Three Little Words

I am alive.
Pressed for time.
This seemed easiest.
Kidney stone gone!
Hallelujah and Amen.
Travelling a bunch.
Blog posts scarce.
Summer almost over.
Dreading Middle School.
Makes me sad.
Hitting the road.
Ready to relax.
Raining A BUNCH.
Busy on Pinterest.
Organizing house soon.
Mudroom not finished.
Washer not leaking.
Thankful for that!
School shopping done.
School supplies purchased.
Pulled leg muscle.
Aggravation and pain.
It’s always something.
Getting old sucks.
I miss blogging.
Must make time.
Enjoy your week!


  1. Traci says

    Glad you’re “back”
    Shopping done already?!?!
    Rest your leg
    Be safe travelling
    Mudroom can wait
    Childhood does not
    Nor does summer
    Send rain here
    No more hospitals?
    Need your craziness
    Come back soon
    Bring a snack!

  2. beth says

    Miss your blogging
    You are busy
    Enjoy the summer
    School starts soon
    You are ready
    I am not
    Buying supplies soon

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