One Of Those Days

In between the whining about issues arising from my latest medical drama, and enduring the pain a 3.2 cm kidney stone that’s obstructing a bladder causes, I missed an important date up in here.

I thought about the date weeks ago and wrote a really nice blog post in my head. I even went so far as to make a list of pictures I wanted to include in this special post.

After all, it’s not everyday you celebrate one of the best days of your life.

There have been more important days. Like the day I pledged my love to McDaddy in front of 250 of our closest friends and family in a church with a broken air-conditioner. And then there were the two days when I was in the hospital PAYING someone cash money to make a seven-inch gash just above my business end so that a baby boy could be extracted from my body.

Those days were the BEST and most important days of my life.

But there are a few other days – days not quite as important as a birth or a marriage, but still special – that I will never forget.

I am referring to one of those days.

June 22, 2012

A year later, it is still so hard for me to believe.

It started out like an ordinary day. I tried to keep my emotions in check, but in reality, I was nervous. And excited. We were on our way to a Wendy’s in Lexington, Kentucky.

To meet a stranger.

Who was selling this.

He and McDaddy had talked at length on the phone.

McDaddy had talked at length with me about not getting my hopes up too high because a Craig’s List advertisement can be deceiving.

But lo and behold, the car was ALL THAT and a bag of horsepower.

And a short thirty-minutes after pulling onto that lot, I was pulling out in my dream car.

A car I had dreamed about for five years. A car that I prayed about.

Yes, I said prayed about.

I was accused on Facebook today of being obsessed with this car.

And I guess the truth is, I just might be.


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    WOW! A year! Doesn’t time fly – I certainly would not have said it was a year ago that you picked up your dream car. Goes to show just how long I have been reading your blog as I can recall all the posts about dreaming of owning one.

    Happy Anniversary Julie. x

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