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    The Cutting Edge

    Some time ago, I was contacted by a company called CSN Stores asking if I’d like to review a product from one of their sites.

    Then, a few weeks ago, I received another offer to review a product, or host a give-away. As you might imagine, I jumped at the offer. I asked if I could do a review and host a giveaway and they said, “Yes! What a great idea.” Only they didn’t really say that, but they did agree.

    They have over 200 stores and offer just about you or I or anyone else for that matter could dream of. They have entire sites dedicated to pressure washers, rugs, massage chairs, and even dutch ovens. Sadly, I am still not not reviewing (or giving away for that matter) a massage chair. However, if you know anything about me and my never-ending pursuit to get a Saturn Sky for free, you know that I never give up.

    I scoured the CSN sites and decided on something, then changed my mind, then changed my mind again.

    I finally decided on these…

     If you’re reading here and thinking this whole review/giveaway of Ginsu knives is a bit weird, well, I’d say you’re probably right.

    If you’d had the kind of bad luck I’ve had with knives though, you might understand. I received a set of knives when McDaddy and I got married back in 1998. Then, I received a set for Christmas a few years ago. Both sets were pretty cheap and within months they wouldn’t cut squat. Well, actually they would cut squat, but not very well.

    I don’t have a long list of requirements for a set of knives except that they cut really well.

    I used the Ginsu knives a few days ago when I made Cola Chicken. The knives have really cool blades and stainless trim AND they are super sharp which is good because hello, cut much? They really worked for me!

     As I mentioned earlier, this is a review AND a give-away.

    To win, head over to CSN Stores and head back here to tell me one of your favorite products!

    Be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so you can be contacted if you win. A winner will be chosen courtesy of Random.Org on September 28, 2010 at 11:00pm ET.


    In the interest of full disclosure, I received a set of Ginsu knives to facilitate this review, and a lucky reader will receive a set of their own, however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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    Timestamp: 2010-09-27 03:33:45 UTC

    Congratulations to Commentor #9 – Renegades

    Thanks to all of you who entered and a big thanks to CSN Stores for this great review/giveaway.

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    19 Responses to “The Cutting Edge”

    • Well if those knives work well, I’d say they’d be my fave! I have a lousy history with knives and my current set – not good. The knives are literally breaking right out of the handles! Lifetime warranty my butt.

      Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Julie :

      So many things to choose from that we need, much less want . . probalby a new fire pit . .

    • bambi :

      I would definately say the knife set! I am what I call domesticallyretarded – I can’t cook, bake or prepare a meal without burning, cutting or hurting myself in some way! Although sharp knives are probably not the best idea for my kitchen, I could still use a set!

    • Pam :

      They certainly have some awesome cookware and bakeware that I would love to have! Could certainly use the knives, too, since my youngest son decided to destroy most of mine!!

    • Ok I swear I just typed a novel comment and then it disappeared. And this is why I’m strictly a closet reader! But I’ll try again in the interest of a giveaway and because you crack me up. I came across your blog thru Not Me Monday and now check it daily. I think if we ever met in person we’d get along famously!
      Anyway, I just spent half my morning perusing the CSN website (I’m sure my workplace appreciates my productivity), and there is some fabulous stuff there. But seriously? These shoes: Bordella Teeze Pump in Hot Pink and Black Lace. It’d probably look pretty hysterical if I wore them out on the farm but they make me happy just to look at them.

    • Traci :

      I would love to win the knives! I have never owned a set that were actually good and sharp. This would make my husband so happy to have displayed in our kitchen!

    • Sally :

      Nice giveaway. I like CSN stores, want the Cuisinart casserole, maybe one day! The knives are a great giveaway!

    • Oh my!!! I didn’t think they were being made anymore. I had them on my Christmas wish list for years until my father in law finally gave me a set. That was in 1978 and they are still sharp. Well, a partial set. Like someone living in an infomercial I used them to cut bulbs, plastic pipe and other things in the garden and don’t have a full set anymore. I wouldn’t give up the chef’s knife for a winning powerball ticket.

    • Beth Shepherd :

      My favorite items were the tea towels. They have some great, vintage looking towels that would match my poor old kitchen perfectly! Thanks for the opportunity!

    • I’d choose the knives. I’ve been wanting a good set for awhile now.
      Renegades´s last blog ..Pour Your Heart OutMy ComLuv Profile

    • Christie :

      I’d love to get some more Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles.

    • Sara Anders :

      I loved watching the Ginsu knife infomercials when I was growing up. I always wondered who wanted to cut all of that stuff, and why? Now that I am a homeowner and get involved in various home fix up projects, I see where a set would come in handy! haha!

      I’d love to receive the knives, or a Cuisinart Cookware set or…this and this and oh, lets go to this link. I might get in trouble on that CSN page, but it will be fun!

    • Wanda Eichler :

      Well after sooo many years, I am still on the hunt for good knives. I think it is one of the most important tools in my kitchen.

    • Jill :

      Well, let me see…I’d love to have just about anything on that endless site of wonderful items. I have a single one of those knives. It is fabulously sharp! So sharp in fact that I’ve nearly cut the tip of my left pointer off. Now that’s a good knife, baby! Ha!
      I’ve never in my domestic life owned a “set” of knives. I can’t imagine.
      I did have to check out the Dutch ovens (hee hee, dutch oven…) I dream of the Le Creuset 9.5-Quart Oval French Oven in Cobalt – It’s merely $329 and it’s on sale. Guess I’ll keep dreaming! :) Wonder if there’s a difference in a dutch oven & a french oven??
      Come on Random pick me, pick me!!

    • The knife set sounds awesome, especially now that I looked though our packed boxes and found that most of our knives are missing from our move *grumble*

      Besides the knives, being a coffee addict, I’d love the Cuisinart Grind & Brew Coffeemaker :)
      Caroline´s last blog ..Blogging hiatus- frugality &amp Caroline the pack-ratMy ComLuv Profile

    • Angie :

      I like it all, but especially the bedding. =)

    • i love the green frog art old world cradle! beautiful, and would be perfect for baby #2

    • Oh…I really want an outdoor rug for my screened in porch. Looks like they have several to choose from. If I had a large amt of $ I’d order that humungous outdoor playset for my boys. That one looks really great! :-)


    • Renegades :

      Woohooo thanks so much for hosting the give away.

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