Water You Doing Even Speaking To Us?

It’s been one of those days. If you’re not in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned rant, you should probably just move on.

McDaddy has been in Puerto Rico all week. He had the nerve to text this picture on Monday.

Doesn’t it look glorious?

Meanwhile on Monday, I drove the kids to school in this nonsense.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be upset if I never EVER saw another snowflake in my lifetime.

Representatives from The CDC and The EPA were here in Charleston today for a press conference regarding this stupid water crisis. I had hoped to hear honest information regarding the safety of our water supply. Instead, we got another round of nonsense. The CDC says we can use the water however we like. They acknowledge there’s limited data available on the chemical that made it’s way into our water (crude MCHM). Dr. Tonja Popovic, a Doctor with the CDC also had this to say:

“We’re not really talking about if the water is safe, we’re talking about is the water appropriate for use.”

Now do you see why residents of West Virginia are so frustrated?

Dr. Popovic, if you happen upon my blog today, I have this question for you. If we’re not really talking about if the water is safe THEN WATER you doing even speaking to us?

This Dr. Popovic claims that our water is indeed appropriate for use, but I would have felt better about her statement if she had been chugging a glass of tap water while she was making the claim.

This situation is just crazy. We may not drink our tap water for months.

And if that’s not enough, several communities close to us flooded over night. Instead of compiling a list of all bus changes, our local Board of Education called at 5:34 AM, 6:05 AM and then again at 6:27 AM to inform us of school bus changes.

So, yeah. I woke up in a foul mood.

I am praying that tomorrow will be better.

Happy Thursday, y’all.

Open Letter Regarding The WV Water Crisis

To: Any and All Important, Influential, Government Leaders In the State of West Virginia
From: A Concerned Momma
Date: February 2, 2014
Re: West Virginia Water Crisis

I think I speak for most of the citizens in this area when I say that we are, quite simply, tired.

What are we tired of, you ask?

The list is long.

Tired of the excuses. Tired of the blame-game. Tired of the back-peddling. Tired of the craziness. Tired of the not-knowing. Tired of the rhetoric. And, OH MY WORD, so tired of hearing the words parts per million. I am tired of being encouraged to drink the water because you are on my television telling me that you are drinking the water, and that you are perfectly fine. I actually couldn’t care less that you are drinking the water. The only thing I care about is keeping the two little fellas parked in front of my television playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes on the Xbox right now, safe.

I was so very patient in the beginning. Because no one seemed to really know what we were facing, it was scary. We buckled down. Covered the faucets. Stocked up on bottled water. Filled up gallon jugs at water distribution sites. Showered at our church. Tuned into every minute of every news conference. And prayed.

And quite honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Sure, it was inconvenient, and at times, a big, fat aggravation. But, when you stop to consider that more than 700 million people do not have safe water, EVER, it makes you stop and think that indeed, things could be worse.

The flow of information was (and still is) overwhelming and confusing. The apparent lack of knowledge about the chemical makes me think that none of you can actually say with 100% certainty that what you are reporting is the truth.


Is it too much to ask for?

Is there not one responsible, professional person (from the CDC, the EPA, the DEP, a Doctor, a Chemist, ANYONE?) out there who knows enough about the harmful coal-cleaning chemical known as 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) to simply give us the facts? If that person was to come forward and tell us that we need to use bottled water for the next four weeks and after that time it would be safe, that’s exactly what we’d do. Heck, we wouldn’t even mind hearing that we would need to use bottled water for the next four months, if it meant we’d be 100% safe after that time.

I long to hear from that knowledgeable, professional person. I want to know how long we need to realistically wait before the dangerous chemical would be out of our water supply completely. I don’t want the info sugar-coated. And, I have no interest in hearing you speak if you really have no idea. Please, save us all some time AND STAY OFF OF OUR TELEVISION. I am only interested in hearing from that one representative that KNOWS OF WHAT THEY SPEAK.

And if there’s not someone out there with adequate knowledge about MCHM to give us THE FACTS, then shame on the powers-that-be who allowed it to be stored just a mile upstream from our main water supply without regulating or overseeing its storage. How is it that we can put a man on the moon, but can’t say with certainty how long it will take for our water supply to be safe again? I just don’t get it. And, I also don’t understand why our elected Government officials [read: THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE] are not demanding help (and ANSWERS) from the CDC and / or the US Environmental Protection Agency. As a mom, I feel like kicking and screaming until we get those answers.

It is a constant battle trying to balance common sense and irrational fears.

But, are they really irrational?

I, for one, would appreciate honest answers from everyone speaking out about the crisis. And if you don’t know, be honest, and simply say, I. Don’t. Know. And then, be quiet.

I suppose we won’t have answers anytime soon. In fact, some reports suggest that we might be dealing with long-term effects of this chemical twenty years from now, (Somebody shoot me!) but a girl can hope, can’t she?

In the midst of this water craziness, it was nice to know that those with safe water stepped up to offer us a place to do laundry, shower, and fill jugs with water. Bottled water was shipped in by the truck-loads full and distributed in several communities in our area. To this day, we still have plenty of bottled water, and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful that my little band of four have avoided any adverse effects from the contaminated water so far.

While we have a lot to be thankful for, we have a lot still to hope for.

Answers would be good.

And the truth would be even better.

A Big Crazy Fit

Here’s a little tale about a chair
That had me pulling out my hair.
I ordered the cute rocker months ago
Before it arrived, I thought I might blow.

The sorry sap at the store didn’t seem to care.
He plain out refused to call and check on my chair.
Patiently or not for ten weeks I waited.
While my cute rocking chair was being created.

Once it left the factory, it was sent on its way
I was hoping to have it before Christmas Day.
The chair should have been here no later than that.
But for five weeks in the back of a truck it sat.

The journey was hard, and the waiting was rough
After ten long weeks I had had enough.
I called the owner of the furniture store
I complained and hollered and into his butt I tore.

I asked and I begged and I even shouted
And my friends and readers listened as I constantly pouted.
With one little call I finally found out
That my cute little chair had been out and about.

Five weeks prior it had been sent
But no one could tell me where it had went.
All they knew is that they didn’t have it
And I’ll just tell you now I threw a big, crazy fit.

I said my piece and then said some more
Their negligence in this matter I could not ignore
As it turns out my little chair was stuck
And touring the US in the back of a truck.

They tracked it down and sent it back to Kentucky
I’d have it in a week if I was lucky.
When it finally arrived, they called McDaddy
The news they delivered, well it drove me batty.

The chair was there, but the rocker was broke
When I got the news I thought I might choke.
This chair, I wanted it without one more delay.
Don’t they know I’m hard to handle when I don’t get my way?

Another five days and my phone did ring
When I got the news I heard the angels sing.
For this chair I had waited so long to see
Would soon be in West Virginia at my house with me.

McDaddy showed up and the owner was surely glad
Because that joker knew that I was still mad.
After a quick little chat, McDaddy headed East
I was pretty excited to say the least.

After a very long wait, the chair is here
I sure love it and so does my rear.
It looks even better than I thought it would
I think you’ll agree it sure does look good.

And that, as they say, is that!

An Annoying Post

Every morning while getting dressed, I listen to K-Love.

As I applied the last bit of make-up to my sleepy eyes, I had to laugh as I listened to the news story about the “most annoying words,” as reported by 47 percent of Americans surveyed in a Marist College poll.

I am good friends with the words.


“You Know”


“It is what it is”

And, “At the end of the day”

Friends, I can honestly say that I say whatever about 324 times per day. And, I’ve been known to throw out “It is what it is” and “At the end of the day” several times over the past few days.


See. I told you I say it all the time.

McDaddy would add “Amazing” and “think good thoughts” to the list.

There are lots of things that annoy me.

*Big gasp from the crowd*

McDaddy mentioned he wanted to get to bed early.

I mentioned I’d be joining him just as soon as I wrote a blog post about things that annoy me

And he responded with something like, “So you’ll be in bed by next year?”

And I was all like, “Yes, something like that!”

(Am I too old to say, “I was all like?”)

I’ll just start by saying that this list is just a sampling of the big ole stack of annoyances that aggravate the snot out of me.

Given the time and the energy I could clog up this here wordpress dashboard with things that annoy me. I’ll do my best to keep it short.

Things that annoy me, in no particular order….

  • My stupid computer cord. Remember a few weeks ago when I made a plea to McDaddy for a new computer cord and y’all had my back and pleaded with him on my behalf? Well, your pleas were heard and he ordered a new cord for my hoopty laptop. Only the laptop is still having problems. As it turns out, it is not the cord that was the problem. It is the jack in the back of the laptop that is the problem. Just my luck. Anyway, now McDaddy has to take the laptop apart and work his magic to repair it.
  • When the grocery bags rip before I get them into the house.
  • When the Asplundh folks block our one-lane road for weeks to cut tress down trees marked for death by American Electric Power and I return home to find 4/6 of them sitting on the side of the road doing absolutely nothing four days in a row.
  • When Amazing Race on my TiVo is replaced with someone on Sixty Minutes flapping their jaws about something not nearly as interesting as ten teams travelling around the world in a quest to win $1,000,000. NFL should get an earlier start.
  • When McDaddy leaves the lid up on the washing machine.
  • When a telemarketer who can barely speak the English language rings my phone asking me questions I can barely understand.
  • The people that call from the vehicle warranty place telling me that my vehicle warranty is about to expire if I don’t hold on and talk to the annoying person on the other line that has no clue what model or make of car I drive.
  • Commercials
  • When people park crooked and take up two spaces
  • When I chip my toe-nail polish after a pedicure.
  • When something doesn’t work as it should (Roomba, vacuum cleaner, the candy-filled telephones I bought for the boys at Wal-greens yesterday)
  • A 20% remaining battery warning on my beloved iPhone
  • When people don’t follow rules
  • When cars are approaching a construction area and instead of merging into traffic, they drive past the stopped traffic to the front of the line and they flip on their blinker expecting the front car to ‘let them in’
  • The K. County School Board
  • Flossing
  • Flat Dr. Pepper
  • Temper Tantrums
  • Cluttered stuff
  • Needing gas when I’m in a super big hurry
  • Slow internet service
  • Finding a spelling mistake in a blog post after posting it
  • Dust
  • When the boys hound me about “watching a show in the van every single time we get in it to go somewhere”
  • The toes on my left foot because they will not go together like the ones on my right foot.
  • Clumpy mascara
  • Hair products that make my hair feel like plastic

Okay, I guess you get the picture.

What can I say? It is what it is.


At the end of the day, I’m just a crazy-stay-at-home-mom with a truck-load of quirks.

Thanks for stopping by here for a daily dose of crazy.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Driving Me Crazy

There is a reason West Virginia is called, “Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia”.
I’m guessing that name has nothing to do with the drivers on our interstate highways.

Oh, internets, I may need an additional blood pressure pill after this post.
Why is it that some drivers feel like it is safe to send an e-mail on their blackberry, chug a latte, retrieve coordinates on their GPS, apply mascara and enjoy the happy meal that is sprawled out across their lap.
All while they are operating a moving vehicle. Seriously. I Just. Don’t. Get. It.
And I’m just going to throw this out there… in some instances the value of aforementioned techno devices is substantially more than the hoopty they are driving.
Just Sayin’
Some days, it is all I can do to make it home with all of my sanity. Because my sanity? Sometimes it gets left on the interstate because there is a rude driver or two who decides they don’t have the four seconds it would take to let another vehicle merge in front of them.

And speaking of vehicles, I was highly amused during our recent drive to Washington, DC by the vast number of  people who use their vehicles as moving billboards by plastering bumper stickers all. over. the. back. bumper. 

You know the ones of which I speak. 

“I’m a gun-totin’ democrat”
“Honk if parts fall off”
“Long Live Kurt Cobain”
“If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them”
“Don’t blame me, I voted for Kerry”
“I wish my car retained as much gas as I do”
“My other car is a broom”
“Hillary is my homegirl”
“My other ride is Your Mom”
“Drive It Like You Stole It”
Cheap entertainment at its finest.
But, the all-time, quickest route to road rage for me?

It happens when you are in a construction zone and  drivers are “encouraged” to merge because of an upcoming lane closing.

Please, please, please tell me that you are not one of the people who refuse to merge into the “open” lane, instead opting to travel in the lane that is closing until the last.possible.second and then expect all of the drivers who have merged when they were supposed to let you in because you are out of roadway. 

Because those people? Those people aggravate the snot out of me.

What about you? Got a favorite bumper sticker?