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    How I Roll!

    After years and years of debate the debate rages on.

    Many a marriage has suffered due to the debate. Or something like that.

    Everyone has an opinion on the right way to roll – over or under – and both points-of-view have been argued in households for ages.

    This January, Cottonelle brand sets out to settle this Great Debate once and for all. Are you Team Over or Team Under?

    In our home, I typically decide whether we are a roll over or roll under family. This is because I change 98.9% of the toilet paper around this joint. I live with 3 males, so of course, I use approximately 94% of the toilet paper.

    I am, without a doubt, a roll under girl. Because that’s how I roll!


    No big deal.

    Except to me!

    Because I have OCD issues and like things to be the way I want them so-so.

    Leave a comment on this post, telling me if you are Team Under or Team Over.

    By leaving a comment on this post, you will be entered to win 1 of 10 Cottonelle gift baskets randomly chosen on January 29, 2010 from all entries.

    You can visit the Cottonelle Poll to cast your vote for Team Under! Or Over if that’s how you roll!

    In accordance with FCC regulations (and lawful disclosure), I am disclosing that I am entering a contest for a month’s worth (YOO-HOO!) of Cottonelle toilet paper as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

    Thank you. And amen.

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    15 Responses to “How I Roll!”

    • Jackie :

      I am a roll over kind of girl! Luckily for me its just me and my four year old son living together so there is no battle to fight about over or under- on this one and only topic mom is always right, which I had never noticed before! But thats because my son doesn’t know there is another way… yet:) I love your blog, it is a great joy to read, thanks for sharing the love of your family with me!

    • Rachel :

      Well, I’m a little weird. Our toilet paper holder actually sits up and down, and not side to side. However, the toilet paper must be able to be pulled from the back, which if rotated would be rolled from the top. If that makes *any* sense, whatsoever.
      Rachel´s last blog ..Monthly Meal Plan, Week 2 My ComLuv Profile

    • First off, don’t tell them you are the only girl in the house.. a month’s worth would be a 4 pack! lol

      I am a roll OVER girl. And if by rare chance the hubby changes the roll and doesn’t put it OVER, I change it.

      The other day he walked into the bathroom and said, “Oh a new roll.. they are such a pain to start.” I now know why he (and perhaps many other men)do not change the roll. I try not to think of him running out, I will even use a little more so that I can get the roll changed so that he doesn’t run out.. or stress his poor little brain pulling the starter tab.

    • Erika :

      Hey, I am a roll over girl so the paper doesn’t touch the wall, plus rolling under makes it easier for little ones to roll the paper to touch floor.. :) what a subject lol.

    • Sara Anders :

      I roll over. It drives me nuts to have it the other way…maybe your OCD is rubbing off on me Julie! haha. I do change it around if someone does change it and puts it the “wrong” way!

      It is funny because at church it is rolled under. (as are the paper towels)… I love when I use the end of the roll and can change it around at church. I have sat and contemplated changing it mid-roll at church, but have only done it once…

      You hit your hand on the wall (OK, I hit my hand on the wall) if it is rolled under…

      Now the follow up poll should be…how many sheets? ;D

    • Becky :

      You know I’m an over girl…you’ve been to my house…I’m surprised that you haven’t changed it to the “proper” way when you were here.

    • Jen :

      I’m an over girl. Fortunately for me, my husband is the same way. It just doesn’t roll right under!!

    • Beth :

      I grew up in a house where it was always under – so I always did it that way too. Then when I got married, my hubby was a die hard over guy. Yes, a guy who cares about which way the toilet paper goes. So he has converted me and now I always put it on to roll over. You can always tell when my mom has been here and had to change the roll because she puts it on the way she likes it.

    • Kathy :

      Hello, here’s another shout out from a over the roll girl! I will change it if my husband puts it on the other way. After nearly 38 years of marriage–I recently realized that my hubby is an under the roll guy! Who knew? You can tell who puts the new rolls on in our house!
      Kathy´s last blog ..Little Miss Perfect…On My! My ComLuv Profile

    • Kellyn :

      I am an over girl, mainly because it is how I grew up. My mom was a team over girl, and still is now. Hubby, he could care less. Which ever way it falls works for him.

    • Sherri :

      UNDER! Definitely under all the way. Billy, not so much. At least he does get new TP when it’s empty! :-)

    • Roll Over Definitely and I will go around the house and change them if I find them under. Its just the way it was the whole time I was growing up now its ingrained in my head.
      Kim Sorensen´s last blog ..Vision Therapy My ComLuv Profile

    • Over, over, over!! LOL That is the “correct” way to place toilet paper in the holder… Just kidding… not really… LOL!!
      Mommy Reporter´s last blog ..‘Relax Beautiful Mommy’ contest NOW OPEN!! My ComLuv Profile

    • I voted Team Under :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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