The McMedical Mini-Series (Part II)

Previously, on The McMedical Mini-Series…..

I was deciding between, an exploration.

Or a urination aggravation.

There really wasn’t a decision to be made. The kidney stone had to come out. And, as much pain and aggravation as I was experiencing, the sooner, the better.

By some twist of fate, the urologist that I was referred to was able to “fit me in between cases” so I hurriedly got a quick shower, we dumped the kids off with my parents and got checked in at the hospital. That was around noon. Unfortunately, there was seriousness abounding at the hospital that day and so my measly kidney stone removal procedure kept getting pushed back and pushed back and oh my word I hadn’t eaten for 17 hours, let’s do this thing! Still, I was thankful that in a few short hours the kidney stone would be freed from the prison of my ureter.

The pre-op area was a Party-For-One and I happened to the guest of honor. The nurses, anesthesiologists, and even my Urologist were just hanging out in there laughing it up. I was thankful for that. A friend of ours, who works in the Operating Room, came over to check on me. While we talked, he mentioned that when people are having the type of surgery that requires a scope to be inserted through the belly button, medical professionals very often find “treasures” in the belly button.

I’ll give you just a minute to let that sink in.

And prepare your mind for what I am about to pass along.

Which I am happy to do at no charge.


Yes, I said corn.

Just the thought of that makes me gag.

I say it all the time people. This blog is about so much more than just entertainment.

After getting an IV started (and reminding McDaddy of my wishes for a mahogany casket on the off-chance things didn’t go as planned in the OR), I was finally wheeled back to the operating room. I was shifted from the gurney to the operating table and I requested a pillow under my knees. And that’s all I remember until I woke up in post-op.

Fast forward an hour.

I woke up groggy and with just as much pressure “down there” as I had when I went in. I remember thinking that wasn’t what I signed up for. I thought I’d wake up all smiles and pressure-free.  After surgery, the urologist came out and talked to McDaddy. He was able to grab the kidney stone and get it the heck out. The problem though, was that the kidney stone had stretched my ureter. Because of that, I still required a stent in my ureter to allow healing and prevent swelling. Thus, THE PRESSURE. The stent was way up “in” there, and there was a string attached to

Typically, the stent is removed by the Doctor in a matter of minutes days after surgery. As luck would have it, we were leaving town in three days. So basically, that means the stent would have to be removed by someone other than the Doctor. And in my case, that someone was McDaddy. God love his soul.

At no time did one single medical professional urge us to reconsider our vacation.


Nor did it dawn on us to do that.

After sleeping Friday away, I felt better and completely ready to travel. We left on Sunday afternoon and headed North. We drove LOTS OF HOURS before arriving at our destination. Once we got there, McDaddy and I decided between us that IT WAS TIME. I was more than ready to remove this silly thing from my body. I spent quite a bit of time on the road googling “removing a ureter stent” and felt like I had a pretty good grasp (ha!) on the situation.

While I did take a picture of the actual stent that was all up in there (OH YES MA’AM I DID! I also texted a picture to Missy because she expects nothing less from me.) I have decided against displaying the picture here on the blog. If you have questions about the stent removal, or are just itching to see the stent itself, you can go here. It was pretty much a pain-free process, and took about five seconds. Immediately, the pressure was gone and I felt like a new woman.

Which should have been the end to my latest medical saga.

But wait, there’s more……

Tune in next time for Part III of the McMedical Mini-Series.


  1. says

    Oh dear, you really really have been through the wars and it sounds very much like all was not over. I smiled at the pre-op laughter – I have images of everyone being in hysterics as you tell them storys the way you do on here. You are one of the funniest bloggers I read!


  2. Cheryl ellis says

    I have just started following you from Desperately Seeking Sanity! Thank you for sharing with us! I have had 2 kidney stones 15 years apart, but have a friend who has been having them non-stop for a few months! Look forward to hearing more & pray you don’t have any more little “friends”! Your McDaddy is brave! Mine would have sent me to another Doc!

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