Forty Things Before I Turn Forty

Back in 2010, I wrote a post called 40 Things Before 40 where I outlined 40 things I’d like to do before I turn the birthday that starts with FOUR and ends with TEE.

It hurts to even type the word.

Here it is, three years later, and I thought it might be a good time to revisit these 40 things mostly because, well, I can’t really come up with anything else to write about unless you count the incident that happened earlier today when I answered a call from CARD SERVICES and stayed on the line long enough to “press one for an actual living, breathing, human being to come on the line and offer to lower the interest on my credit cards” for the 517th time even though I don’t have a balance on any credit cards, and even though I’ve reported them to the Attorney General’s office for harassment.


I lost my ever-lovin-mind. While waiting to be transferred to one of the interest-reducing jokers, I grabbed a pot from the cabinet and a wooden spoon out of the utensil drawer. When the actual living, breathing, human being (Lord, forgive me!) came on the line, I banged on that metal pot with a wooden spoon like a straight-up crazy person until I heard the phone go dead. It wasn’t my finest moment, but I must admit, for some crazy reason I felt wonderful afterwards.

But surely none of you want to hear about that.

So, here’s my list, along with the progress I’ve made toward it.

1. Give up my love of lists

Nope. Still love ’em.

2. Lose a lot! of weight.

Not a lot, but I did lose about 25 pounds.

3. Learn HTML code.

I’ve learned enough to scoot text away from pictures that I post here on the blog. Oh, and also how to center using HTML.

4. Go to Australia with McDaddy

Haven’t done this yet, but we’ve still got four months. McDaddy, you DO still owe me an anniversary trip. Australia, perhaps? 

5. Get ten hours each night of uninterrupted sleep (without waking to pee!)

NOPE. As you age, so does your bladder. FAIL.

6. See a Broadway Show

NOPE. Still haven’t done this. McDaddy, how’s New York sound for an anniversary trip?

7. Share McDaddy’s love of off-roading without irrational fear of panic attack.

FAIL. AGAIN. (Sorry, McDaddy!)

8. Own a Saturn Sky even if only for a short time.


After five years I finally have my very own 2007 Chili Pepper Red Saturn Sky Redline.

If all 39 other items on this list went unchecked, I’d have absolutely nothing to complain about. It took me five years to persuade McDaddy, but I finally broke him down.

9. Purchase the empty lot beside of our house so that McDaddy can build the garage of his dreams.

Still not for sale, but still would love to have that lot.

10. Finish the basement. I mean completely finished and mess cleaned up!

Ok, so it’s not completely finished, but we are so much closer. Finished the rec-room (pictured below) and toy-room (except for the trim), and now we are working on a fabulous new mudroom.

11. Build a new deck (We need one sooner rather than later or else we’ll have our very own drop zone!)

Haven’t completed this, but we are making serious plans to start on it in the next few months. I want composite, McDaddy wants cheaper.

12. Worry less.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY feel like I am much better at worrying less.

13. Get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

YES! I get a full night of uninterrupted sleep often! Except when my bladder shows it age!

14. Go to the dentist and get a good report without getting the dreaded floss lesson. (Which means I should actually floss each. and. every. single. day. Thankyouverymuch!)

THIS WOULD BE A BIG, FAT, FAIL. In fact, I have a place of honor on the Need To Floss Wall Of Shame.

15. Visit Alaska

Haven’t made it to Alaska, but we still have four months. McDaddy, how does Alaska sound for an anniversary trip?

16. Worry Less

Did I mean to list worry less twice? Lord knows I worried enough back then to give it two positions.

17. Get off blood pressure medicine. This could probably happen by achieving at least seven of the items on this list.

After a bout with a Merena IUD that wreaked havoc on my blood pressure, I am now on TWO blood pressure meds. Thanks for nothing, Merena. =(

18. Declutterize our house completely!

I’m not sure I’d ever be able to declutterize our house completely, but I declutter areas often, so that counts for something, right?

19. Learn how to start the lawn-mower. Not because I really want to mow, but, because it’s the responsible thing to do.

Guess what?

You guessed it.


20. Find the perfect bra. Why is that we can put a man on the moon, but we can’t make a bra for every woman’s size and body shape that is comfortable?

ANOTHER FAIL. Sheesh, I hate bras!

21. Actually pay attention every. time. someone. speaks. to. me.  {Can you repeat that?}

Sadly, the words every and time makes this one really tough, but I do feel like I try my best.

22. Learn how to make a perfect batch of no-bake cookies just like my daddy!

Haven’t done this one, but mainly because I haven’t tried. Why would I chance ruining a batch when I can just let daddy do it and have perfect cookies every. single. time?

23. Read the Bible all the way through.

Geez, another FAIL.

24. Have a really easy, great haircut that is easy to style.

GUESS WHAT FOLKS? I have a short cut and have finally weaned myself away from a curling iron. So this one right here? TOTALLY A WIN!

25. Be free of my addiction of caffeinated Beverages {Could someone warn the folks at Dr. Pepper that in four short years there could be a slight decline in monthly sales}.

Holy Hallelujah, I had no business even putting this one on the list. FAIL.

26. Get rid of everything in our house that has not been touched for a year.

Haven’t gotten rid of everything we haven’t touched in a year, but I have taken countless loads of nonsense to the Goodwill, so I’m gonna make a mark in the PASS column for this one!

27. Let my boys be – BOYS. Without fear of injury or something worse

I must have been under the influence of something when I placed #27 on the list. I worry way too much (even now that I worry less) to let this happen. And anyway, this picture is the perfect reason why I would like to lock both of them up in a rubber room.

28. Learn more about stuff I know nothing about. Knowledge regarding things like stocks and HTML Code could be very helpful to me some day!

Not much to say about this, except FAIL!

29. Cook more.

I do, thankyouverymuch! But the fact remains,

30. Buy flowers for spring and keep them alive all summer by watering them instead of depending on prayer and God to bring them back to life.

I am so horrible at keeping flowers alive, I purchased silk Hydrangeas at the Dollar General for my porch pots. Great thing is they still looked beautiful after our month-long summer tour! So, another WIN for me.  =)

31. Find the perfect purse. I have purchased at least twenty perfect purses, yet, they find their way to the bottom of the purse pile when the next perfect one hops off the rack and onto my arm.

I am currently carrying “THE PERFECT PURSE.” Just ask McDaddy!

32. Get rid of stuff in the loft that we have not touched since we moved here seven years ago. {Anybody out there have a need for old diaries or one or two or twenty backpacks?}

I just told the boys last week that I would be cleaning out the loft very soon. I’m just waiting on the urge!

33. Do every. single. thing. on my long-term To-Do List. Or just shred the list.

Sorry to say this, but I have determined that as I cross one thing off of my long-term To-Do List, I write another thing on the list. It never, ever ends!

34. Be caught up on scrapbooks with NO pictures in the pending basket. After all, someday these boys will be grown and may actually want to take them when they leave.

I haven’t scrapbooked for quite some time. I think I last worked on pictures from 2008. It drives me crazy every time I think about it, because I hate knowing I didn’t keep up with it. I have thought several times about completing digital scrapbooks for 2008 – present. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s a great idea!

35. Think. Before. I. Speak. {Sweet Hallelujah, is it possible?}

FAIL. But honestly, I do try! With age, comes wisdom. Maybe forty is the age I’ve been waiting for.

36. Take the boys to Lake Powell to spend a week on a houseboat. We’ve made this trip twice (before kids, mind you) and it is the most relaxing vacation in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

I was so excited to see a Lake Powell vacation in the Showcase Showdown on The Price Is Right just today. I was reminded that I would love to make this trip with our boys, especially now that they can swim. McDaddy, how about a trip to Lake Powell for a belated anniversary family getaway?

37. Have patience.

Nope. Another FAIL.

38. Successfully back the van into the garage on the first try. It’s been seven years and every single time I back in crooked I think about the fact that the guy who built it, (ahem! Glen) designed it just off-center. I’m sure his botched calculations are the root of the problem.

Not sure I was ever able to do this before we got rid of the van last year. It is even tougher getting the SKY backed in on the first try because HELLO! MUST BE CAREFUL WITH BEAUTIFUL RED CAR!!!!

39. Loose FIVE! sizes. And never find them again as long as I shall live!

Lost three, then found one. Sheesh. Another FAIL.

40. Change my freakin’ attitude about things I have no control over.

I really feel like I’m much better at this. I’m gonna consider this one a PASS.

So, there’s the list, and the progress.

And a big, freakin’ reminder that not much has changed in four years.

Well, except for this,

Oh, and McDaddy, if you’re reading this, you have four months to get us to Australia, Alaska, New York and the Arizona/Utah border, so get busy, would ya?

Look out FORTY, here I come I’ll be there in 117 days.

Not that I’m counting.


  1. Jean says

    Holey moley! What a list! Better get crackin’!
    My list is short before I am 65:
    1. Totally declutter our house.
    2. Get my weight to 120 and stay there.
    3. Be able to sleep all night and stay awake all day.
    That’s pretty much it! I have 2 years and 1 month. Think I can make it?

  2. Traci says

    Great List! Those are so fun to make/read! The last time I made a list like that was for my 30th (two years ago). I resolved to lose 30lbs by the time I was 30! I did it, but those suckers found their way back, and are once again on their way out the door!

  3. ERIKA says

    Hi Julie
    Not FAIL just didn’t have a chance to get to it because your so busy with your husband and kids and the many activities you do with them. 🙂 Oh and hey 4 places to visit one for each month till your anniversary 🙂 and if your at the Arizona- Utah border then you have to go down into Arizona for the grand canyon oh and that far out here to the west coast then a huge trip on your anniversary to Hawaii 😉 yay

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