More Medical Junk

So here I am, 98 days before the BIG birthday, and wouldn’t you know, I’ve got another friggin’ medical issue.

(For those of you doing the math, 98 days is equivalent to fourteen weeks. Or, 2,352 hours – YIKES!!!)

When I visited the urologist last month, he ordered a 24-urine collection. So, I’ve been cooped up in the house all day peeing into a half-moon thing, and then transferring it to a big orange bottle that must be kept – get this – in the fridge.

In between the urinating and transferring, I spent the day cleaning my bedroom. I also cleaned out our closet. The fridge. And the freezer. So at least, there’s that. Maybe I should stay at home more often!

The goal of the urine collection craziness is to measure the protein which I assume will give the good Doctor some insider information regarding the likelihood that I’ll have another stone in my kidney. Also, I believe he mentioned something about being able to tell me – based on the ingredients in the sample – foods I should avoid, and foods I SHOULD BY ALL MEANS CONSUME if I wish to never have a kidney stone as long as I live so help me God. Or maybe the blood samples would tell him that. Look, in my defense, the appointment was at least a month ago. I’ve been putting this urine thing off for weeks because I rarely stay home an entire day, and well, I can usually find something to do besides stay at home and monitor my urine output.

I’m hoping they find out what they need to find out from the big orange bottle and its contents.

I won’t even get into the fact that I’m seeing a sleep Doctor AND having an ultrasound this month.

I am slowly and surely falling apart.

These next 98 days will be busy ones. Just ask any of the three Doctors who will be treating me.

FORTY – ready or not, here I come!


  1. Wendy Brooks says

    Oh, Julie, even though we’ve never met and probably never will, I enjoy your blog so much! I was sitting there reading today’s entry thinking that I need to say some prayers for you and all the doctor appointments, which I will, but you put things in such a way that I am laughing out loud! I sincerely hope that all appointments go well, but I can truly appreciate how you usually have better things to do than measure your urine output. Hope you get through the next few weeks and get some answers.

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