An Ordinary Day

Thirteen months have passed, yet it still seems like yesterday.

Unsuspectingly, I drive by the sight and feel a boulder emerge in my throat. I bite my lip in an effort to hold back the tears. Unsummoned, I feel the tears coming. I look up in my rear-view mirror to catch a glimpse of a tear crawling from under my sunglasses. The tear makes its way down my cheek and rolls onto my jacket.

Another one follows.

I think of that cold, rainy Saturday and what it must have been like for those standing nearby watching and waiting and whimpering. I think of the man who was without a doubt sent by God. To be there in those last moments.



In the midst of grief and sorrow, there was grace and mercy.

I was home on that dreadful day. Going about my business as if nothing had changed. As if it were an ordinary day.

It was anything but ordinary.

The lives of many were changed in an instant. An instant that is still so difficult to consider – even today.

Even today it is difficult for me to grasp the fact that death snuck in. On an ordinary day.

It continues to rear its ugly head daily to those who remember.

In the midst of an ordinary day – the wind blows, a song plays, a memory is recollected – and for a second I stop. I must stop to catch my breath because I am reminded of that day. That ordinary day that I will never forget.

During an ordinary day, it sneaks in.

It happened just yesterday as I walked across a snowy, slushy parking lot.

It snuck in and I remembered.

That memory sparked another memory. And then another.

With clarity, I remember the last conversation that we had. It was unplanned, and sweet, and without a doubt, I know it was God’s provision for one last opportunity to share and remember and laugh and smile. The conversation has played in my head time and time again and I think about all the words I should have said.

Words that can never be said because they are lost forever in death’s grip.

Thirteen months later.

It is still so tough.

Even on ordinary days.


I’m In Love With This Sky

If you’ve spent any amount of time around the hallowed halls of Inmates, then you know how much I LOVE the Saturn Sky. I have dedicated countless posts to my love and feeble attempts of getting one for free of this sweet, sexy ride.

Last night, on our local news, it was announced that General Motors would be halting production of Saab, Hummer, Pontiac and my beloved Saturn Sky.

Please give me a second while I gain my composure and swipe tears.

Can I just take a quick second to make a plea to the big wigs powers that be at General Motors.



I’ve heard something of a Mr. Penske purchasing and possibly continuing production, however, I have not had the time to research that. If that is true, Mr. Penske, can I just say? You. Are. The. Man

I love that car.

I want that car.

I look good in that car.

See? I told you.

We were meant to be together.

I have never been a huge car enthusiast. But this car? This car gets me excited. I feel like a love-sick school girl whenever I see one.
Seriously, I stop and I stare.
My mouth waters.
My heart pounds.
I exhale.
And I wish.
That this little sucker was mine.

Whatever will I do once my beloved Saturn Sky is no longer available? I am mourning the loss of my sweet, sexy little car. You can send condolences or donations for me to buy one to my home address.

Oh, and GM people or Mr. Penske, if you are still reading and need to find a happy home for one of the suckers, I would be more than happy to take one off of your lothands. I promise I would be good to it. I would take it out everyday and love all over it. I would spread its fabulosity all over Charleston.

And, I would most definately blog about it.

Please, GM people… send one my way before it is too late.

Love, The Girl From WV


Today is a day set aside to remember those who have passed away. My heart is heavy thinking of three sweet people in my life.

I am thinking of my friend, Jonathan who was killed on January 10th of this year in a car accident. His death has been very difficult for me and I think of him and his family daily. He is pictured here with his dog, King. He loved animals, impalas, gummy bears and mixing music. He also loved to laugh.

We worked together for four years and shared a lot of happy memories.

His death was a reminder to me that none of us are promised another day and that one second can change your life forever. I miss you, Jon-Boy.


I am also thinking of my sweet (maternal) papa, Louie, who passed away in 2006. Here, he is pictured with Stevie a few years before cancer robbed him of his health and his hair.

Here, papa is pictured with Alex two days before he died in the Hospice House near our home.

We called him Puger Pie. He loved to play cards, watch baseball and football and spend time with his five great-grandsons. Two more (twin) great grandsons were born on January 14th of this year and I am sure he would have been crazy about them.

I miss you, papa!


I am also thinking about my (paternal) grandma who passed away in 2003, also from cancer. Her name is Phyllis and I have fond memories of her helping her sons work on cars and going to auctions. She worked hard her whole life and had a great sense of humor.

I miss you, mama!


I miss these three sweet people so much.

My friend, Jonathan was 33 years old and had a lot more living to do.

My grandparents left a wonderful legacy and I was grateful to have them in my life well into my 30’s.

On this day, I remember each of them and what they meant to me.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day ya’ll.