the urge will visit again in the upcoming week because there are lots of other piles that need tending to.

Are YOU dealing with any piles today?

TiVo – Thinking I’m Very Obsessed

It is no secret that I love me some reality TV.

It is also no secret that I am in awe of the invention that is the TiVo.

You see, years ago back when I had a VCR that would automatically fast forward through the commercials, I thought I was enjoying a little bit of heaven on earth, because the thing fast forwarding itself through the commercials meant I didn’t have to worry about getting whatever snack I was eating on the remote. It also meant my hands were free for other things like poking my eyeballs out with forks everytime I forgot to change my VCR tape because unfortunately the thing couldn’t change its own tape.

There was madness in it, I tell you.

Today though, I have the luxury of watching shows I would not normally get to watch simply because we have room on the TiVo for yet another show. In fact, I record some shows just so I have something to watch on the off occasion that Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy are both stinkin’ reruns that week. Much to McDaddy’s dismay, I always have some Dr. Phil, the Joy Bahar Show (which he hates by the way!), a list of TiVo suggestions, and even some Oprah for when TV times really get hard.

In my defense I don’t watch a whole lot of Oprah or Dr. Phil anymore although there was a time when I hated to miss a single episode because who doesn’t want to watch the train wreck that is The Dr. Phil Show. In addition to that I haven’t really watched The Bold and The Beautiful since McDaddy was deployed, but I still feel a sense of responsibility to record it because the thought of starting something and not finishing it eats at me until I can’t see straight. So, I record it on the off chance that I get the urge to to rekindle my relationship with Don Diamont who left the sweet, innocent Genoa City, Wisconsin for the bright exciting lights of Los Angeles.

Anyway, what I really started to say before I got off on a rant about my daily docket is that I really love my TiVo. Until the iPhone came along, I considered the TiVo the best invention of my time, but alas, I would have to say the iPhone supassed the TiVo 412 APPS ago. So, I said all that to say that I am arriving home after an evening of meeting my newest niece, Kessa Angeline (who is a living doll by the way!) and American Idol is in full swing. If I still had to depend on the VCR and its contrary ways, I would have to wait until it was over to start my live blogging session to link up over at Boo Mama‘s place. But because the TiVo in all it’s glory is hard at work, I can start it right now – a full one hour and three minutes after airing – and live blog the whole thing. So yeah, The TiVo Works For Me!

THIS is American Idol.

Katie Stevens – This gal is such a cutie. It’s hard to say anything bad about her because she is so young. I’m not so sure this was the best song for her because it sounds a bit flat to me. And I mean that in the nicest way because after all, she is so stinkin’ young. The Judges are not impressed, but I don’t really understand that because hello? Younger song. Who you are as an artist. Current. Song is too big. Speaking of poking my eyeballs out… this gal can’t win.

Siobhan Magnus  – Some kind of song about animals in a house with a rising sun. This should be interesting. I’d say all in all Siobhan did a decent job on the song, but it all seemed a bit depressing to me. I agree with Simon (whom I am going to miss terribly next season by the way!).

Lacey Brown – Oh, the pink hair. Why? Just why? Oh. My. Word. As I typed that last sentence, I am sure I heard her say, “they didn’t know my hair was a mess?” Sweet mercy. She hit that on the head. Pun intended. Not a fan of that song AT ALL. As I suspected the judges love it. I don’t get it.

Katelyn Epperly – The whole antique keyboard thing seems like a bit much to me, but I guess this is a singing show and I should stick to the singing performances. The song didn’t do a whole lot for me even though she did sing it well. Hum, Randy must have heard me.

Didi Benami – Sweet Mercy, what is it with these dreary songs? This song does absolutely nothing for me, however, I love Didi’s voice. She reminds me of Colbie Calliat. In the words of Paula Abdul though, she looks amazing!

Paige Miles – Here we go again. I feel like I’m on a long road to nowhere. Again the song didn’t do much for me, but she sounded okay singing it.  Is it just me or does this gal have some beautiful eyes?

Crystal Bowersox – If this night is to be saved, I think she’ll do it. Easily, the best performance so far tonight. I’m actually rocking back and forth and enjoying this performance. You go, girl!

Lilly Scott – Good song. Good performance. Sadly, it was really good because all the rest were just so average. 


For more Works For Me Wednesday posts, head over to Rocks In My Dryer.

You Capture – Around The House

For today’s You Capture, Beth challenged us to find love around your home.

This was an easy (and great) challenge because there are so many things in our home that I love! 

I chose thirteen things because, well, it’s Thursday and that’s what I do on Thursdays!

1. My bed – OH. MY. LANDS. I love, love, love my bed! Between the Facebook, the DVR, and the Blog, I don’t spend nearly as much time in it as I would like, but, that’s my own fault. Hear me. I love our bed!

2. McDaddy’s sister and her hubby are photographers. They designed this masterpiece which I totally adore! The verse at the bottom says, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Romans 12:10”  Love. This.

3. This is my wedding bouquet (which is silk) and it is displayed beautifully in our hallway. I’ve loved this from the minute I picked it up!

4. This little gem is my baby blanket made by my aunt. It’s as old as I am which means its been around awhile. I recently had a friend from church add the satin trim, because the original trim was ripped and fraying. I smile everytime I look at it thinking about how special it is.

5. This quilt hangs from the railing in our loft. It was quilted by my great-grandma. Before I knew anything about quilting, I looked at this as nothing more than a blanket. However. Once, I learned a little bit about quilting and the gigantic amount of work that it is, I looked at this quilt much differently. It is one of the few items in my possession that belonged to my great-grandparents.

6. McDaddy remodeled our bathroom almost single-handedly. Our double bowl sink features these bad boys. I LOVE! these faucets. They are so different from any I’ve ever seen before and I love different. Sometimes I walk into our bathroom just to turn the faucet on.

7. Sweet mercy, where would I be without my beloved TiVo. Until the iPhone walked into my life, I considered the TiVo to be the best invention of my time. I LOVE the convenience the DVR affords.

8. And speaking of the iPhone… genius, pure genius and of course, MUCH LOVE!

9. This is my drug of choice. It is also known as Dr. Pepper. I love it, but I do not love the calories.

10. I LOVE my fellas and my fellas LOVE the Wii.

11. So this sexy, sleek Saturn Sky isn’t necessarily at my house, but I would LOVE for it to be. And since the folks at Saturn did away with the Saturn Sky (boo!) maybe they have an extra one sittin’ on a lot somewhere needing a home.

Look no further.

I would welcome the Sky with open arms and I would LOVE it forever and ever.

Hallelujah. And amen.


12. Now, let’s just pretend for one second that my camera is actually focused.

I love Longaberger baskets. I became a consultant because I collected them. And because McDaddy enjoys the fact that I can now purchase them at a discount. LOVE Longaberger and I love discounts.

13. Did I mention that I love my fellas?

Like I said. Lots of love around our home. I am one blessed gal!


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