American Idol – Top 3

It is 11:00 PM and I just spent the last twenty minutes crying my eyes out. For days (weeks even) I’ve been working on memory books for every single child in Alex’s Kindergarten class. I have spent quite a bit of time volunteering in his classroom, so I know each of the kids personally. It has been so much fun looking over their artwork and deciphering their stories. It’s hard to believe my sweet boy is just five days away from being a first-grader.

Are you ready?

THIS! Is American Idol, and THIS should be a great night of singing. We’ll hear songs chosen by the judges, songs chosen by the contestants and then songs chosen by Jimmy Iovine.

Round 1: Songs chosen by the Judges.

Joshua Ledet (I’d Rather Be Blind – Etta James) Well, it’s no surprise that Joshua is singing the heck out of this song. It sounds strangely familiar to me, but then, why wouldn’t it? Joshua seems to have found his niche singing The Blues. It fits him like a glove and I think Randy made a great choice in choosing this song for him.

Oh, there’s Colton. Dang, I just remembered that he got robbed.

Jessica Sanchez (My All – Mariah Carey) – For starters, this song seems way too low for Jessica. I am not the least bit impressed and I’m wondering why Jennifer wouldn’t have picked Vision of Love to showcase Jessica’s pipes. This song is just blah for me, which is unfortunate because I know that Jessica is capable of so much more.

The judges are falling all over themselves with praise. I don’t agree with any of it.

Really? Am I the only ONE who doesn’t get this performance?

Oh well. Let’s move along little doggies.

Phillip Phillips (Beggin’ – Madcon) – This song is PERFECT for P Squared because he leaves me beggin’ for more each time he sings. I don’t know this song or the group who sings it, but I am enjoying it. To me, that translates to awesome entertainer. Way to go P, round one goes to you!

Round 1: Phillip


Round 2: Contestant’s Choice

Joshua Ledet (Imagine – John Lennon) – Oh my heck, I absolutely love this performance. I hope with everything in me that I hear Joshua rockin it out on KLOVE someday. His big ol gospel voice thrills my heart. Absolutely beautiful.

Jessica Sanchez (I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith) – Well, this performance is much better than the first. By miles. Still, I feel like something is missing. It’s missing the wow factor for me.

These hometown visits always make me squall like a big baby.

Phillip Phillips (Disease – Matchbox 20) – If I’m being honest, this song was just alright for me. I liked it. I thought he did a good job on it. It was no different from any of the other songs he’s ever done on the Idol Stage, except that this is THE FINAL THREE YO! Phillip, dude, you need to BRING IT in the next round.

Round 2: Joshua


Joshua Ledet (No More Drama – Mary J. Blige) – Y’ALL. THIS IS THE TUNE from The Young And The Restless. OH MY SWEET MOSES, I love it already. Yo, I’ll still be talking about this performance tomorrow, probably when I’m in the workroom at the school binding memory books. It’s funny to me that I’m hearing the Y&R theme, and the words NO MORE DRAMA together. I’m gonna have to do some researching, but I love, love, love this song. He is ON IT tonight.

I just realized I used all kinds of capital letters up there.

Jessica Sanchez (I’ll Be There – Jackson 5) – This song brings tears to my eyes because it reminds me of McDaddy going to Basic Training. The night before he left, I declared this “our song”. Now granted, it was Mariah Carey’s version of the song that I really remember from 1992 – but still, every time I hear it, I am reminded of the six-weeks he spent in San Antonio, Texas. This is a good song choice for Jessica, and it is easily her best performance of the night which is good because this is the one she’ll want “the voters” to remember. I think Mariah’s version might have been a better fit for her voice, but whatever.

Phillip Phillips (We’ve Got Tonight – Bob Seger) – As I sit here with my eyes close, I can hear a touch of Rod Stewart and I LOVE IT! In fact, this is my favorite performance of P Squared EVER in the history of the season. He held back. He did this thang. And I was lovin’ it. HEY PHILLIP, awesome, awesome, and more awesome. Or just awesome cubed.

Round 3: Phillip (with Joshua right on his heels)


Best Performance of the Night: Phillip

Going Home: Jessica

Totally going out on a limb here. And crossing my fingers that P Squared and J-Dawg are battling it out in the final.

American Idol – Final Four

Ladies and Gentleman, THIS! is American Idol.

I’m pretty excited that we’re down to these four contestants. And if you stop by here each week thinking you’re just reading another post from a nosey girl with an opinion on this show, I’d like to remind you that I called it last week when I made my prediction about who’d be going home. In case you’ve forgotten, this is what I said:

Best Of The Night: Tie between Joshua and Hollie

Yes, I said Hollie.


In fact, I said it FOUR! times.

See there? I am so much more than just a pretty face. 

And speaking of a pretty face, did you hear that my boyfriend Maks got the boot from Dancing With The Stars last night? Oh yes he did. And no, I am not one bit happy about that.

For their first performance, the contestants will do a little California Dreaming, singing songs by artists or bands from the state of California or songs about California. And for the second round, the contestants will be singing songs they wish they had written.

Phillip Phillip (Have You Ever Seen The Rain? / Creedence Clearwater Revival) – What better way to kick this night off than to hear P Squared rock it out to Creedence Clearwater Revival. I’m not sure who’s having more fun, P-Squared, the bell-bottomed gal on the Tenor Sax, or the fedora-topped fella jammin on the organ. This performance is off the hook. I LOVE his voice. In my opinion, this is his best performance. He tells Jennifer he has cotton mouth, which is hard to believe because, HEY DID YOU HEAR THAT PERFORMANCE?  I enjoyed it so much in fact, that I ran it back and watched it again. I am rootin’ hard for Philly.

Oh snapadoodle. Randy is wearing a pink, plaid jacket. What the heck, dawg?

Hollie Cavanaugh (Faithfully / Journey) – I wonder if Hollie has any idea that The Dawg played with Journey back in the day? I’m sure he’ll mention it. I love that Hollie is taking her time with this song. She seems more confident and more seasoned than she did just five or six weeks ago. On an unrelated note, I’ve always wondered if that wind machine distracts the contestants? Sure it adds a bit of flavor and drama to the performance, but I’d love to know what Hollie thinks about it at this very second. While I typed those last two sentences Hollie hit some really BIG notes. Love, love, love this performance, too! Poor thing has been in the bottom three for weeks, but with a performance like this one, I don’t understand how. And just so you know, I ran this one back, too. Very nice.

I knew THE DAWG would mention his time with Journey.

Joshua Ledet (You Raise Me Up / Josh Grobin) – I have a feeling this is going to be BIG. This song is perfect for Josh’s voice. I’m sure somewhere Josh Grobin is smiling. There’s not a lot more to say about these four contestants. They all know their way around that stage and they’re performing like pros. This is a great performance and Joshua is a great singer.

Jessica Sanchez (Steal Away / Etta James) – If I shut my eyes, it’s hard for me to picture Jessica being just 16 years old. She is a seasoned performer and she is tearing this song up. This gal has a great future ahead of her.

Joshua and Phillip (This Love / Maroon 5) – Holy crap, this is awesome! I have no idea who is in charge of picking the musical selections, or the pairings, but this here duet is perfect, and wonderful. Two grand pianos, two great voices. I FREAKIN’ LOVE IT!

Jessica and Hollie (Eternal Flame / Bangles) – I watched this performance and then had to pause the television to change the laundry. When I got back to my computer, I couldn’t even remember what they sang. I think that says it all.

Oh shoot. I thought Ryan was asking Julianne to marry him. If that whole scene wasn’t planned ahead of time, I bet Julie’s gonna kick his tail-end.

Phillip Phillips (Volcano / Damien Rice) – Never heard this song, we’ll see how it goes. Y’all. I am so happy for Phillip. He is in a zone tonight. I think I say this often. This might be his best performance of the season.

Hollie Cavanagh (I Can’t Make You Love Me / Bonnie Raitt) – Hollie looks stunning tonight. I love those square hoop earrings, and I love the black jumpsuit thing she’s wearing. And on top of that, she is giving another great performance. The Judges do not agree with my opinion, but what do they know? 

Joshua Ledet (It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World / James Brown) – I love the live jazz band and I love the dramatic entrance of Joshua descending the stairs. He is in a zone, and I have a feeling he is just getting warmed up. Y’all. Joshua just knocked it OUT THE PARK. He. Did. His. Thang. PERIOD. Best performance of the night so far. (Wonder what all you Joshua haters are saying now?)

Jennifer Sanchez (And I Am Telling You / Jennifer Holliday) – I’d love to know how this little girl can step up on that stage and pull off a performance like this one. Not a lot to say about this performance. Just wow.

Best Performance of the Night: This one is tough, but I’m going with Joshua’s second performance.

Going Home: Probably Hollie

What say you?

American Idol – And Then There Were 5

And then there were five.

Two themes this evening. First, the contestants will sing songs from the 60’s, and after that, they’ll sing some Brit Pop.

The contestants will be mentored by “Little Steven” Somebody who sings with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band.

Hollie Cavanagh (River Deep, Mountain High) – Hollie looks so cute tonight. It’s too bad this isn’t a modeling competition. And the funny thing is, I don’t even think she knows how cute she is. If Hollie doesn’t pull out the “big guns” tonight, I fear this “River Deep, Mountain High” shin-dig might be her swan song. I like Hollie and I think she’s a pretty good singer. It’s just that she happens to be a little fish in a great big fish tank full of piranhas. And oh my heavenly day she is killing this song. Good for her. I think she just might have saved her cute self. Watch out boys and girls, there’s a new kid in town!

Phillip Phillips (The Letter) – I always get excited when its Phillip’s turn to perform. You never ever know what he’s going to do, but he never fails to entertain and impress me. I’m rooting for P Squared to ride this thing out till the end. I love his confidence and I love that he just goes out on stage and does his thing. That boy can SANG. Another great performance. (And in unrelated news, I love that they have hand-written letters on the big screen!)

Skylar Laine (Fortunate Sun) – I’m gonna run a test. I’m gonna count the seconds until I see the first stomp or fist-pump. (23 seconds in, for those of you who are counting). I think my biggest beef with Skylar is that every last one of her songs sound the same. (Same twang, different dance.)  She is actually doing a good job on this song. And she should be. It’s the same job she’s done on the last 41 songs she has performed.

DUET: Joshua Ledet & Phillip Phillips (You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling) – I’m interested to see how this will go. I don’t think this is a match made in heaven. The song seems low for both of them, and I would have loved to see P Squared rock out to something with a little more flavor. This performance was just okay for me, which I hate because I like both of these fellas. A LOT.

Jessica Sanchez (Proud Mary) – If I were a bettin’ woman, I’d bet Jess will knock this one out-the-park. One of two things is going to happen. Jessica is either gonna bust right out of that tight little dress, or she’s gonna break her ankle in those stillettos. Sheesh. Who dressed this pretty young thing in such a tight dress with those high heels? Tommy Hilfiger, did you have anything to do with that mess? If you did, then SHAME ON YOU.

Edited to note: I didn’t even comment on her performance because I was too wrapped up in that dress/heels combo. The performance was good. The dress was not.

Is it just me or did they make Randy’s jacket out of the gold lame’ outfit Jennifer Lopez wore last week? And what’s up with the red beads?

Joshua Ledet (Ain’t Too Proud To Beg) – Oh sweet darlin’ the only thing we’re beggin’ for is more of your singin’. I think this might be my favorite performance of the night so far. (Sorry PSquared!) Joshua dug way down deep and sang the heck out of this tune. I think a certain someone might be making her way to iTunes here directly. Joshua should be proud of himself. This was one of his best performances.

Hollie Cavanagh (Bleeding Love) – I love this song. I hope she kills it. Come on girl, hit the big note. Oh yes ma’am. She did it. And then some. Hollie came to this stage with her game face on. I think she might stick around another week. And yes, it was just as good the second time around. Go Hollie!

Phillip Phillips (Time Of The Season) – First of all, I love the tie dye spinning background. I feel like I’m on a trip. Secondly, I love this performance. Thirdly, (yes, that IS a word!), P Squared has some beautiful eyelashes. At least I’m guessing those are his. I enjoyed this performance, too! As always Phillip Phillips delivered.

TRIO: Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine: Not sure about this different arrangement but I think the girls are doing their THANG on it. Their voices mesh well and they were all pretty equal as far as ability.

Skylar Laine (You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me) – Not a lot of creativity here. Just Skylar puttin’ her country twang on another song. How far can that really take her?

Jessica Sanchez (You Are So Beautiful) – Jessica is sitting on the floor, amongst candles singing her sweet little heart out. It is good, and at times it was great!

So, I don’t really know this Stevie Van Zandt guy, but he and Jimmy Iovine are crackin me up. They remind me of McDaddy and his buddies back in high school.

Joshua Ledet (To Love Somebody) – I love this song. And I love Joshua singing this song. He has outsung (or is it outsang?) and outperformed every person on that stage tonight (and y’all know I’m a Phillip fan!). And because of that, he deserves to be on that stage on finale night. I’ll be crossing my fingers that he and Phillip are duking it out on finale night. Now, how the two of them are going to get past Jessica, AND NOW HOLLIE, I have no idea. But I’m hopeful.

 Best Of The Night: Tie between Joshua and Hollie

Yes, I said Hollie.


American Idol – Top 6

I thought about coming here today and talking about the ingrown toe-nail on my left foot. Or the fact that McDaddy informed me this morning that I have an outbreak of zits (at thirty-eight years old, mind you!) on my face. Then, it dawned on me that my loyal blog readers might not be one bit interested in any of those things, so, maybe I should just live blog American Idol.

The only problem is that I happen to be watching American Idol on DVR, so I guess the whole live blogging thing is out, too. I have to do it that way, folks. I sometimes rewind these performances three and four times to be fair and impartial (especially if they stomp and kick and do the fist pump WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK!).

Anyway, THIS! Is American Idol!

And as an added bonus, the contestants will be singing hits from Queen, along with a song of their choice.

What in the name of Pete is Jennifer Lopez wearing? Gold lame’? Gold tin-foil? I suspect she’ll regret that choice come morning. Tommy Hilfiger needs to get on the scene. And if he was on the scene and approved of that gold mess, he should be fired.

Jessica Sanchez (Bohemian Rhapsody) – I don’t really understand the tennis shoes… Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite Queen song of all time, so I hope she does it justice. I don’t claim to have a perfect ear for pitch, but the slow part of this song seems way to low for Jessica’s voice. Holy crap, all of a sudden Jessica busted out the rock card. I don’t think this is a great song for her, and it is definitely not her best performance. I love this song, but I didn’t like her performance of it.

Skylar Laine (The Show Must Go On) – I  haven’t always been a fan of Skylar’s, mostly because of the fist-pump and the stomp. Tonight, though? She is just standing there singing, and it is really good. She made a good song choice and sang it well. I typically wanna poke my eyeballs out with a fork when I watch Skylar perform, but I actually enjoyed this performance.

Joshua Ledet (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) – Oh look, its an old-timey microphone. That’s different. Ol boy is dancing and singing like he’s all hyped up on steroids or tonight. I think this might be one of his best performances! He brought the total package tonight and I liked it. A LOT.

What a great night of Idol. Well, except for Jennifer’s wardrobe choice. And Jessica’s tennis shoes.

“Tommy, come quickly!”

Elise Testone (I Want It All) – Elise is doing her thing up there tonight, too. A good song choice and a good performance. Elise wants it all!!!

Phillip Phillips (Fat Bottomed Girls) – Oh snap. This is not good. It is not good, because IT IS GREAT! My favorite performance so far this evening. This song fits Phillip likes a glove. It is my favorite performance of his to date and my favorite one so far tonight on the show. Wait, did I already say that? I am pulling for Phillip to pull this thing out. I want to see him in the finale.

In my humble opinion, Randy Jackson has lost his darn mind.

Hollie Cavanagh (Save Me) – Is there any irony in the fact that Hollie is singing a song called Save Me? Yes, I thought so. Love, love, love this performance. Hollie is the comeback kid, and I think this is a good song for her. (The judges do not agree with me.)

Jessica Sanchez – Dance With My Father (Luther Vandross) – Now this is more like it. Jessica can sing a ballad like nobody’s business, and I suspect she knows that. This performance was much better for me than the first one, but then again, I’m a military wife who’s lived through a deployment. This song tugs at my heart, and I feel bad for her. Good for her that she can make it through the song without doing the ugly cry because since deployment? I never hear The Star Spangled Banner without wiping tears… She is a talented kid who has a big future ahead of her. She just doesn’t happen to be my favorite singer in the competition.

Skylar Laine – Tattoos On This Town (Jason Aldean) – This is pretty much like every other country song Skylar has performed. I could take a pee break right now and not miss a thing because I’ve seen this same performance for the past ten weeks. It’s good. Not great, but good.

Joshua Ledet – Ready For Love (India Arie) – Well now. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. I don’t know this song, but I love the performance. Joshua just knocked it ‘out the park’. I was on the edge of my seat hanging on his every note. (Ok, so I wasn’t literally on the edge of my seat, but you know what I mean, right?) He sold it and I bought it.

I love the little “in between” interviews the contestants are giving.

Elise Testone – Bold As Love (Jimi Hendrix) – Ok. I think this is my favorite performance of hers even though I have never heard this song. It was a little bit jazz, a little bit rock, and a little bit funk. I was tapping my toe and boppin’ in my big, blue, bloggy couch. (Shew, that’s a mouthful.) I don’t even know which radio station Elise will be heard on if / when she makes it big. There’s a market out there for her I’m sure, I just don’t know which one it would be.

Phillip Phillips – The Stone Lyrics (Dave Matthews Band) – So. I love Dave Matthews Band. He sings some wonderful songs. But this isn’t one of ’em. Still, though? I think Phillip did his thang on it. Such a different song. But still a wonderful performance. For me, at least. (And I hope America agrees, because? Hello, he has mad talent!)

Hollie Cavanagh – The Climb (Miley Cyrus) – “Hey Hollie, are you listening?” This song? Purr-fect for you! You are making The Climb slowly but surely. It was time, girl. It was time. Good for you!


ROUND 1: Phillip

ROUND 2: Hollie

Going Home: Hoping for Elise or Skylar, but probably Hollie.

Talk amongst yourselves….

American Idol – Top 7

So, it’s another Wednesday night around here at the McResidence, and of course that means, THIS! Is American Idol.

I was surprised when Jessica Sanchez ended up in the bottom three. I was shocked when she was voted off.

Tonight, the contestants will sing two songs. The first will be a number one song from 2000 until today, and the second a soul song “from back in the day”. Folks, I have high hopes for a great night of television.

Hollie Cavanagh – Rollin’ In The Deep (Adele) – Ah yeah. One of my favorite songs right now. I think this might very well be Hollie’s best performance. (And those guys on the kettle drums aren’t hurting either! Wow, so powerful.) What an awesome performance. She showed up tonight in a big way. Way. To. Go. Hollie! And it was just as good the second time around.

Colton Dixon – Bad Romance (Lady GagGag) – Awww. What the heck happened to sweet, soulful Colton who makes that piano sing alongside his smooth voice? This is not my most favorite performance, but, he sounds good singing that mess. Hopefully he’ll be back in round two with a big ballad.

Elise Testone – No One (Alicia Keys) – Oh, I love this one, too.  I love the orange dress. I love the song. I love the performance. It’s a good night on Idol yo!

Phillip Phillips – You Got It Bad (Usher) – I don’t know this song, but I love a good Usher song. Week after week, Phillip surprises me. He is killing this song with his raspy voice. I LOVE IT!

Jessica Sanchez – Fallen (Alicia Keys) – I suspect Jessica will knock this one out the park. (And I have no doubt the judges will be falling all over themselves with praise and adoration for Jessica.) Don’t get me wrong, girlie can sing. I just think their little show after she sang to save herself last week was a little much. They pretty much told the other contestants, y’all suck!

Skylar Laine – Born This Way (Lady GagGag) – Well, here we go with the stomp. And the fist pump. If you can get past all that, I guess its only fair to say that she is doing a good job on the song.

Josh Ledet – I Believe (Fantasia) – Josh is straight-up in his element. This is a great song for his voice.

Hollie Cavanagh – Son Of A Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield) – This arrangement sounds a little low for Hollie. It’s a sad shame she couldn’t have ended up on the Rollin’ In The Deep tune because I don’t think this one has nearly the impact that one had. Still, much better than what we’re used to from her.

Colton Dixon – September (Earth, Wind and Fire) – NOW THIS! Is the Colton Dixon I’m used to. I’m glad he showed back up, but I still don’t think this performance is doing a whole lot for him which is unfortunate, because hello? Remember what happened to Jessica last week?

Elise Teston (Let’s Get It On) – Marvin Gaye – There is a lot of up and down in this song. And I’m not sure the up outweighs the down. I am simply undecided about this performance.

Phillip Phillips – (Midnight Hour) – Ok. Phillip Phillips always puts a smile on my face. I love his versatility and unique style (I think I say that every week, but every week it’s true!) I would pay right this minute to see him in concert because he never EVER fails to entertain and perform his heart out and I love that he always puts his gut into every song. And yes, I watched this one again, too!

Kris Allen will be in the house tomorrow night. Woo Hoo!

Jessica Sanchez – (Try A Little Tenderness) Otis Redding – So Jessica is doing her thang. We’ll see what America thinks about it, but to me? She is spot on.

Skylar Laine – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye) – Same dance. Different song. Not impressed.

Joshua Ledet – A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke) – Now that’s what I talkin’ about. Oh boy does not deserve to be in the bottom three. Yes indeed. What a way to end the show.

Best Performance of the Night: Hollie – Rollin’ In The Deep & Phillip – Midnight Hour

Going Home: Probably Hollie, but Lord knows I was wrong last week.

What say you?

American Idol – Top 7

It’s Wednesday night, and around here, that means…

THIS! Is American Idol!

Tonight, the contestants will perform songs released between 2010 and today. Seeing as how I typically listen to K-Love, or Adele, there’s a pretty good chance I won’t know many of them.

Skylar Laine – Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You (Kellie Pickler) – I’m with Jimmy Iovine on this one, I don’t know this song. Still, I think Skylar was right on the money with the genre, the pitch, the performance and the style. Very nice. I love it that Skylar took a break from the stomping and the screeching.

Have I mentioned that I love Steven Tyler? I mean he can be goofy at times, and Lord knows I have trouble deciphering what he says at times, but when he says something like, “That just goes to show you that crows may crow, but its the hen that delivers the goods,” I am reminded that he is crazy cool. Truer words have never been spoken, Mr. Tyler.

Colton Dixon – Love The Way You Lie (Skylar Grey) – I’ve never heard this song either, but Colton is giving a stirring performance and singing from his heart. And I love that he has an orchestra accompanying him on the piano. Nice job, Colton.

Elise and Phillip Duet (Somebody That I Used To Know) – This song sounds like it belongs at a carnival. Never heard it, but they sounded good together. I think Elise tipped the scales in her favor, but I also think Phillip is a talented performer, too.

Jessica Sanchez – Stuttering (Jazmine Sullivan) – I’ve said it before. Jessica Sanchez will be standing on that stage on finale night. Period.

Joshua Ledet – Runaway Baby (Bruno Mars) – This is quite different from anything we’ve seen Joshua sing so far and I LOVE IT. He is owning the stage and HE IS PERFORMIN’. He danced. He worked it. He entertained. Did I mention that I loved it?

Colton and Skylar – These two sound good together. I think the performance is okay, but it’s obvious that Skylar tipped the scales in her favor because this is a country song and that’s her thang. Next week, I’d like to see her sing a Third Day or Casting Crowns duet with Colton.

Hollie Cavanagh – Perfect (Pink) – Guess what? Hollie showed up tonight. And she showed up in a BIG way. Best performance we’ve seen from her, and I loved it. The judges, however, did not.

Phillip Phillips – Give A Little More (Maroon 5) – I love Phillip’s musicality, and I love that he just gets up there on stage and sings. No gimmicks, no jumpin’ around. Just him, his voice and his guitar. He is unique and he is one of my favorites this season.

Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez – Lots of opinions about this performance. First, the beginning bars seemed too low for both Jessica and Hollie. Second, the feather earrings (are they earrings?) look goofy. And lastly, those pink pants! Tommy, where the heck are you? I suspect Hollie will regret that fashion choice in ten years.

Elise Testone – You and I (Lady Gaga) – Is she wearing feathers, too? Geez! Hey, I know this one! I’m not a fan of Lady GagGag, but I have this song on my iPod. I think this is a great song for her voice, and I think this is a memorable performance. This song fits her voice like a glove.

Best Performance of the night: Joshua and Phillip

Worst Performance of the night: Hollie Cavanagh (though it was much better than last week)

Going Home: Hollie

What say you?

American Idol – Top 8

THIS! Is American Idol.

It’s 80’s night, y’all! I feel like I need to pull out my Keds and my Swatch Watch. I have such high hopes for the night – Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Poison, Rob Bass – the possibilities are endless. I’d bet the farm though, that half of these jokers will sing lesser known, less exciting songs.

But we shall see.

DeAndre Brackensick  (I Like It) – Did I not call it? Lesser known. Less exciting. DeBarge? Really? As much as I like DeAndre, I must admit his voice really does nothing for me. If you enjoy caterwauling, then you probably loved this performance. Otherwise, you, might have used this time to take a pee break.

Elise Testone (I Want To Know What Love Is) – The song started out sort of slow for me, and I didn’t really “feel it” until the big choir came waltzing in. Still, I think this performance will be forgotten by the time the next contestant hits the stage. And what the heck is going on with all of those beads hanging from her neck. Wonder if Tommy approved that mess?

Colton and Skylar  (Islands In The Stream) – Well, this should be interesting. All things considered (and by that I mean, Colton is SINGING COUNTRY), I think these two sound great together. Very nice.

Phillip Phillips (That’s All) – Philip is one of my favorites and I think this is a great song for him. Unlike the first two performances, this one won’t be soon forgotten. Phillip’s facial expression, as he sings makes me smile. It’s obvious he enjoys what he is doing. Great voice. Great performance.

Hollie and DeAndre (I’m So Excited) – I’m not sure who has the task of matching the contestants up for these duets, but these two sound really good together, too. Hollie seems excited. For once… Good for her.

Joshua Ledet (If You Don’t Know Me By Now) – YES!!!! This is one of my favorite songs from the 80’s. It reminds me of Jr. High School when I spent many-a-night waiting for my favorite songs to play on the radio so I could hit the “record” button to make my latest compilation tape. (And I realize there are at least a handful of you out there who have no idea what a cassette tape is. Babies.) I suspect this will be a great song for Joshua… Oh my word. He is is tearing this song UP. He is RIGHT ON PITCH. My favorite performance of his so far. Joshua, my boy, if you’re reading this by some chance, you did a fabulous job!

Jessica Sanchez  (How Will I Know?) – I was sure that Jessica would do a big emotional ballad tonight. I’m not even sure it matters what Jessica sings because she is articulate and unique and talented. Not one negative thing to say except, what is up with the big chunky plastic spike bracelet thing?

Phillip and Elise (Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around) – Another great pairing (and my favorite so far).

Hollie Cavanaugh (What A Feelin’) – I have a feelin’ Hollie will be leaving us tomorrow. That is all.

Joshua and Jessica (I Knew You Were Waiting) – I liked Phillip and Elise’s duet. I LOVE Joshua and Jessica’s duet. Best duet of the night. Joshua and Jessica are both seasoned performers. They could hit the road TODAY and be stars.

Colton Dixon (Time After Time) – Well, I wasn’t sure this song would work for him, but he is actually doing a great job on it. About half-way through, when he broke loose [along with the drummer, who was FLY by the way] and took it up a notch, I was up out of my seat. Yay Colton!

Skylar Laine (Wind Beneath My Wings) – Ok. So I’m not usually a big fan of Skylar’s. But tonight? She sold this performance. She needed to kick it up a notch after last week, and she did just that. 

My rankings after tonight


American Idol – Top 9

 THIS. Is American Idol.

It’s my favorite night of the week. The remaining contestants are being mentored by Stevie Nicks and I sure hope my hairdresser is watching because he is a huge Stevie Nicks fan. I was just in the shop today to have my gray hair hidden highlighted, and had I known that Stevie Nicks was gonna be on the show tonight, I would have told him so. He went to her concert last summer. When we was telling me all about his concert experience, he got all wrapped up in the story and cut lots of my hair off. It was weeks before it was right again. I knew then that I needed to keep his mind centered on my hair and not on a has-been one of his favorite rockers.

Colton Dixon (Everything) – Nothing like starting Idol off with some church up in here. So, remember last week when I said I’d be voting for Colton every week? I totally meant it. You can tell ol boy is singing from his heart. I love it that he is standing there with tears in his eyes talking about “His God”. What a testimony. And what a platform. Good for you, Colton!

I love it when Randy Jackson says something is fly. I think I might start using that term because it is fun. And because I’m feelin’ my age after seeing all the gray in my hair today.

Skylar Laine (Gunpowder & Lead) – Seriously? Colton opens the night in worship. And Skylar takes the stage and sings about going straight to. Ding, dang, dong. Come on people. If I have to watch Skylar do one more fistpump I think I might scream. With all of her running around willy nilly, I can’t help but wonder if she’s not pumped up on steroids. I think Skylar could go home after this performance. The stompin and jumpin and screaching and fist pumpin is just too much for me.


Heejun Han (A Song For You) – For the first time THIS WHOLE SEASON Heejun stood there and just sang. No gimmick. No crazy. Just singing. And actually, he did a pretty good job. It’s good to see this side of Heejun, instead of the crazy, unpredictable Heejun. [How is it that he wears different glasses every single week?]

Hollie Cavanagh  (Jesus, Take The Wheel) – I’m trying to decide if Hollie’s dress is white patent leather or plastic. It looks good on her. Add a little snow, and her chops to that dress and you get all kinds of dramatic. I think Hollie is having a defining moment. I don’t remember her singing so well in past weeks. Very nice.

DeAndre Brackensick (Sometimes I Cry) – For starters, I like DeAndre. But if I’m being honest, I am not a big fan of this performance. The whole falsetto thing does nothing for me, but he is good at what he does. (Does that make sense?)

Jessica Sanchez (Sweet Dreams) – I know Jessica can really sing. She showed us when she sand I Will Always Love You and then again when she sang last week. For me though? This week was just okay. I don’t feel like she did anything extraordinary in this performance. Like I said, I know she can sing and I feel like she’ll probably be standing on that stage come finale night, but for me, this performance was just a good performance. Nothing fantastic or wonderful.

Phillip Phillips (Still Rainin’) – Two things. 1. I have never heard this song. 2. It doesn’t make a bit of difference because P Squared had me at the first note. He is such a great performer, it really makes no difference what he sings. He puts a fresh, unique spin on every song he sings and that is why I look forward to his performances week after week.

Joshua Ledet (Without You) – I am a huge Mariah Carey fan. Back in the day (some 74 years ago) I had every one of her CDs and knew every song word-for-word. I have high hopes that Joshua can pull this off, especially with the string ensemble playing right along with him. He is singing with feeling and emotion and he killed it.

Elise Testone (Whole Lotta Love) – I love Elise’s outfit. I do not like Elise’s stomp because it reminds me of Skylar’s stomp and I’ve had about all of that I can take for one night. She is rockin out to this performance and it is obvious she means business. Good job Elise!

BEST OF THE NIGHT: Colton, Joshua, and Phillip Phillips

GOING HOME: Skylar Laine

We shall see.

THIS… is American Idol

I’m watching American Idol and thinking I might as well live blog the show because y’all are probably tired of hearing about the wonderful [Jeep] weather we’ve been having here in the hills of West Virginia. I love watching Idol it and even if the singing is bad, I can always talk about what kind of get-up Steven Tyler is wearing. I’m thinking perhaps Tommy Hilfiger might need to give Stevie T. some advice this week.

Tonight, the contestants will be singing Billy Joel which makes me so happy because there is a chance I might hear The River of Dreams and We Didn’t Start the Fire. And I realize the whole We Didn’t Start the Fire bit is probably a little lame, but it is one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. On top of that P Diddy is mentoring this week. I listened to P Diddy (or was it Puff Daddy?) just this morning while I was at the gym? Diddy, daddy, I’m so confused!

DeAndre Brackensick (Only The Good Die Young) – I think ol boy missed the mark tonight. I was sure he would do a big, catchy ballad. The performance seems a bit karaokish to me. The fact that he’s singing first doesn’t help matters much, either. On the bright side though? I love the big live band playing along with his voice. Makes me wish I could bust my saxophone out.

Erika Van Pelt – (New York State Of Mind) – Okay. First of all. Tommy Hilfiger was so right about her hair. I love it! And secondly, I think she is doing a great job on New York’s state of mind. I loved everything about the performance. In the words of Randy Jackson, “Yo! That was hot!”

Joshua Ledet – (She’s Got A Way) – Joshua was an early favorite of mine. I love his take on this tune and I think he felt the song deep down inside. He totally killed this song. So happy for him! Jennifer, I like you, but I think you’re wrong on this one.

Is it just me or do the judges overuse the words, “You’re one of the best singers in this competition” because they say it after every other performance?

Skylar Laine – (Shameless) – Huh? I assumed that Shameless was a Garth Brooks original. I had no idea until now that Billy Joel ever sang the song. Each time that Skylar sings I get the impression she is mad at somebody. She screams and screeches and I’d rather hear her just simply sing. I’m also kinda surprised that Tommy H. approved of the big honkin’ chandeliers hanging from her ears. Skylar better hope someone drops the ball tonight, or she might be sent home.

Elise Testone – (Vienna) – This is the first Billy Joel song I’m not familiar with, but it was a great match for Elise’s raspy voice. For the first time, I get why Elise is in the competition. I think she did a fine job tonight. Apparently the judges agree because they are on their feet.

Okay, P-Diddy is a trip. I don’t think Phil is feelin’ or heedin’ Diddy’s advice. Good for him.

Phil Phillips – (Movin’ Out) – I don’t think I’ve ever heard this one, either. Phil Philips (who names a kid Phillip Phillips, anyway?) is another of my favorites because he is versatile. He reminds me of Casey Abrams (remember the song he did with the stand-up bass?) from last season. Love, love, love his performance. That right there is why I love this show.

Hollie Cavanagh – (Honestly) – So, apparently I don’t know as many Billy Joel songs as I thought I did because I’ve never heard this one either. Tommy H. did a great job of “styling” Hollie because those pants are the bomb. I can’t put a finger on it, but a few of the notes sound like they are just a tad off. Hollie seems nervous and scared to be on that big stage.

HeeJun Han – (My Life) – First of all, McDaddy has maintained that HeeJun’s “glasses” don’t have lenses in them. I was hoping Tommy Hilfiger would call him out on it so we’d know once and for all. What the heck? He just stopped the piano player. So HeeJun has lost his darn mind right here on the Idol stage. I am hoping he leaves tonight because I don’t think he has even the slightest grasp on what this competition is all about. It aggravates me that Jeremy Rosado is gone and we’re still forced to watch this clown. Yes, I said clown.

Moving on.

Jessica Sanchez – (Everybody Has A Dream) – This is just a prediction. I predict that Jessica Sanchez will be standing on the stage in the finals. That girl can SANG. She is sharing her dream with us. Period.

Colton Dixon – (Piano Man) – That red piano (it is red, isn’t it?) makes me smile. I am of the opinion that the piano is the most beautiful instrument there is and Colton is making that thing sing. I’ve not been a huge fan of Colton’s in past weeks but he sold me tonight. Great job at the piano and great job singing. I suspect Billy Joel is sitting somewhere with a big smile on his face, too. Oh my word, he gave a testimony right on live television. And guess who’ll be voting for Colton tonight? And every other night.

Best of the Night: Colton, Jessica and Phil.

Going Home: HeyJun or whatever his name is.  

What say you?

Dancing Around The Subject

Fall is lurking just around the corner, and that means it’s the start of a new season for all 73 of my favorite TV shows.

Oh little TiVo I do hope you enjoyed your summer break because here in about a week, IT. IS. ON.

Here’s a sampling of what I’ll tune in to watch this season: American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, The Young And The Restless, The View, Mike and Molly, Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, The Talk, and Dancing With The Stars.

For those of you who happen to be content watching reruns of Law & Order, party on! Around here, though? The fall line up is a BIG DEAL, especially after the lame summer line-up I’ve had to endure. I take my daily docket very seriously and I have said many times that the TiVo is the second greatest invention of my time (second only to my beloved iPhone). Me and my TiVo are tight. We spend lots of time together, and I’m thankful for her. (Yes, she is a her because we have enough boys around here already! Plus, she is crazy organized, so there!)

I was delighted when the new cast of Dancing With The Stars was revealed just a few days ago. I was excited to find out that Derek Hough would return this season. Last season just wasn’t the same without him. So yeah! Welcome back, Derek!

The new celebrity (and I use that word loosely) line-up includes David Arquette, Chaz Bono (celebrity? really?), Nancy Grace, NBA player Ron Artest, model Elisabetta Canalis, reality-TV stars Kristin Cavallari and Rob Kardashian, Ricki Lake, actor J.R. Martinez, Chynna Phillips, Hope Solo, and fashion commentator Carson Kressley (I’d rather poke my eyes out with a fork than listen to Kressley ramble on).

Though I have never heard of her before now, my money (if I had any) would be on Hope Solo, which should come as no big surprise because she is paired up with my boyfriend, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Can you say hot?

And hard to spell?

And on top of that, Maks’ brother Val will also be joining the cast this season.


Now, for those of you who couldn’t care less about dancing, olympic champions or hotties (GASP!) who really know how to cut-the-proverbial-rug let me just say this….

You are just plain missing out.


I have absolutely no grace whatsoever.

But, if they happened to host a Dancing With The Stay-At-Home-Moms Edition, I’d be all over it.

Especially if they paired me with my boy, Maks.

I would do my very best to make the stay-at-home moms of the world proud. I’d shake, rattle, roll and shimmy my way to the finals where I would work my tail off to dance with Maks as long as possible.

Or break my foot in the first 4.9 seconds.

Either way, I’d be a hit, don’t ya think?

Until my big break comes though, I’ll watch faithfully from my big, blue bloggy couch and daydream about the chance to take the dancing world by storm.

Maks, if by some weird twist of fate you’ve happened across my little blog, how ’bout you talk to the producers and see what you can do about changing the format for Season 14? And if by some miracle you can make that happen, I have three words for you.


Hope, if by chance you’ve stumbled across my blog, I am making a pre-season prediction that you and Maks will be the Season 13 Champions. You’ve got the sexiest, most talented DWTS partner and for that reason, you are sure to be a crowd favorite.

You get my votes.

All of em.

Without even campaigning.

Make me proud, girl!


My TiVo works for me.