Double Trouble

I am pleased to report that we had a great first day of spring break (In spite of the fact that my phone rang THREE times before 9:00 AM. I say it all the time people, unless you are bleeding or dying, or calling about someone who is bleeding or dying, you should not, under any circumstances be calling my house before 9:00 AM! And if it’s spring break, wait until 10!). Even with the early morning calls, it was a good day when you consider the beautiful weather and the fact that I did not have to break up one single argument between the boys.

We started off our day with breakfast (after noon) at Bob Evans with my mom. My main goal for the day was to find suitable Easter attire for the boys. And by suitable, I mean suitable to my standards, not theirs. Because their standard would be gym shorts and a comfortable t-shirt.

One thing I learned this week is that you shouldn’t wait until the Monday before Easter to find Easter outfits. At Kohl’s, the pickin’s were slim, especially in the 8-10 size. I chose three easter outfits for Alex. One was a short sleeve multi-colored CHAPS dress shirt with dress shorts. The second was a polo-type CHAPS shirt with dress shorts and the other was a dress pants, dress shirt, vest/TIE combo. To my absolute delight, he quickly chose option number three. In nine years, neither of my boys have worn a tie, except for the time that Stevie was a ring-bearer in McDaddy’s brother’s wedding. And even then, it was a tux. After getting Alex squared away in an outfit that fit, we headed to Stevie’s department. He proudly exclaimed that if Alex was wearing a tie, then he was wearing a tie, too. Y’all, I squealed with delight all to myself. Sadly, there were two options in his size, a blue dress shirt with a green/blue tie and a blue dress shirt with a green/blue tie. We quickly decided on the blue dress shirt with a green/blue tie and it fit him like a glove. The entire process was relatively painless and I’m sure that had something to do with the fact that they were engrossed in the DS’s.

I learned a long time ago that a shopping trip with young children is smoother and quieter with an electronic device.

Because the boys were so engrossed in their electronic crack cooperative, I was able to actually shop. I found a little black dress that I threw in my cart on a whim, mostly because it was $30.00 off and I had a 20% discount card, but also because black is known to be slimming and I have a 20-year reunion coming up in June, and well, y’all get what I’m saying, right?

As I was headed to the register, it dawned on me that this was the first year in the history of forever that my boys would be wearing ties. Fearing McDaddy would feel all left out and underdressed, I decided to find him a shirt and tie, too. If you know McDaddy in real life, you know that he is not a fan of the tie. He is a fan of keeping peace in the palace though, so I felt confident he would endure it for two hours at church on Easter Sunday. And maybe again at our 20-year reunion if I agree to ride in his 1981 vintage Buick Electra that he drove when we were  in high school.

Yes, he still has his very first car.

After our trip to the Kohl’s, I surprised the boys with a trip to Pet Smart to look at Guinea Pigs. Since Lulu’s death, we have talked about getting another pet. Several of our friends have guinea pigs and they suggested the boys might enjoy a guinea pig more than a hamster because they are more social. Upon arriving at Pet Smart, I took one look at the Guinea Pig and thought RAT, oh nothankyou! That, coupled with the fact that we’d have to buy a bigger cage because the guinea pig wouldn’t be able to turn around in the little cage that we had for Lulu, made our decision an easy one.

As luck would have it, there wasn’t one single normal size hamster in the place. The only option was a “dwarf” hamster. I was immediately attracted to the dwarf hamster because OH MY WORD they are cute and small. One cage housed two robo dwarf hamsters that looked exactly alike, except that one of them was noticeably larger than the other. The two appeared to get along well and so it was decided that we would buy both of them.

In the words of an old doublemint commercial, double your pleasure, double your fun.

Or something like that.

 I would like to introduce you to the newest members of our family,

Duke (on the right) and Apollo (on the left).

These boogers are lightning fast and when we were trying to come up with names, I finally suggested Phelps and Apollo (for my favorite [fast] Olympians, Michael Phelps and Apollo Ohno to the boys. Alex loved the named Apollo, but Stevie settled on Duke.

As you might imagine, I learned a lot about dwarf hamsters today.

  • They are cannibalistic – if they run out of food they will eat each other. (DANG!)
  • Researchers used hamsters to help find a cure for Leprosy but hamsters like other animals were resistant to the disease. Armadillos are an exception.
  • Hamsters cannot be spayed or neutered.
  • Our local PetSmart does not carry any female hamsters. According to the sales girl, “They fight and have too many babies.”
  • If your hamster refuses to chew on the wood stick or toy, you can give them a dog bone.
  • The robo hamster (Apollo and Duke’s breed) can jump up to twelve inches.
  • Hamsters have 380-412 heartbeats per minute.
  • Once you move hamsters from the store to their new cage, you should not remove them for three days.

What did YOU learn this week?

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