Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Last time we spoke, I was teetering on the edge praying that the replacement iPhone I received that day from Apple would accept the backup from iTunes from my original iPhone – after it was diagnosed with a bad battery – just as it was supposed to. I am pleased to report that everything went as planned, and within an hour or so, it was all set up, and my world started spinning again.

Things were a little iffy for a bit, but thankfully everything went according to plan.

Now, on to my next order of business…

Christmas is right around the corner. In other words, things are gettin’ serious. That means, it is time to buckle down and do some serious shopping if I intend to stick to my original word that I would have most of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. And just because I’m such a nice gal, I thought I should share some of the things I found while shopping online tonight, with you, my faithful readers.

All eight of you.

These items range in price from $2.00 to well, a lot more than that. But at least there’s something to fit every budget. And in the interest of full disclosure (because I’m not interested in going back to Jail) I am not being paid, pressured, or compensated in any way to promote any of these items. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

So there.

1. I love anything at all with my name on it (which explains why I have about fifteen monogrammed 31 bags), so it should come as no surprise that I just love these monogrammed ornaments.


2. No gift idea list of mine would be complete without at least one pair of shoes on it, because in my opinion, one can NEVER have too many shoes. I pinned these sandals several months ago and I absolutely love them. (And if McDaddy is lurking around here on the blog today… I would love these in a size nine – preferably in a more neutral color like black or brown.)

3. A few months ago I began carrying a purse I could sling over my shoulder. I found this one (Vera Bradley hipster) on sale at a military base exchange in Jacksonville over the summer and have been carrying it since. I absolutely love it because it allows me to be hands-free, and if it gets dirty, you can throw it right into the washer. (The print shown here is called “GO WILD” which is fitting, but I also love the new print Canterbury Cobalt.) Before we went to New York, I purchased the Backpack Tote in Canterbury Cobalt and it was perfect for carrying my DSLR Camera plus everything that I needed while touring the streets of New York City. (McDaddy, a hipster in Canterbury Cranberry, would be lovely.)

4. And speaking of DSLR’s, I am including this because it truly is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is absolutely wonderful for capturing great moments on the baseball field no matter how far away you are sitting, though you can’t tell it from this out-of-focus picture I shot with my iPhone.

5. If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, look no further. I think I speak for women everywhere when I say that we go all-out crazy for a good Sharpie. These super-fine tip ones are awesome! (And if McDaddy could find them in colors other than black, I think he should totally get them for me!)

6. I live in West Virginia. It is hotter than you-know-what in the summer and colder than an Eskimo in a refrigerator in the winter. These gloves are so handy (Ha! I crack myself up!) because you can use your iPhone without removing them. My sister-in-law bought me this pair a few years back when she drew my name for Christmas.

7. If you have a friend who enjoys reading, this is a great read.

Sparkly Green Earrings, written by my favorite blogger friend, Melanie Shankle (and when I say, my favorite blogger friend, what I really mean is that I read her blog everyday and it is my favorite, not that we go eat Mexican every Thursday and discuss world problems, though if she lived closer I have no doubt we’d be fast friends) is easy-to-read and I’ve even read parts of it twice. I haven’t read very many books since getting my iPhone (Actually, I haven’t done much of anything since getting my iPhone) but I just knew this was going to be a great book. As is the case most of the time, I was right.

8. If you don’t have one of these,

what are you waiting on?

I am declaring the iPhone the best invention of my time, and it wouldn’t be caught dead without an Otter Box because GREAT PROTECTION.

9. Looking for some great smelling perfume?

Go getcha’ some of this. I wear Ralph Lauren’s romance everyday and I love it.

10. We go through some candles up in here. (And by we, I mostly mean, me, because McDaddy always makes some crack about a séance when I light them.)

You can’t go wrong with a Yankee Candle. (Well, unless you get the Winter Pine / Evergreen one, and then? You need to re-gift that stinky sucker as soon as possible!) Cranberry Chutney is my favorite. I have vanilla cupcake burning in my bathroom and banana nut bread burning just inches away from me. I also like Red Velvet, Vanilla frosting, spice cake and just about any other candle that smells like something I’d eat.

11. And last, but certainly not least (you knew this one was coming), it’s my absolute favorite gift of all the time.

And I suspect it will be for the better part of forever.

The Saturn Sky.

Only problem is, you’ll have to search online for a used one because Saturn went belly up years ago.

Well, that was fun!

Have a great week, y’all!

A List Of Things

It’s been a relaxing Sunday, partially because I have a sick little fella at home, but also because I’m operating on an extra hour of sleep (GLORY!). I knocked out most of the laundry and cleaned out and organized several problem areas up in here. And now, I’m praying that Stevie doesn’t get the throat crud too, or if he does get it, I hope it comes (AND GOES!) quickly, because McDaddy has planned a BIG 40th birthday celebration for us this weekend.

Watch out NYC, here we come!

I spent most of the weekend planning and plotting. And after figuring out that it’s gonna be nearly impossible to fit everything in that I want to do while we’re there, we’ve decided to book a tour of the city. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. If you’ve been to NYC and have any suggestions about what we should do, BY ALL MEANS, leave me a comment.

Here’s a few other things I’m pondering today…

1. I need my Tiffany’s bracelet cleaned and repaired. And it would be awesome if I could get it dipped to cover up the scratches, while I’m in NYC, too.

2. The David Letterman show is not taping while we’re in NYC. Figures.

3. Our boys are asking for an X-Box for Christmas. I know nothing about the X-Box. Which X-Box games and accessories do your kids like? (My boys are 8 and 11, and I am “very particular about the rating system.)

4. I recently started watching a show called The Governor’s Wife. It is a hoot. The Governor is 86. His wife is 35, and pregnant.

5. My sister-in-law Michelle and her four kids stayed with us over the weekend. She had never watched Honey Boo Boo. We laughed ourselves silly.

I have two loads of laundry that need folding before bed, so off I go. Have a great Monday, y’all.

Some Points Of Interest

1. I rarely ever talk about politics here on the blog. For one, I don’t know enough about foreign policy or the energy crisis to stir up a debate, and for two, ELECTION DAY HURRY UP AND GET HERE! I will say this however: If you are one of those people who spout off, calling people close-minded, misguided, stupid or foolish because they endorse a different candidate than you, please, for the love of all that is holy, STOP. IT.

2. For the past three days, ZAPPOS has been tempting me with some great shoes over in my side-bar. It seems that every time I open a window on my laptop, I have some really great shoes smiling at me. I’m fighting the urge to order these even though the last thing I need is another pair of tennis shoes. What can I say, except that I’m a sucker for pink. I’ll take these in a size 9, please.

And now? This exact pair shows up every time an ad pops up in my sidebar.

3. And speaking of shoes, have  I mentioned that I have created a monster? My sweet Alex loves shoes. He has approximately six or seven pair of tennis shoes. He takes great pride in matching his shoes to his outfit. That fact makes me smile.

4. But smiling hurts. When I went to bed on Saturday night, I was happy that the fever blister on my bottom lip was almost gone. When I got up on Sunday morning, I was so sad to discover that another one popped up on my top lip overnight. It hurts and it’s ugly. I’m guessing this is a direct result of the deployment stress I’m under.

5. Have you seen the Ohio State University Band perform their video-game themed half-time show against Nebraska? At 6:36 into the performance The OSU Band makes an incredible formation. As a past band-geek, I have a true appreciation for the work necessary to pull that off. I have one word. Superfreakinfabulous.

6. Our last fall baseball game is scheduled for Friday evening. Wouldn’t you know there is a 60% chance of rain that day. I think we’ve only played seven of our scheduled 20 games thanks to the rain. Rain, rain, go away.

7. McDaddy brought a new company car home yesterday. The 2011 Chevy Impala is old news. Welcome to the McFleet, Chevy Equinox.

8. Thanks to Scentsy’s Mocha-Doodle brick, my house smells divine. I love fall!

9. Maks and Kirstie were in the bottom two again. I was ready to swear off Dancing With The Stars if Maks got the boot before Bristol and Mark. I have to wonder if cutting off the goatee’ had anything to do with this week’s fall from glory.

10. I recently discovered an APP called InstaCollageFree. It is my newest favorite thing to do on my iPhone. There are endless possibilities and all kinds of choices. That equates to many-an-hour spent creating fun pictures.

 And just look how young the boys are in this next one.

You can expect to see many more collages in the weeks to come.

InstaCollage works for me

And now I’m off to fight the urge to buy look at some shoes.

50 Things I Will Never Do

Just for fun, here are 50 perfectly random things I will never do.

I know. Like you have anything better to do than to read about things that I will never do?

1. Eat an olive (Why would I?)
2. Go whitewater rafting. (My first and only whitewater rafting experience resulted in my falling out of the boat and getting trapped underneath it. I just knew I was seconds away from meeting Jesus.)
3. Allow a snake in this house.
4. Eat spaghetti without getting sauce on my shirt.
5. Enjoy change.
6. Ignore Legos all over the floor (OUCH!)
7. Choose Direct TV or DISH over my beloved TiVo.
8. Grow tired of holding little hands.
9. Or McDaddy’s hand.
10. Be a morning person. (Sorry McDaddy!)
11. Like to have my feet tickled.
12. Be completely caught up on laundry (UGH!!!)
13. Understand why adults don’t always do the right thing.
14. Quit using Q-tips.
15. Turn down a chance to spend a night away with McDaddy.
16. Be the “quiet” type. (Hard to believe, I know!)
17. Admit that it’s none of my business.
18. Enjoy clipping nails.
19. Be a Kathy Griffin fan.
20. Buy anything that smells like patchouli.
21. Get a spray tan.
22. Be all gung-ho to drive in snowy, icy weather.
23. Decide I don’t want a Saturn Sky.
24. Not smile when I walk in my front door.
25. Choose a Pepsi over a Coke.
26. Look forward to going to the Dentist.
27. Be a Kardashian fan. (I don’t get it!)
28. Understand the Kardashian fame. (I don’t get it!)
29. Have too many pairs of shoes.
30. Drink buttermilk (I’m not sure why you’d drink anything that smells like that).
31. Be able to walk in HIGH heels all lady-like
32. Get tired of staying in a hotel.
33. Lose the desire to buy one. more. purse.
34. Be good at math.
35. Sit through another friggin’ time-share pitch. (I’d rather have a tooth pulled!)
36. Not freak out at the sight of a huge bug.
37. Believe in astrology.
38. Be a great cook (I guess there’s still time…)
39. Be a bird lover.
40. Understand the whole Twilight business.
41. Forget what it was like to be pregnant.
42. Miss an opportunity to go out with the girls.
43. Eat cottage cheese (Holy smokes, HOW can people eat that mess?)
44. Ask “Do you know what you’re having?” ever again. Because sometimes the only thing people are having is too many Little Debbies.
45. Be too embarrassed to ask. (After all, the Bible says “Ye have not becuase ye ask not!)
46. Like sour candy.
47. Watch a UFC fight. (Seeing two people fight makes me physically sick to my stomach. It is beyond me how anyone could watch two people beat the snot out of each other till they bleed. I saw enough of that in Jail.)
48. Quit wondering if OJ really did it.
49. Ice-Skate (I can’t even walk straight half the time. Why would I put all this mess on two medal blades?)
50. Eat shrimp. (YUCK!)

How’s that for random?

Now it’s your turn? What will you NEVER do?

Cheap Entertainment

I am often entertained by the Feedjit box over in my sidebar because it allows me to find out all kinds of information about my readers, and their Google searches. (Which thrills me because I am the nosiest person I know!) Believe it or not, all of these phrases, except for one, were actual Google searches that led people to my blog.

See if you can guess which one does not belong.

1. Bus trip games
2. Toilet Paper rolls
3. Coach trip games
4. Church backgrounds
5. flag page personalities
6. little league baseball
7. recipe inlcudes sour cream
8. iPhone APP popular
9. letters to crazy people
10. what to send to inmates
11. shemar moore criminal minds
12. Mirena IUD blood pressure
13. lasik surgery for mothers
14. Maksim dwts
15. from inmates to playmates
16. princess tiara
17. love of fonts
18. Jail inmates

Can you guess which one does not belong?
I’ll announce the answer on Monday.

What I Learned This Week

It’s been one of those days.

My head is hurting. The ‘mones are raging. And on top of that, laundry is piled up for days.

But enough about me. How are y’all doing?

In case you came here looking for another fun-filled edition of What I Learned This Week, you’ve come to the right place. Now, what I’d really like is for several of you to link up this week. In other words, share the wealth.

Here’s what I learned this week, wrapped up in a nice, neat list.

1. If you find yourself cruising around town in a topless Jeep, you should totally tuck your shirt into your pants, or under the seat belt. Otherwise, you might be topless, too.

2. Spending 35 minutes on an exercise bike burning 300 calories will make you rethink the 24 ounce Dr. Pepper.

3. Visiting the Twister attraction at Universal Studios might not be a great idea with a five-year-old.

4. Bath and Body Coconut Pineapple lotion is the bomb.

5. With the exception of Big Brother, the television line-up in August doesn’t interest me in the least.

6. It takes three months (almost to the day) for a brand new McDonalds to open for business once the first hole is dug on the property.

7. No matter how often I use them, I never get the ear-buds in properly on the first try.

8. Test-driving a Saturn Sky will only make you want one that. much. more.

9. If you are asked to volunteer in the office answering phones at your kid’s school, you should take your laptop along.

10. I like ending on a nice, round number.

That’s what I learned.

Now what did YOU learn?

Ghetto Fabulous Workout Mix

I know, I know. That title is a little over the top.

Just like me. Still, we’re going with it.

If I remember correctly, I mentioned a week or so ago that McDaddy and I would be celebrating our 20th reunion next year. For that reason, and mostly because I was pregnant at our ten year reunion and had a good excuse I simply need to, I renewed my gym membership on Monday. This is my third go around with the gym, and I’m hoping the third times a charm.

Though I know what you must be thinking.

I’ll have you know these first two days are going perfectly.

So there.

Luckily I have a great workout mix to help me along this journey. My workout mix is great because it drowns out the crazy voice in my head that says, “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW CRAZY YOU LOOK?” And then I look up and see two old men on the treadmills in dress pants and tassel shoes and I holler back at her, “ME? HAVE A LOOK AT THOSE JOKERS!” And then, I may or may not snap a picture of the jokers just because I can. Just a short time later, I assess the room and conclude that I am the youngest person in the joint.

Which gives me great satisfaction for some weird reason.

I love my workout mix. And by workout mix, I am actually referring to the 438 songs I have on my iPod which turn into a workout mix when I skip through the songs that don’t bring a darn thing to my workout table.

So, without further ado, here are a few of the songs that made the cut today.

1. Rag Doll – Aerosmith

Oh shoot. Nothing gets my blood pumpin quicker than some Aerosmith which is good because I HATE the ellpitical with a passion. I’m always proud of myself when my time is done there though. (And just in case you’re wondering the entire Aerosmith collection is also a fabulous choice to blast in a Jeep Wrangler with the top down.)

2. You Never Even Called Me By My Name – David Alan Coe

Let me start by saying that the beat of this song might not motivate you, but the smile on your face while listening to it will. It reminds me of my college days because they used to play it in the dive establishment I used to frequent.

3. Love On Top – Beyonce

I first heard this song when Maks dances with Zendaya on DWTS. I added it to my playlist that night and it is a great song for getting your rear in gear. I pedal fast because my love is on top. With McDaddy.

4. Give Me Your Eyes – Brandon Heath

My favorite song by Brandon Heath. I kick it up a notch whenever this comes on.

5. Sing A Song – Third Day

You know because after Booti Call and Steven Tyler, I need to clean things up quite a bit. Seriously though, I have more Third Day on my iPod than anything. Love them.

6. Shoop (Ghetto Lab Full Rub Mix) Whatever that means… – Salt-N-Pepa

Hey 1993 called. They want their song back. It’s apparently Ghetto fabulous.

7. Shy Guy – Diana King

This is a song from the Bad Boys soundtrack. It’s sure to keep you moving at a great pace.

8. Comin’ To Your City – Big and Rich

When this song came blaring through my earphones I cranked up that bike like I was Lance Armstrong.

On steroids.

And now, hours later, that is evidenced by my sore calves.

9. City On Our Knees – Toby Mac

Because Toby knows how to help me cool down.

10. Soul Sister – Train

I don’t have any sisters, but I have several soul sisters. Train gets it right with this song.

11. Play That Funky Music – Adam Lambert

One of the best performances on American Idol (and believe me I’ve seen them all), of all time.

And that’s my list. It works for me!

If you have sa’ome song suggestions, how about leaving them in the comments so I can check them out to keep things young and fresh.

Like me.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

The Blog Will Have To Wait

It has been a fun, highly stressful, emotional weekend. McDaddy returned after being gone for two weeks, and joined us at the campground where we were camping with nine other families from our church. My nerves are still shot and I am looking forward to spending alone time with McDaddy here in a bit because hello? We’ve been camping.

In a camper.

With two kids.

That also translates to THE BLOG WILL HAVE TO WAIT.

So, in a  nutshell, here’s a list of things I did this weekend. And before I get started you should know that this particular camping weekend provided enough blog fodder for the next month.

Prepare yourselves.

  • Made smores
  • Took a boat ride
  • Watched my boys drive a jet-ski
  • Had a scare at the lake with Alex
  • Hung up my new camper lights
  • Rode in an ambulance
  • Got a new pepperoni roll recipe
  • Made Oreo pie
  • Ate smores
  • Spent more than six hours in the emergency room on Saturday night
  • Got aggravated at the lack of 3G service
  • Puked
  • Attempted unsuccessfully to upload pictures to Facebook
  • FREAKED OUT when Stevie passed out
  • Smiled when I saw McDaddy’s face for the first time in two weeks
  • Laughed with friends
  • Cut up strawberries
  • Seriously laughed out loud at Becky’s guest post 
  • Remembered I didn’t have an iPad
  • Got my leg hair singed at the campfire
  • Cried
  • Ate breakfast at Bob Evans
  • Researched the iPhone proximity sensor
  • Brought McDaddy up to date on the last two weeks
  • Prayed hard
  • Caused a horrendous mix-up with campsites
  • Cleaned up four HUGS spills
  • Decided to never again allow HUGS in the camper
  • Watched my boy put on a brave face
  • Had a chocolate milkshake at Fat Eddie’s Ice Cream shack
  • Cut my finger
  • Went to Wal-Mart
  • Checked Facebook
  • Prayed harder
  • Googled ‘the spleen’
  • Praised God

What did YOU do this weekend?

A List Of Things

A list of things straight from my brain, because that seems easiest.

1. The boys are in the floor battling Sonic the Hedgehog against Transformers. I love having boys and I love that they are awesome playmates.

2. Which reminds me that I could have called this blog ‘From Inmates To Playmates’ and probably doubled my traffic because of it.

3. My friend Becca over at Our Crazy Boys is redesigning my blog. If you pop in here (late at night) and find things awry, it’s because she’s trying out different colors and themes because 1. I am indecisive and 2. because I asked her to try several different kinds of configurations. I love my blog design, but I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

Stay tuned.

4. My little family of four went to see “Yogi Bear” today. It was really cute and kept me interested which is more than I can say for Despicable Me. After the movie, McDaddy did doughnuts in the parking lot because we are still covered up in snow andice around here. I attempted to capture his antics on my iPhone, but apparently I still haven’t figured out that you must push the button to START THE THING ROLLING.

I’m a dork.

5. Remember back in July when McDaddy’s ENTIRE family travelled to Florida for his parent’s 40th anniversary? We did a photo session on the beach and his sister and brother-in-law who own a photography business just put the finishing touches on the official McFamily photo. We all look fabulous… except for me. Not sure what kind of configuration my mouth is in, but from the look on Alex’s face, it’s a safe bet I had my claws in his shoulder daring him to move one single inch. Still, I love the picture.

I thought I might wait and do a big reveal of the family portrait but got ahead of myself and hit post before I could stop myself. McDaddy and his four siblings are in light blue. If your eyes are crossing trying to count kids, I’ll save you the trouble. There are 15 kids all under the age of 8 in this picture.

6. Just after dark, we piled into our van, (along with my parents) to drive around our neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. All was going well until ten minutes into the ride two certain passengers began to holler out things like, “My legs are numb!” and “My bottom is hurting in this car seat!” and “Why can’t we just go home?” I threatened them with bed and bodily harm if they didn’t zip it and just enjoy the ride for goodness sakes.

7. A friend of mine posted on my Facebook wall that Maksim Chmerkovskiy has agreed to do the Ukranian version of “The Bachelor”. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it for two seconds. I would love to see the Ukraine this time of year (or whatever part of the year he’ll be doing the show!) I should probably learn to spell his last name without going to Google first, huh?

8. The annual Gingerbread House decorating tradition is usually cause for aggravation around the McResidence. I was on the phone with my friend Becky when she mentioned she purchased a Wilton gingerbread house that was already put together. I secretly kicked myself in the rear for not splurging for the already put together one. For some reason, (I still haven’t figured it out) the gingerbread house was not the big deal it has been in past years. I mean it still looks like it belongs on a street in the ghetto, but it was much more relaxing than previous years when I’d just as soon poke my eye out with a fork instead of trying to get the frame to stick together and stand up. I enjoyed watching the boys bring it to life.

I especially love the Dr. Pepper 20 ounce bottle pop lid windows.

9. The camera on the iPhone 4 is FREAKIN’ AWESOME! I couldn’t believe the huge difference. PLUS, I can flip the camera and take a picture of myself while seeing what I’m snapping a picture of. AND, I can use the flip camera function to check my hair or look at a zit. PLUS, there’s the whole FACETIME thing. Steve Jobs and his peeps really made some great improvements this time around AND the 4 is lightning fast! LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4! And yes, I realize I’m yelling.

10. I have an update on the Craftmaster chair I ordered on October 11th. It was shipped from the warehouse in North Carolina (just a state over from us!) on November 17th. It has apparently been touring the United States in the back of an 18-wheeler since that time and no one on the planet seemed at all concerned with the fact that it should have been delivered to me by December 2nd. You cannot imagine the fit I had when finding out this information. I WANT MY CHAIR.

11. Just after deployment I started working on McDaddy with a new wedding ring campaign. I convinced him that our love is brighter and bigger than it was when we got married 12 years ago and that my wedding ring should be a reflection of our love. I upgraded and bought a new wedding ring in June. As of this writing, just six short months later, I am missing a diamond from the band. You cannot understand my aggravation with the situation, especially since I had it checked and cleaned the day before I lost the diamond.

12. And finally, I’d like to thank each of you who stop by here on a regular basis for a daily dose of crazy. I appreciate you so much and I hope you have a wonderful Chritmas holiday. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Stuff and Things

It’s been a hectic week around here at the McResidence but I won’t go into all that because I am not one to whine or complain.


Some days the blog fodder rolls right off of my fingertips and other days, I sit here on the big, blue, bloggy couch watching some sort of reality television, craving chocolate thinking what to write about.

Tonight, the blog fodder is filling my head, so I hope you’ll excuse while I empty the contents of my brain. It is likely I will type without any sort of order. In other words, you won’t see much change from my everyday blogging. 

1. It’s Santa’s workshop week at Stevie’s school. For some reason things are going much smoother than last year. This is my second year heading up the rob-shop program and as is always the case, I’ve learned a few things in the process.

2. I had a PTA meeting this evening which probably isn’t noteworthy except that, I HAD TO SPEAK INTO A MICROPHONE. IN FRONT OF A LARGE AUDIENCE. ON A STAGE. Don’t get me wrong, I can talk with the best of them. I hate speaking in front of a large audience. I hate it even more if there are steps I have to maneuver to get on the stage because let’s just face it, I am the biggest klutz I know and the only thing worse than tripping on steps is tripping on steps in front of hundreds of people. About five minutes before the meeting started I seriously thought I was having a panic attack. I had heart palpitations and I was uneasy about making a ‘miscue’ as my granny would say. Thankfully I only had a few short announcements before turning the microphone over to the Principal. The ‘light refreshments’ we served were a hit unless you count the fact that we had six half-gallons of eggnog left over and after tasting it I understood why.

3. While Alex was at preschool this morning I made a mad dash through Kohl’s, the AT&T store, and the dollar store. Let me just go on record and say right now that Kohl’s is a great place to do some serious Christmas shopping. Most of the store was discounted and in addition to that I got some Kohl’s cash which is almost like real cash except it expires. I put an alert into my iPhone to remind me to use it before I lose it because if there’s anything I hate it’s finding out my Kohl’s cash has expired.

4. McDaddy was out of town on business this week and one of the times he called me, he asked if Fed-ex had delivered a package. I told him in fact they had delivered two packages and he then asked me to open the package addressed to him to find out if it was the right item.


I squealed with delight when I saw this.

Come to mama.

She is sleek. She is beautiful. She is bright. And she is mine!

Happy Birthday to me!

5. I have 317 gifts to wrap. I enjoy wrapping gifts unless I have 317 gifts in my wrapping queue. I’d like to think I’ll get caught up on my wrapping this weekend but I won’t hold my breath because we have two birthdays to celebrate, two dinners, a basketball game, a birthday party at our house, a baby dedication, and a basketball practice.

But I’m not whining.

Or complaining.

Because I don’t do either of those.

 And because I just got the new iPhone.

Have a great weekend y’all! If I find time in between our busy schedule I’ll be posting about my new sweeper (that really sucks by the way!) and about my sweet boy who will turn eight on Sunday.