Crazy Characters


The blog is driving me crazier by the day.

Several days ago, I sat down with my computer and pecked out an entire post devoted to the importance of character in our children today. Then, I thought I should wait before posting it. The next day, I decided I wouldn’t post it at all. Instead, I deleted most of it and thought I’d stow the first few paragraphs away for a post I might write at a later time.

And then, I come here tonight to talk about Mother’s Day and I find that my blog has a gazillion strange characters strung about in each. and. every. single. post. and I just want to throw my hands up and go to bed. It is impossible for a person who can’t stand for a bed to be unmade, canned food to be turned around backwards in the cabinets, or towels stacked unevenly to accept crazy characters on the blog.

My friend, Heather has been working on a new blog design and she assures me she can “figure it out,” but honestly, DRIVING ME CRAZY.

Hopefully, you can look past the crazy characters and deal with them until Heather can do some housecleaning up in here.

I had a great day with my momma, my mother-in-law, and two crazy characters who call me “Mom.”

I can’t explain how much I enjoy parenting these two. They are fun, loving, smart, compassionate, stubborn, comical, chatty, and clever. One of them is just like their Daddy. The other? Just. exactly. like. me.

And here’s me with my sweet momma, who has been on a crazy, life-changing, medical journey this past year.

I am so thankful that she is still here with us (Never realized how much I look like here until I saw this photo.) and so enjoyed spending the day with her and my mother-in-law.


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