American Idol – Top 9

Tonight is 80’s week. This is promising!!! As a product of 1973, I loved the 80s and I have high hopes for this to be a great night. As always, THIS is American Idol.

Daniel SeaveyYou Make My Dreams (Hall & Oats): I like Daniel, I do. Sadly, though I don’t think he did enough to stay in the game past this week. Not to mention THE DANCE MOVES, oh my word!!! Just bad.

Quentin AlexanderIn The Air Tonight  (Phil Collins): I think Quentin has crazy talent and seems like a natural entertainer on stage. Not sure what is crazier, that crazy bird nest looking coat or his crazy high-heel shoes. The good news is that Quentin killed this number. I love his voice and I love this performance.

Joey Cook – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper): What in the name of Pete is she wearing? She reminds me of The Tin Man. The novelty has worn off for me. Is it just me or does her hair match that crazy aluminum foil dress? I think her crazy colored hair is a distraction. This is a bad performance. Really bad. Not impressed. At all.

Tyanna JonesI Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston): So this performance is better than most we’ve heard tonight. I skated many a night to this song and I think Tyanna is doing a good job on it.

Jax – You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi): Not impressed. Not one bit. Dang, this night had so much potential.

Nick Fradiani –  Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson): Now that’s what I’m talking about. Nick knocked it out of the park. Love love loved it!

Clark Beckham –  Every Breath You Take (The Police): Ok, I love this song and I love that Clark is playing the piano. I was just thinking it was gonna be hard to follow Nick, but Clark did a great job. This was his best performance!!!! Loved it!!!!

Qaasim Middleton – Addicted To Love (Robert Palmer): I was so glad the Judges saved Qaasim last week. I think he’s one heck of a performer. Just as I suspected, he did not disappoint tonight. Good for you Qaasim!

Rayvon Owen – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears): Rayvon was my pick out of those bottom three. I’m glad he made it through. After Nick, Clark and Qaasim’s perfomances, Rayvon needed to be awesome tonight. Instead, he was just okay. Luckily for him, Daniel, Joey, Tyanna and Jax were worse than he was, so he has a chance to make it through.

BEST OF THE NIGHT: Tie between Nick and Chris

WORST OF THE NIGHT: Toss up. I’ll go with Daniel.

What are your thoughts?



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