Welcome to my blog. I'm Julie, a 37 year old wife and stay-at-home mom who rarely stays home. I am married to the best husband (McDaddy) a girl could ask for and I have two of the cutest little boys on the planet, Stevie (age 8) and Alex (age 5).
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    How I Roll!

    After years and years of debate the debate rages on.

    Many a marriage has suffered due to the debate. Or something like that.

    Everyone has an opinion on the right way to roll – over or under – and both points-of-view have been argued in households for ages.

    This January, Cottonelle brand sets out to settle this Great Debate once and for all. Are you Team Over or Team Under?

    In our home, I typically decide whether we are a roll over or roll under family. This is because I change 98.9% of the toilet paper around this joint. I live with 3 males, so of course, I use approximately 94% of the toilet paper.

    I am, without a doubt, a roll under girl. Because that’s how I roll!


    No big deal.

    Except to me!

    Because I have OCD issues and like things to be the way I want them so-so.

    Leave a comment on this post, telling me if you are Team Under or Team Over.

    By leaving a comment on this post, you will be entered to win 1 of 10 Cottonelle gift baskets randomly chosen on January 29, 2010 from all entries.

    You can visit the Cottonelle Poll to cast your vote for Team Under! Or Over if that’s how you roll!

    In accordance with FCC regulations (and lawful disclosure), I am disclosing that I am entering a contest for a month’s worth (YOO-HOO!) of Cottonelle toilet paper as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

    Thank you. And amen.

    Clearing My Head And A Giveaway

    The winner of the Lonaberger Autumn Path Front Pocket Tote is Michelle who does not have a blog, but has a verizon e-mail address. She was lucky Number four who visited my blog and commented on November 25th @ 9:23am.

    Congratulations, Michelle. I hope you enjoy the new purse. I will be contacting you by e-mail! You can read about the certified results here.

    There are a number of random things rolling around up there in my brain.

    Unfortunately for you, there is not much room up there so I have no other choice but to clear out the cobwebs and the useless info to make room for more serious, pressing issues.

    Like my birthday.

    And Christmas.

    And the 412 other things on our calendar for the month of December.

    So here goes. (You should imagine me standing here on the screen with a megaphone. Not that I need a megaphone. It’s just that a visual always helps.)

    First, I’d like to begin by giving a shout out to the nearly 600 people who have visited my blog since its big reveal (clearly, I watch way too much reality TV) two weeks ago. I say nearly because the little Scope up there in the right hand corner and the live traffic thing in the lower left hand corner don’t always capture the same visitors. Not sure why this is. Maybe it’s hard getting them on the same page, which doesn’t make sense because they are, indeed on the same page.

    But seriously, I couldn’t do this thing without you and your support means a lot to me.

    Well, actually I could do it without you, but really, that would be pointless.

    So, thanks to all of you, my LBF’s. (Loyal Blog Fans)


    The rotating Christmas tree stand that I have enjoyed for four years finally gave up the ghost. My Christmas tree is a spectacular sight. It’s even more spectacular when it rotates. It worked beautifully the first few years when it rotated a 7 foot tree. Then, I found a 9 foot Vienna Pine that I simply had to have. McDaddy mentioned one or two or ten times that the new tree was too much for the rotating stand. The thing about McDaddy is that he is rarely wrong when it comes to assessing domestic matters.


    Turns out the popping and cracking of the stand were battle cries.

    And the war was lost.

    RIP little Christmas tree stand. We’ve been through a lot and I will miss you.

    And replace you if I can find another one. Ahem!


    My aunt is visiting from California and I will be hosting Thanksgiving here at the McResidence. At least eleven of us. Maybe more. My family and McDaddy’s family. Yes, you heard right folks. Both sides of the family in one room.

    We are blessed that our parents get along and enjoy each other’s company.

    YAY! For us.

    Hosting the dinner here ensures that we will not have to run from house to house to visit parents, grandparents and inlaws. I plan to bust out our fine china because I am a firm believer that if you don’t use it, you are really not enjoying it.

    Yes, I am plum full of quirks my friends.


    I will also make a fabulous dessert called chocolate delight because we love dessert around here.


    I must admit though that my chocolate delight usually looks nothing like the chocolate delight shown on the recipe site because I never think to use my fancy glass compote thing, opting instead for the handy 9X13 Longaberger baking dish. On top of that, I generally get overly excited and cause the mixture to look more like mud. You can find the recipe here.

    Finally, I have some really exciting news.

    It’s my first give-away.

    Up for grabs is this Longaberger Autumn Path Front Pocket Tote.

    WOW! That’s a mouth full. Or a hand full if you’re typing it like me. I happen to be a Longaberger Home Consultant and since I’m too stingy to part with one of my beloved baskets, I thought I’d give a bag away instead.


    You can win it by simply leaving a comment on this post telling me why you need a new handbag.

    Comments will remain open until noon on Saturday when my new friend, Random Dot Org will pick a winner. Contest is open to US Residents (sorry International LBF’s) and I am requesting that you enter only once. The winner will be announced at the top of this post.

    Carry On.

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