50 Fun Summer Activites For Kids

Looking for simple, free, fun summer activities for your kiddos this Summer?

Here are some ideas…

  1. Fill the bathtub with water, measuring cups, squirt bottles, and bubble bath.
  2. Pack a picnic lunch and go to the park.
  3. Research a landmark in your city. Then visit it.
  4. Visit your local public library and check out books.
  5. Use sidewalk chalk to play Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman on the driveway.
  6. Teach your kids how to bake cookies.
  7. Hook up the water hose and spray away!
  8. Ride bikes
  9. Visit a farmer’s market
  10. Make a comic book
  11. Play in a local creek
  12. Write a letter to an out-of-state relative
  13. Water gun battle
  14. Tape paper plates to non-breakable objects and use them for Nerf gun targets
  15. Have a sleepover
  16. Play a game of baseball
  17. Have a bubble blowing contest (Use a bottle of bubbles or bubble gum)
  18. Make a packing list for summer vacation so the kids don’t forget their favorite items
  19. Sit for fifteen minutes and talk about something really interesting to your child.
  20. Host a toy swap with neighbor kids (Each kid brings three toys, each kid leaves with three toys)
  21. Rent a movie from your local public library
  22. Check your area for free summer movies at local theaters
  23. Play a board game
  24. Find a Lego creation on Google – have your kids build it.
  25. Visit your local pet store or animal shelter
  26. Go to a school playground
  27. Paint rocks
  28. Set up a bird feeder – try to identify the birds
  29. Schedule a play date
  30. Send your kids a letter in the mail. When your letter arrives, explain how the mail works.
  31. Have lunch at McDonald’s – play in the play park while there.
  32. Play a game of kickball
  33. Watch home videos
  34. Visit your State Capitol building (ours happens to be about ten minutes from our home)
  35. Create a scavenger hunt
  36. Download “HEADS UP” APP on your electronic device and play with your child
  37. Decorate white t-shirts with sharpies or paint
  38. Collect newspapers from neighbors and take them to the local animal shelter
  39. Make homemade cards and send to out-of-town cousins / relatives
  40.  Make ice cream sundaes
  41. Learn how to Geocache
  42. Schedule a play date
  43. Camp out in the backyard
  44. Go on a hike
  45. Visit Toys R Us to get birthday / holiday ideas
  46. Make a time capsule
  47. Go to You Tube and learn origami
  48. Play tug-of war
  49. Make a fort
  50. Attend Vacation Bible School

Have a great summer!


  1. Traci says

    My daughter was JUST making a summer fun list this morning! Now we have a great head start! Thanks for all the ideas!

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