THIS Is American Idol [Live Blogging]

It is Thursday night and THIS is American Idol!

I have been sitting standing at the ballfield for two hours while Alex practiced. I am froze. My girls are froze. Yes, I said that. Doing things a little different this year since there isn’t a results show. Instead, as the contestants who have made it through are called, their red-lighted chairs turn green. The lighted chairs don’t have nearly the dramatic effect that Ryan Seacrest on result night, but I like it. And while we’re on the subject of dramatic effects, um, J-Lo’s girls are about to bust up outta that dress.

It’s movie night and that should make for an interesting night of singing.

Adanna Duru – Love You, I Do  (Dream Girls): First of all, I love, love, love that gold dress. It looks fabulous on stage, and on her. Except, is she wearing silver shoes? Hopefully, the television lights are playing tricks on her shoes are really gold. Adanna is a seasoned performer. She looks the part and tonight, she sounds the part, too. Good job, girl.

Daniel Seavey – Lost Stars (Begin Again) – I don’t know this song, but I really like Daniel. He’s a cutie patootie and he could be the next Beibs. Let’s see how this young cat does on this not-so-young love song. Maybe it’s just me, but this performance sounds really bad to me. It almost sounds like its too high for his voice. Not so sure he did enough to stay in the ballgame with that mess.

Rayvon Owen – Staying Alive (Saturday Night Fever) – I LOVE this song, but I’m not at all impressed with this arrangement. It’s funky, but W-A-Y too slow. I find myself trying to push the melody along. The good news is, he is doing a good job on it. He’s a really good performer, and I think he’ll advance, but I think he could’ve killed a faster version.

Nick Fradiani – Danger Zone (Top Gun) – This performance is just ok in my humble opinion. No big notes. No big finish. Just ok. That’s about all I have to say about that.

Joey Cook – Mad World (Donnie Darko) – I don’t know this movie, or song. Joey is quirky. Her hair is a hot, mint-green mess, but I like her voice. I’ve liked her since she sang King of Spain and played the Squeeze Box. That said, I’m not sure this song did much for her this week.

The Judges do not agree with me.

Tyanna Jones – The Circle of Life (Lion King) – Dear goodness, Tyanna’s hair is more of a hot green mess than Joey’s is. I just don’t get it. I happen to love this song, but honestly, I don’t think this is Tyanna’s best performance. In fact, it sounds about a half-step off key.

Quentin Alexander – You’re The One That I Want (Grease) – Y’all. Quentin KILLED it. I had chills. They were electrifying. See what I did there? Oh boy knocked it outta the park.

Harry claims the performance was horribly out of tune.

It sounded wonderful from my big, blue, bloggy couch.

Maddie Walker – Let’s Hear It For The Boy (Footloose) – This sounds very karaoke to me. Not good. Not good, at all.

Well, look at that. Kenny Loggins is in the house. I find it funny that not many of these kids are singing along. I suppose there’s a pretty good chance these young guns are too young to even know that movie.

Clark Beckham – Sunday Morning (Cheaper By The Dozen 2) – Clark chose a great song and he sang it very well. The arrangement was good and I loved it.

Jax – Gonna Grow Old With You (The Wedding Singer) – This performance didn’t do much for me. Two words – BOR and ING.

Qaasim Middleton – Come Together (Across The Universe) – This performance is so much better than several that we’ve seen tonight. I’m hopeful the judges use the save tonight. He deserves it. Triple loved it.

Best of the night: Q squared: Qaasim and Quentin

Worst of the night: Toss up between Jax and Maddie Walker

Going home: Maddie Walker

What say you?




  1. becky says

    Totally agree with your top picks. Love the performance aspect of Qaasim. My house us divided on him. Mike hates him — I love him. Could you imagine a concert with him performing. .. exhausting!

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