Yes To Being Still

A couple of years ago, I had a big, ugly argument with a friend from our church. It took the wind out of my sails. I was so angry and sad, I spent several days in prayer. I remember praying to God while running the vacuum and asking Him to let me know if I was wrong. I wanted to do something. Make a phone call. Stomp my foot. Kick. Scream. Something? Anything! Instead, I discussed the situation with my husband. And then, I waited…

I am guest blogging today over at We Are THAT Family.

Head over there to read about how I said YES to being still.


  1. allison says

    Found you on ‘We are THAT Family – Great post – thank you so much for sharing! I can so relate to finding it hard to be still and quiet, especially when I think I am right. Curious to find out what happened to your friend and his friend?

    • says

      The Lord was faithful. He provided a very good job for “my friend” just as we had prayed. My “friend” and “his friend” decided to go back to SC to try to rebuild their life, instead of taking the job, but, the Lord sure came through as we asked. If you stop and seek the Lord and His will, you can bet the farm that He will come through.

  2. Maureen says

    Awesome post on WATF! You are hilarious and I so appreciate your candor. I too have a temper and want things to make sense…NOW! This is a great reminder to be still and know He is God. :o) (My hubby and I have 2 boys and a boy dog so I am in the all guy club right with ya!) Like your blog!


  3. Katrina says

    Wow. Your blog today was right on target for me today. I have a hard time waiting and being still before God. ‘You see, when we seek God and His will for our lives, we should be ready when He answers. It might be messy. It might be hard. But He will meet you there.’ Thank you !

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