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    Go Big Or Go Home!

    It probably comes as no surprise that I love to take photographs of my boys.

    And my hubby.

    And Saturn Skys.

    Pictures make me all happy and giddy.

    Big poster print pictures make me even giddier.

    Like I say, “Go big, or go home!”

    So when uPrinting dot com contacted me about hosting a give-away, you can just about imagine that the giddyness and such was almost more than I could handle. At uPrinting, Color printing services are available for a host of custom products.

    Online Poster Printing has generously offered one 18×24 high-gloss, semi-gloss print to one lucky reader. Their print posters would make a great addition to any room in your home or office.

    I know this because uPrinting print posters adorn the walls of our playroom. And they make me smile every time I walk into the room.

    This give-away will run through the month of May.

    Give-away Details -

    a.        Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping

    b.        Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only

    c.        You must be at least 18 years old to enter.

    A winner will be drawn at random on Thursday, May 27, 2010.

    To enter, leave a comment telling me what makes you giddy!

    That’s all.

    Good luck!


    In the interest of full disclosure – I am receiving an 18×24 poster print as compensation for this post, however, the opinions stated in this post are my own!

    So there.



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    Timestamp: 2010-06-10 01:27:46 UTC

    Congrats to Jessica of Moneyless Mama’s!

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    12 Responses to “Go Big Or Go Home!”

    • I feel giddy when it’s spring-time and I can finally hang up clothes outside!
      Jessica´s last blog ..Organizing: in the kitchen My ComLuv Profile

    • kelli :

      The giggles of my kiddies makes me giddy! Who doesn’t love a little giggle? :)
      kelli´s last blog ..A Hero at 8 My ComLuv Profile

    • seeing my HUSBAND and I in wedding pictures? (which is TOTALLY what I would get printed if I won…) Because, yes, I’m still in the honeymoon phase…
      Heather {Desperately Seeking}´s last blog ..Coming Full Circle… My ComLuv Profile

    • Giddy? I just found out that I was nominated for the hot blogger calendar… AND I didn’t nominate myself… is it wrong that THAT’S what makes me giddy right now???

    • Hannah Musgraves :

      I am giddy when spring hits in Alaska because after 8 months of snow, cold, dark and brown, it is so nice to see green, have warmth and be out playing outside, wear flip flops, wear shorts and turn on AC in the car. It gives me hope and yes, giddiness. It means life is starting over with green buds, flowers, summer fun is coming.

    • I feel giddy that it is almost summer, and I’m a teacher, and I can stay home in my PJ’s and reorganize my closet. THAT makes me really GIDDY right now!!!
      Chelsea´s last blog ..Health & Fitness Week – Wednesday Edition My ComLuv Profile

    • Autumn :

      I just got done planning our summer vacation!! That makes me giddy. Even though we are taking our 4 year old Thomas the Train obsessed daughter to “Thomas Town” in Maryland. I get to get out of this town and away from that Sheriffs Office I work at, and that is worth a double date with me,my husband, daughter and Thomas the Train!!!

    • Rachel :

      Well, I would be giddy if I won, because the 27th is my birthday!! What a great birthday present!

      Other things that make me giddy is the warm temperatures, and seeing my (baby) boy play outside. He is starting t-ball this year, so expect lots of giddyness!!
      Rachel´s last blog ..Today … My ComLuv Profile

    • Jen S :

      Spending a whole 14 days with my family on vacation, not having to worry about working. Eating whatever we want, when we want. Walking along the boardwalk eating and drinking and just being together. That is what makes me giddy, and it’s happening in 30 days, yeah!
      Jen S´s last blog ..Simple Woman’s Daybook~May 24th My ComLuv Profile

    • Julie L :

      Ah I am giddy when my husband smiles and gives me one of his “sexy” winks

    • Sherry :

      Logan’s laugh make me giddy :)

    • Leah :

      Hi Julie! I get giddy when I think there are only a handful of school days left this school year!

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