Welcome to my blog. I'm Julie, a 37 year old wife and stay-at-home mom who rarely stays home. I am married to the best husband (McDaddy) a girl could ask for and I have two of the cutest little boys on the planet, Stevie (age 8) and Alex (age 5).
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    Here's Your Sign!

    [McDaddy: If you are reading you should click off of this post right now.]

    Seriously. Scram.

    This is a surprise.

    Now then.

    A few weeks ago, a friend from our church returned from a 6-month deployment in Saudi Arabia. His family displayed a beautiful banner for his homecoming.

    You may or may not recall that my sweet hubby, McDaddy is currently deployed.

    I inquired about where his wife ordered the banner from becuase I wanted to get one for McDaddy’s homecoming.

    I was thrilled to find out that the banner was free except for shipping. Unfortunately though, my friend couldn’t remember the name of the company that she ordered it from.

    Thankfully, my friend Google showed up for work yesterday.

    A quick search of Free & Banner & Military yielded a search result to BuildASign.com.

    In honor of Veteran’s Day, the kind folks at Build A Sign are offering 20,000 free banners to service members who are returning home.

    I can’t wait to see the banner I ordered for McDaddy.

    I appreciate BuildASign.com’s generosity in offering such an awesome deal to military members.

    A great deal WORKS FOR ME!

    If you have a family member returning home in the next few months, head over there and design a banner for their homecoming. They offer several different options and the banners are super simple to design.

    Thank you, BuildASign!

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