Taking The Hood By Storm

When I tucked the boys in last night, Alex asked me to take one last picture of him before he turned seven.

This picture makes me smile for so many reasons. These two are best friends, great playmates, and partners in crime. 

Partners in crime who will make great use of the Spider Man Deluxe Web-blaster that he has requested for his birthday.

And when I woke this sweet boy up for sleep today, he reminded me that he is, in fact, seven.

Yes, sweet boy. I remember.

Thanks to Sandy, Trick or Treat was pushed back two days which meant it fell smack-dab on Alex’s birthday.

After a busy day at school, the birthday boy picked iHop for his birthday dinner.

After scarfing down his funny-face pancake, and in the blink of an eye, the birthday boy disappeared, and Anakin Skywalker showed up to back up his friend, the Navy Seal.

And the two of them – on official business – took the hood by storm as they tricked and treated for well over an hour.

And that, as they say, is that.

Until next year, Master….


Seven years ago today, McDaddy and I were blessed with a sweet baby boy that we named Alex Ryan.

He weighed ten pounds, five ounces and the nurses gave him the nick-name, King because he was the biggest boy in the nursery.

The Lord gave him a cute little blonde head of hair that looked like a mohawk.

Or a hot mess, depending on how you look at it.

And he LOVED his passy, or as he called it, a ro-rosh.

He straight-up hated a haircut.

But loved his passy passies.

He has always been a handful.

And then some.

Full of life, excitement, and happiness.

With a side of stubborn.

He is independent, sweet, fast, and smart.

With a side of silly.


He gives great hugs and loves to cuddle.

And when he gets something in his head, there is no changing his mind.

Which is exactly how he ended up with these glasses.

He is a great kid who is like his mama in many ways.

Especially the side of stubborn.

He has been talking about being seven for weeks and he is so excited about his basketball birthday party on Saturday.

I am blessed to be his mama.

Happy 7th birthday sweet Alex! We love you!

Happy Thoughts

Our little family has had a stressful weekend. I am trying to occupy my mind with happy thoughts.

Like my sweet, handsome fellas.

Happy times in the Jeep.

Beautiful sunsets on the beach.

Knowing that this man comes home to me after a long day week at work.

Happy reunions.

World travels.

Crazy, happy times.

 And remembering how proud of this guy I am for his dedication and sacrifice.

I am blessed to share his life.

And right now, that is what I am focusing on.

Happy thoughts.


Some Things I Love

When I read that this week’s You Capture challenge is ‘something you love’, I knew I wanted to participate, because doesn’t that sound fun?

My favorite Dr. Pepper is an ice-cold 20 ounce bottle straight out of the cooler. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I triple love this monster. It takes the best pictures, especially at the ball field.

I am forever running out on our back deck to snap a picture of the latest sunset. I love that we get to see such beautiful sunsets from our back yard.

Isn’t this chair fun? It’s one of my favorite pieces in our home.

It is fancy with a country feel.

This next one is probably a bit weird.

but I love a good plate a Mexican food, mostly because of the chips and salsa.

In fact, I’d like to have some right now.

This fella is more than just a thing. He’s my oldest child and I love him a big whole bunch.

This shot looks a tad blurry. Either my beloved iPhone camera failed me or my left eye is playing tricks on me after jabbing it with a mascara wand this morning. (My lands, that sure was painful!)

And this sweet little thing makes my heart happy. I love him!

And without a doubt he would want me to point out that his shoes match his Tiger shirt and hat.

Now this next guy – this next guy – is the love of my life.

Even though I don’t tell him often enough, I love him more everyday.

And y’all knew this was coming…

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this beautiful car.

The Saturn Sky.

Have a great Monday, y’all.

Private Business

Once upon a time there were two little boys.

The boys, while different as night and day, were the best of the friends.

They were also, without doubt, the most accident-prone boys on the planet.

And by some sort of crazy twist of fate, all of it has happened right under their mama’s nose.

Don’t ask me how that happens.

You might remember, I was with Alex when he took a bite of a peanut butter cookie and ended up in the ER. I was just feet away from Stevie when he wrecked his bike on a camping trip and passed the heck out in the middle of the road. I was also right there, just inches away when Stevie swallowed the penny. Likewise, I was right there when Alex fell into a cactus. McDaddy and I were both home when Alex injected himself with his EpiPen to show his friend how it works.

Sometimes I think I should go live somewhere else, just so my kids can be safe.

And just today, I heard the cry of a kid that was hurt.

Really. Hurt.

And I knew it was bad.

When I got to my boy, this is what I saw.

 Much to my surprise, the wound did not bleed much.

It was however, twice as nasty as it appears to be in this picture.

And speaking of pictures, when I snapped this picture with my phone at the Urgent Care just before it was sewn up, my sweet [six-year old] Alex said, “Mom, don’t put this on Facebook. It is my private business.”

He did not however, mention anything about the blog.

Six shots of numbing medicine and five stitches later, we were released to come home.

And with that, this mama has survived yet another medical mishap here at the McResidence.

You Capture – Spring


We had a busy weekend up in here.

We kicked off the weekend at the ball field on Friday evening. Stevie’s team, The River Bandits had to quit at the end of the fourth inning due to a time restriction because there was a game immediately after ours, which stinks because we lost by ONE stinkin’ run.

And speaking of one run… that’s exactly what Stevie got on Friday evening.

And yes, before you ask, I screamed like a c-r-a-z-y person.

After the game, I spent several hours sitting with McDaddy’s sweet grandma at the hospital. While she rested, I tidied up the baseball book (I’m the bookkeeper for Stevie’s team and a messy baseball book drives me CRAZY!), caught up on some e-mails and just about jumped out of my skin when I thought I had been shot through the 5th floor hospital window.

Luckily, the “shots” I heard were just fireworks at the WV Power baseball field, which is within a block or so of the hospital.

Have I mentioned that I love baseball season?

Stevie’s game was cancelled on Saturday, but Alex’s team (HotRods) had just enough time to get their game in before the storm hit the ball field soaking us on the way to the car.

After the game, we stopped at the grocery store, ran home, threw on a pot of green beans, prepared some potato salad, changed clothes, and rushed out the door to attend Stevie’s cub-scout blue/gold banquet… where we learned that nothing puts a SPRING in a boy’s step like winning first place in the father/son bake-off.

And just as soon as the banquet was over, we rushed into town to see Matthew West and Casting Crowns in concert.

And what a concert it was.

Alex may have been a little young, but he seemed to enjoy the concert,

until he fell asleep on my lap.

Stevie enjoyed himself. It was evident as he sang and squealed and cheered and clapped. I was moved to tears when I looked over to see his eyes closed and his hand raised in worship. And all the excitement from the weekend must have worn him out because the next time I looked over at him he was asleep on McDaddy’s lap.

Spring is an especially tough time for this little fella and his temperamental respiratory system.

Both boys are tough on these SPRINGS as you can see.

Spring has sprung around here.

The pollen is high.

The jumps are high.

And my speed would be high too, if I were driving around in this sucker today!


 Have a great week, y’all!

This post is linked to You Capture where this week’s challenge is SPRING.

I Spy

My boys love to play Spy Games. In fact, they call themselves The Alpha Team.

They have no idea that sometimes I spy on them.

Crouched down on the back deck, I wait and I watch. And I listen.

They laugh.

They make plans.

They talk spy stuff.

They make fart noises.

They laugh.

They talk about how to be great at math problems.

They have jumping contests.

They tell jokes.

They laugh.

They share stories from their school day.

They burp.

They compare notes on ‘drifting’.

They are best friends, these two.

I want to remember this moment forever.

The voices.

The giggles.

The love.

The fun.

I close my eyes and try hard to engrave this moment on my brain for I know there will come a day when I will miss this.

You Capture – Fun

The boys love to laugh and have fun.

Yesterday, our church had an Easter Egg hunt. My boys ran around like crazy people snatching up eggs.

Someone (I won’t mention any names) forgot her camera and had to depend on the beloved iPhone to capture the memories.

I made an attempt at getting a good candid shot of the two of them.

Between the sun and their sense of humor, it was tough.

But I wouldn’t have them any other way.

Unless, they were hanging out the back of this sucker.

Which just screams FUN!

This post is linked to You Capture where this week’s challenge is fun!

Making A Marriage Work

Recently, I pinned a post on Pinterest where children were asked a series of questions about marriage and relationships. I thought it might be fun to interview Alex (age 6) about his thoughts.

How do you decide who to marry?

If one of them thinks the other one looks pretty.

What is the right age to get married?


How can a stranger tell if two people are married?

If they live together.

What do two people do on a date?

Like go out for dinner or something.

When is it okay to kiss someone?

When one of them decides to.

Is it better to be singled or married?

I guess married.

How would the world be a better place if people didn’t get married?

It would be bad.

How would you make a marriage work?

You talk to each other nice.

Sweet Success

About two months ago, I made the unfortunate decision to go in the back door of the blog and change some fonts.

Yes, I said change some fonts.

Because that’s what I do.

At the click of a button, the entire text of my blog disappeared into cyberspace.

After several hours of work, my technical team restored the blog.

It did not come without a price, and I am not even referring to the money that I paid Cathy. Even after restoring as much as she could, I lost all posts that were written between the time of my last database backup to the time she restored. (Which happened to be about five posts.) And even worse than that, my blog was infected with stray characters through just about every. single. blog. post. since the beginning of the blog. For that reason you might see 27 question marks sprinkled throughout a blog post. Or small squares with questions marks in them.

At this very moment, my technical team (aka Cathy from Desperately Seeking WordPress), is working on the removal of those characters. I just don’t think I have it in me to visit all 1,080 posts to edit the characters out. But, I most certainly WILL if it comes to that.

ANYway, this is the last of the posts that I lost. It is for that reason there is a Halloween post on my blog in January.



These two

bring me untold

only, without the almond.

Especially because of the Hulk’s

of a smile. I crack up at the thought of it.

Their friend Brock made me

with his old school rap star costume.

In his words he was, “Yo yo Run GMC, baby!”

( I think he meant Run DMC!)

The group took a  

 to pose for yet another picture.

 Oh my word, did I mention our friend Maya?

Did you  

 wearing a costume her mama, Jill made? She is such a

 when it comes to sewing and designing. Just have a look at this “feddered Indian” costume Maya asked for.

 If there would have been a favorite costume contest, Maya would’ve won it hands down.

 I think they would all agree that Halloween, 2011 was a sweet success!

Even my friend Jessica, who also celebrated her birthday that same night.

But I would suggest asking how old she is when she’s wielding a big knife like that.

She might kick it old school and go all Jason Vorhees on you.

Happy Halloween y’all!