Thursday Thirteen – The Olympics

I have been in an Olympic frenzy this whole week. My DVR hasn’t had much rest and I have spent almost every waking moment (at home) parked in front of the television cheering for Team USA. For that reason, it seems only natural that I would share my observations with you (while watching half-pipe and figure skating).

1. Shaun White – Y’all. First of all, he looks so grown up with that short hair. And secondly, OHMYWORD, how disappointing for him to not even make the podium in this, his third Olympics, but bless his heart for being so gracious to the gold-medal Swiss snow-boarder. And lastly, I can’t help but wonder if things might have gone differently if the pipe conditions had been better.

2. Can you imagine living life looking like Kirsten Moore-Towers from Canada. She is so cute, I would like to carry her around in my pocket.

Oh, and as an added bonus, she is so graceful on the ice.

2. I absolutely love the bright pink cat-suit worn by Russian figure skater, Tatiana Volosozhar. As it turns out, she and partner Maxim Trankov skated to Pink Panther.

3. I miss American short track speed skating eight-time medalist Apolo Ohno. Watching short track speed skating just isn’t the same without him. I have enjoyed his Olympic coverage commentary, though.

4. Pee-wee Herman showed up in Sochi and he brought an inflated red latex glove lapel decoration with him.

The day before, he dawned a bright pink jacket that matched Bob Costas’ eye. (Stevie asked if he was wearing the “pink coat” for Breast Cancer awareness day.)

5. I have never in my life, with the exception of the Olympics heard anyone refer to the sport of curling, ever. And to be honest, I didn’t really understand the point of the “sport” until I consulted Wikipedia. It referred to curling as chess on ice. Oh, and also SNOOZE.

6. I am completely in awe of those who compete in free style skiing. To fly through the air backwards and also ski downhill backwards, oh yes ma’am, super impressive.

7. Is it just me, or did Bob Costas’ one infected eye turn into two infected eyes right before our very eyes? Sweet mercy, are there no antibiotics in Sochi, Russia? I keep trying to figure out how he keeps from poking his eyeballs out on live television because THE BURN!

8. Either Matt Lauer has aged quite a bit in the last few months, or he made a decision to quit coloring his hair. Either way, I’d much rather look at Matt’s gray hair, than Bob’s runny pink eyes.

9. Earlier in the week, Russian cross-country skier (and medal favorite) Anton Gafarov crashed on a downhill corner as he made his way down the course. After the crash, he attempted to make it to the finish line – with a broken ski. (He reminded me of an injured dog dragging his back leg.) When Canadian cross-country ski coach Justin Wadsworth spotted Gafarov trying to make his way to the finish line, Wadsworth grabbed a spare ski, approached Gafarov, kneeled down and replaced the broken ski without uttering one word. In true Olympic spirit, Gafarov finished the race three minutes behind the other finishers. But, he finished.

10. Tears ran down my face while watching the story of Olympic moguls gold medalist Alex Bilodeau with his brother Frederic who suffers from cerebral palsy. When interviewed, Alex said that Frederic is his inspiration and helps keep him grounded. Oh my sweet mercy, just look at these two.


11. And what about US long track speed skater, Sugar Todd? I smile every time I hear her name. God bless her momma’s heart.

12. Are the khaki pants and khaki ski jackets the best we can do for our US Ski team? And while we’re on the subject of Olympic attire, I would like to say that I wasn’t too hip on the “ugly Christmas sweaters” worn by the US Olympic team during opening ceremonies, either. I guess Ralph Lauren forgot to consult with me before approving that nonsense.

13. Just for fun, I checked the prices of several Olympic venue tickets. A “cheap” ticket to the men’s free skate competition (which includes the medal ceremony) costs 3000 Russian Rubbles which is $86.15 in American dollars. A ticket to the Closing Ceremony, on the other hand would set you back $129.22. And if you’re planning to travel to Sochi to just hang out in Olympic Park? Well, that will cost you $11. per day.

You’re welcome.


All Good Things Must Come To An End

We have been out of school so many days in January, I honestly lost count.

My Facebook Feed has primarily been filled with posts about the WV water crisis, the weather, school closing and or delays, and of course, opinions on the school closings and delays. It seems that no matter what decision the powers-that-be make regarding school, people complain. They complain because:

  • There’s a two-hour delay and parents don’t feel it is necessary.
  • There is not a delay and parents can’t understand why. Especially the parents who live on a big, slick, snow-covered hill.
  • We are out of school because the roads are bad. Parents are tired of their kids being at home.
  • There is a delay. Working parents are inconvenienced because WHAT TO DO WITH THE KIDS?
  • There is not a delay. But there was a delay yesterday and roads are worse today.
  • There is no school. Parents think kids should go to school anyway, despite single digit temps.
  • There is school. Parents are outraged because IT IS WAY TO COLD for our babies to be out in it.
  • School is canceled. Parents are angry because why should teachers be paid for sitting at home?
  • School is not canceled, but is dismissed an hour early. Parents are angry because they can’t understand why it is necessary.

You get me drift?

It has been a crazy month and I’m pretty sure I can count the number of days we’ve been in school this month on one hand. And you know what? I’ve enjoyed every single minute of having my boys at home. Especially since I can monitor them around the water situation. We received a call a few hours ago letting us know that school will be in session and on time tomorrow. You know what they say? All good things must come to an end. It will be tough getting back into the swing of a normal, regular schedule.

Here are 13 things I’m NOT looking forward to when my boys go back to school in the AM.

  1. Hearing the 6:45 AM alarm.
  2. The crazy, busy, day-to-day routine.
  3. Worrying that they might accidentally drink the water.
  4. Getting out of bed before dark.
  5. Going out in 7 degree weather.
  6. Dealing with the jokers in the drop-off line who refuse to follow the established route.
  7. Daily house cleaning and laundry chores
  8. The stupid alarm clock.
  9. Starting the car five minutes before we leave and the vehicle still being cold.
  10. Dealing with another Middle School issue that we shouldn’t have to deal with.
  11. Questioning my boys after school to insure they didn’t come in contact with the water.
  12. Missing them all day long.

Did I mention I am not a morning person?

Happy Thursday, bloggy peeps!

Thursday Thirteen – Random Thoughts

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a Thursday Thirteen, and I know my friend, Becky is excited because she loves a good Thursday Thirteen. I have lots of things rolling around up there, so I thought this might be a good time to give you thirteen random things occupying my brain…

1. My friend, Heather is working on a new blog design for From Inmates To Playdates. I’ve asked for lime green and bright pink. I know that it will be straight-up fabulous.

2. Most of McDaddy’s 40 gifts are sitting in the same place where he unwrapped them on November 7th. If my math is correct (and it’s probably not) those items have been sitting there for almost two weeks. This drives me nine kinds of crazy.

3.  Middle School drama is ridiculous. We are three months into the school year and OH MY HEAVENLY DAY why can’t we all just get along?

4. This time between November and the end of December is my favorite time of year. I have 80% of our shopping done. My Christmas cards will be finished by the end of the week. Now, if only I could persuade McDaddy to bend on his “no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving” rule.

5. My iPhone battery is showing itself. At 20% the thing just dies. I spent most of the day yesterday on the phone with Apple hoping they would honor my one-year warranty, even though I was eight days past the one-year purchase date.

6. We’ve enjoyed a week of wonderful temperatures this week. Honestly, it wouldn’t bother me to NEVER see another flake of snow ever again.

7. I’m preparing for my friend Becky’s cookie exchange. If you have a great [easy] cookie recipe, I’d love to hear about it.

8. I am thinking about wrapping all of our Christmas gifts in coordinating wrapping paper. I see a lot of that on Pinterest and it looks fabulous.

9. It just dawned on me that I never mentioned the results of my sleep study.

10. Nor have I mentioned my five-year bloggy birthday. OOPS.

11. I forgot to stop at the store for a loaf of bread. OOPS.

12. I think I am getting forgetful in my old age.

13.  K-mart and Joe Boxer just aired the weirdest commercial. I am sitting here shaking my head.

Happy Thursday, y’all!

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Things I Did Today

The good news is: Grey’s Anatomy started back up tonight.

The bad news is: It is hard to concentrate on this blog post.

Just for fun, here are 13 things I did today.

In no particular order.

1. Tried out two new recipes, tonight. One for Momma’s Creamy Baked Macaroni and Cheese, and the other for slow cooker pork. One was great, the other was BLECH!

2. Watched a painfully long baseball game.

3. Helped pop 180 bags of popcorn at Alex’s school today.

4. Heard that the trip McDaddy and I made to the Middle School last week, as well as the phone call to the Superintendent of Schools paid off. (It’s going to be a l-o-n-g four years, y’all.)

5. Cleaned the windshield, headlights and taillights on the SKY.

6. Drove with the top up to drop Stevie at school, and then drove topless to pick Alex up from school.

7. Gathered all iPhone charger cords to figure out which ones work and which ones don’t. (Y’all there is madness in the iPhone chargers!)

8. Had a late lunch at McDonald’s with two friends after popping popcorn at the school.

9. Fixed Alex a “cold lunch” because he didn’t want the ham and cheese sandwich offered at school.

10. Banged on a pot with a wooden spoon [AGAIN] when CARD SERVICES called.

11. Fussed at the kids for their messy rooms.

12. Emptied the dishwasher (as I do, each and every day!)

13. Lighted my yummy Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake candle.

 What have you done today?

Thursday Thirteen – Random Thoughts

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a Thursday Thirteen post.

It’s also been quite some time since I’ve lost my ever-lovin’ mind over some homework.

And no, before you ask, it was NOT math homework.

Stevie and I don’t go round-and-round often, but when we do, it’s generally because he forgets to bring homework home. Today was one of those days. In his defense though, there were at least three other kids in his class who were just as confused as he was about what he needed to bring home.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

In the meantime, here are thirteen random things rolling around in my head today.

1. I just watched the Big Brother finale. I was so sad that GinaMarie couldn’t take home the grand prize. I love that show/game and I think I would be very good at it.

2. The 7.0 IOS update was all over the Facebook today. I am patiently waiting [and praying] for the update to jump out of my laptop and onto my phone. I have seven more minutes to sweat it out before I can make sure everything is where I left it.

3. It took me two days but I finally got all of my fall décor out.

4. I wish I had never painted the back side of my front door. I liked it better when it was yellow, but got a wild hair up my butt one day and painted it blue. The blue matches perfectly but makes the front wall seem so much darker than it was when it was yellow.

5. I have somehow misplaced a 31 bag (Cindy tote) and it makes me crazy trying to figure out how I could lose something like that.

6. I hate candy corn. But it looks really cute in my fall candy dish.

7. I just love fall! I just don’t like what follows it.

8. It has been in the high 70’s for the past two weeks. That is PERFECT weather to go topless.

9. I am sorry I ever did this 7.0 thing. WHY? OH WHY? I want my friggin’ calendar back!!!! UGH!!! *facepalm*

10. The older I get, the less I like clutter. For that reason I’ve taken four bags of crap to the Goodwill this week. I think I am ON A ROLL.

11. A sleep Doctor started me on nose spray and Claritin this week. So far, it seems to be working.

12. I need an idea for dinner today. Any suggestions?

13. Well, now Facebook had to jump on the update train. Dang.

Have a great Thursday, y’all!

Friday The Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen is one of my friend Becky’s favorite features on my blog. She has been a long-time fan of Thursday Thirteen and if I go too long without posting one, she’s all up in my business asking “When you gonna run another Thursday Thirteen?”

When Becky and I first became friends, we had to have little heart-to-heart.

Only, she would probably call it something else.

You see, around here, it is a BIG, FAT, HUGE, NO-NO to call my house before 10 AM during the summer months or even weekends.

My motto is, unless you are bleeding or dying, or calling about someone who is bleeding or dying, you should not, under any circumstances, be calling my house before 10 AM.

Thank you and Amen.

Becky gets up at the crack-o-dawn. I, on the other hand, stay up half-the-night, and sleep late. I also allow my kids to stay up late when school is out. I learned a long time ago the later I let them stay up, the later they sleep. And since I am in favor of anything that results in me getting to sleep later, well, let’s just say we are night owls up in here.

So, Becky, these thirteen random thoughts are just for you! But don’t call me to discuss them until after 10 o’clock in the AM.

1. Toddlers and Tiaras is back on my daily docket. It seems like each season those pageant directors add another “supreme” to their top award. Yay for another season of all-out crazy. It is the mega, triple, top, supreme of my TiVo.

2. Homemade pepperoni rolls are a big hit with my kids. I bought Rhodes frozen rolls. Followed the directions on the back (waited 4 hours for them to raise), flatten each roll out, fill with 2 slices of pepperoni and a handful of mozzarella cheese, baked for 15 minutes on 350. YUM!

3. Alex’s first all-star game is Friday evening at 8pm. I am so nervous. I have never been nervous before a baseball game before now. I hope these 7-8 year old little fellas come ready to play!

4. I was mentioning to someone just the other day that our house is less than one mile from a grocery store, a Rite Aid, the library, all three schools my kids will attend (the Middle School *might* be a mile and a half), a gas station, two pizza parlors, a Chinese restaurant, two automotive stores, the Family Dollar, the Dollar General, the Post Office, my hair dresser, Wendys, McDonalds, the biscuit shop, and a gun store. I absolutely love our little community.

5. Steve and Stevie are headed off for a Webelos Weekend camping trip. I am most looking forward to driving the SKY all weekend with Alex.

6. It is also Father’s Day weekend. I have the best daddy a girl could ask for and my husband is a great example and role model for our boys. I realize I am so very blessed.

7. Our boys are on a Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles kick. It doesn’t get much better than a big bowl of cocoa pebbles.

8. This bladder thing I have going on  is THE PITS. I am still taking over-the-counter medicine every few days and it does help. But once the medicine wears off, it is back with a vengeance.

9. McDaddy just told me that You Tube is addictive. I feel the same way about Pinterest.

10. I absolutely HATE spam. I think there is a special hole in a really warm place for Spammers.

11. It is now 12:06 AM on Friday. I suppose this post will now be called Friday Thirteen.

12. Stevie was born on Thursday, December 12th. I was sweatin’ it because the medical staff didn’t come get me for my C-section until after 8pm. Under no circumstances, did I want him to be born on Friday the 13th. Not that I’m superstitious or anything, I just didn’t like the thought of it.

13. I cleaned a lot of pins off of my Pinterest boards. As it turns out, I’m as OCD at decluttering my Pinterest boards as I am anything else in my life.

Yes, I am a joy to live with.

Happy Friday, y’all!


Thursday Thirteen – Things I Didn’t Do Today

My friend Heather posted a “Thursday Thirteen – TV Edition” today. I came across it as I was stalking looking at Facebook and trying to decide what to write about. And then it dawned on me that I should just hop right on Heather’s Thursday Thirteen wagon and ride along with her, because that was easier than deciding between all the stuff that was in my head.

And believe me, there is A LOT OF STUFF.

So, instead, I am writing about thirteen things I did not do today.

1. Stop.

2. Gag or puke.

I did not gag or puke when learning how to drain a Pleurx drainage catheter. I’ll give you a few seconds to process that.

Just when I think my life can’t get any more interesting, it goes and does. Several family members and I met with a Doctor at the hospital today so that he could teach us how to properly drain the fluid from the space around my granny’s lungs. When you stop for one second to consider that the drainage tube hanging out of my grandma’s back is the same one that is also running through her chest, and you are one of the few who will be draining it, well, let’s just say THAT is sort of a BIG DEAL.

Sheesh, just typing that sentence made me nervous.

Oh, and on the off-chance that you’re as nosy as I am you’d like to learn how a Pleurx catheter works, you can go here.

And speaking of catheter…

3. Count the number of times I peed today.

Yes, I realize this probably falls under TMI; however, y’all know I am never one to shy away from sharing TOO much here on the blawg. McDaddy will be the first to tell you that I’m guilty of this time and time again. But seriously, when a person consumes 80 ounces of water in a day, it has to go somewhere. And in my case, it goes somewhere fast. I spent half the day in various bathrooms around town peeing. And though my body thanks me, my overworked bladder is saying just stick a catheter up in there already.

Lord, help me make it through this challenge.

4. Drink more than 10 ounces of coke.

Yup, you read that correctly. And would you believe that I survived? I know I mentioned earlier that I was quitting cold turkey, but after thinking about that for a hot minute, I realized that’s probably not a realistic scenario because there is this whole love affair thing with an ice-cold coca-cola classic, and man, it’s too good to give up completely. So, I decided to allow myself a small glass at dinner.

5.Watch Buckwild

MTV’s newest baby was filmed just a few miles of my home. It premiered last week and there was a crap-load of hoop-la surrounding its premier. You might have seen WV Senator Joe Manchin on the talk show circuit pleading for MTV to cancel the show. To which MTV promptly said, “NO GO JOE!” and premiered the thing anyway. And of course all that did was draw even more attention to the 10:00 PM Thursday night time slot, now occupied by the crazy goof-ball kids from my community.

6. Pass on the chips and salsa

I had dinner at Chilis this evening, and though I am competing in this biggest loser competition, I COULD NOT – DID NOT, pass on the chips and the salsa. I did pace myself though. Oh, AND the fact that I had a coupon for a free appetizer didn’t help matters either.

7. Drive the SKY

There just wasn’t time for driving my beloved SKY today. I ran from the school to the hospital to the school to the school where my sister-in-law teaches to the hospital to Chilis and then back to the hospital. That left no time for car-shufflin’.


No big surprise here, right McDaddy?

9. Clean the hamster cage.

I’ve told McDaddy for the past week that I need to clean the hamster cage. And everyday, I get busy and forget.


10. Put the rest of the Christmas decor up.

At this point, most of what’s left out is snowmen, but here in West Virginia it snows clear up into April sometimes, so the way I see it, I’ve still got some time. 

11. Bust my tail-end on my front porch.

As I went out our front door this morning, my feet came *thisclose* to flying out from under me when I slipped on our slick porch, which might come as a big surprise to those people who really know me because I am the biggest klutz I know, who also writes the longest run-on sentences ever known to man.


It’s been four long days since I’ve had chocolate. The best I can figure it, this, my friends is a record.

13. Burn up any iPhone cords

Yesterday, as I hooked my iPhone into one of those generic adapter things in the Jeep, the adaptor thing immediately started smoking and stunk the Jeep up. After taking the adaptor apart to check things out, McDaddy said it was fried. I could have been killed.

Or at least severely burned.

But all I can think about right now is the fact that I have to pee. Gotta run!

Thursday Thirteen – Observations I’ve Made Today

It has been a ridiculous crazy week. I am heading up Santa’s Workshop and on Monday, I got a call that my granny was in the ER with serious breathing issues. All of this after the little orange thing fell into the motor of my new washing machine. While sitting in the surgical waiting room at the hospital, I made some observations, and thought this might be a good as place as any to share them.

And on top of that, my BFF Becky will be thrilled that I’ve done Thursday Thirteen two weeks in a row.

1. A Baby Ruth candy bar is messy.

2. The pre-op area is a busy joint. My nosy gene was working overtime standing at granny’s bedside watching all the hubbub.

3. Oatmeal, when dropped on a table and left for hours is almost impossible to clean up without some serious elbow grease.

4. I can spend a great deal of time on Zappos.

5. The bluetooth in the new company car is super cool.

6. My fourth grader is spending a heck of a lot of time learning to estimate.

7. Hautelook sends me an e-mail every single day. So does Kohls.

8. Stevie needs a new backpack.

9. I have way too much Christmas decor.

10. My curtains need to be washed. But that can’t happen with my washer out of commission.

11. The hamsters never eat the brown pellet things in the food bowl.

12. There is such a thing as my phone ringing TOO much.

13. I am running out of time to get Stevie a present for his birthday.

Have you make any interesting observations today?

Another Edition of Thursday Thirteen

I attended a Christmas Card addressing party on Wednesday, and my friend Becky asked if I had given any thought to reviving Thursday Thirteen (through the alphabet) during the six months McDaddy will be deployed like I did last time. Actually, I have thought about it, and I’ve decided I probably will do it because 1. it provides a great way to count down the 26 weeks of deployment, and 2. it’s totally random and fun.

And speaking of random and fun, I thought I’d revive it for today and play 13 things I did today –

This one’s for you, Becky.

1.  Filled out Stevie’s birthday invitations – how is it that my sweet son will be in the double digits in just 12 short days? It seems like just yesterday I was whining all sprawled out on a day-bed in our great room whining (in my 4th week of bed-rest! whining) waiting to meet this sweet baby boy whining.

Not that I whined or anything. 

2. Watched Shemar Moore Criminal Minds – Ok, so the truth is I started watching Criminal Minds years ago because of Shemar Moore, but it really is a great show. And it would be with or without Shemar. Don’t you love how I just throw his name around like we’re pals? I just wish they’d bring Gideon back.

3. Cracked myself up when I referred to Apollo and Duke (our dwarf hamsters) as “Brothers of the wheel”.

4. Went to Reeds Jewelers to have my wedding ring cleaned and also to see if this set was a third of the size as it appears in the advertisement they sent to my house today.

On the off-chance there are three of you out there who are looking for something to buy me for Christmas, look no further. I love all three of these pieces, and was surprised to find out that they are almost true to size as pictured. My preference, in order would be, necklace, ring, earrings. Oh, and as it turns out, I got so excited about this set, I totally forgot to have my wedding ring cleaned.

5. Saw this family picture on the JEEP Facebook page. I took a screen shot to show McDaddy – a great idea for a future family Christmas picture. (Photo credit: Sharper Photography)

6. Managed my Facebook yardsale inventory –  y’all, it is a job keeping up with those items and comments and private messages and meeting times. I keep a page in my memos specifically for my FBYS “business”.

7. Visited with my granny – She is my last living grandparent and I enjoyed spending most of the day with her. She asked me if I had any idea what “that whole tweetering thing is all about.” (And in case you’re a Tweeter, you can look me up – I’m JulieatInmates – though I don’t get on there much anymore.)

8. Had dinner at Chilis with friends – and as always, I ordered my usual, chicken crispers with mashed potatoes and corn on the cobb. After making myself half-sick on chips and salsa of course.

9. Moved Louis Hamilton, our Elf on the Shelf – which is really a stupid name, because OUR elf? Well, because he never just sits on a shelf.

This was Louis Hamilton a few days ago spreading the good news.

10. Laughed hysterically when I read this e-mail from a sweet blog reader: You don’t know me, but I have been following your blog for quite some time now… I actually wish you would print a recipe book of the meals you cook (I’m sure you’re laughing about now, but I’m serious) because, like you, I prefer recipes that have 5 or fewer ingredients! – Oh dear goodness. I’ll give you all some time to process that last statement.

Never in a gazillion years would I ever think of writing a COOK book.

Me? A recipe book? Me? The same someone who baked a marble cake for Thanksgiving dinner and thought she got jipped out of the marble because the cake was just plain yellow. I had no idea that marble was in its own separate packet.

Me? A Cookbook?

Such kind words. Thanks Wendy. =)

11. Prepared two breathing treatments for my sweet Alex.

Don’t ask why he has that goofy look on his face, because I have no idea.

12. Ordered Poptropica for the DS. Actually, I ordered two copies because I figured it was worth the extra $25. for each kid to have their own copy, and thought in the long run it might preserve some of my sanity.

13. Got myself in gear to kick off Santa’s Workshop tomorrow – I am prepared for a fun week. It is a lot of work, but the kids love it so much.

What did you do today?

Oh, and it just dawned on me that it’s now after midnight, which also means that it’s Friday now.

I suppose I spent way too much time thinking about the whole Me? and Cookbook? thing.

Thursday Thirteen – Things I Hate About Facebook

I have a love-hate relationship with the Facebook. On one hand, I spend way too much time on there, but on the other hand, I am thankful that I can keep in contact with out-of-town friends and relatives.

I am so thankful that Facebook wasn’t around during my awkward, teenage years. It is anybody’s guess what manner of chaos I would have been involved in back then. I would love to think that even in the midst of chaos, I would be smarter than these girls today who post pictures while making a duck-face.

1. Which is the first thing I hate, HATE about Facebook – THE DUCK-FACE. Oh my word, I wish these girls would STOP making the stupid duck-face. It is never EVER flattering. In fact, it is stupid.

2. And speaking of pictures, I hate the Nike ones. Why are those things still circulating?

3. When people over-use words and phrases, such as: epic fail, just sayin, said no one ever, and amazing in their status updates.

4. I hate that people use Facebook to stir up family drama. It is inappropriate and juvenile. Keep your dirty laundry where it belongs, OFF OF THE INTERNET.

5. I triple HATE Facebook games. I have no desire to start a farm, own a cafe, play in a smurf village, or try my luck at the slots. STOP INVITING ME TO PLAY GAMES.I have blocked hundreds of games, yet I still receive requests for more. I think it may be time to block people who invite me to play the games.

6. I liked the plain ol Facebook that showed ALL status updates of all of my friends in the order in which they were posted. I hate this new format.

7. Sponsored posts are a pain in the butt. And yes, I hate them.

8.The “other” message folder. It is tough to do business on the Facebook yard sale when some of my messages land in the “other” folder which is apparently not accessible on my beloved iPhone.

9. I like choices. I have grown tired of Facebook’s BLUE theme. I think it would be fun if we could color customize our page. Mine? Would be pink.

10. I hate that I’m not always able to see who my friends are friends with.

Nosy, much?

11. That I can’t always delete posts or comments from my phone. Sometimes it is necessary to delete stuff.

12. I hate that I can’t see who has “de-friended” me.

Yes, I am that nosy.

13. And lastly, I hate that there is not a DISLIKE button.

Because I would dislike at least 11 of these items on a daily basis.

Have a great weekend, y’all!