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If it weren’t Tuesday, I’d be writing another edition of “Letters To Crazy People” because I’ve had more than my fair share of interaction with crazy people this week. I suppose I’ll quit the whining and save all that for another day. Instead, I’ll share with you, (all eight of you!) what I learned this week.

1. If the seatbelt in the SKY locks and refuses to come out to wrap around you, it will take McDaddy about 45 minutes to fix it.

2. If the weight mechanism in the SKY seatbelt locks up twice, McDaddy will decide to order a new one.

3. A new seatbelt locking mechanism for the SKY will cost you about $150.

4. It’s not as difficult to find parts for a six-year old vehicle that is no longer manufactured as I thought it would be.

5. There is at least one Doctor in the Charleston area who should 1. hire more nurses, or 2. get rid of the two nurses he has and hire two dependable ones.

6. You never know who you might see at the massage place in the mall.

6. Conchata Ferrell (Berta on Two and a Half Men) is from Charleston, West Virginia.

7. Conchata Ferrell is building a new house about 15 miles from my house.

8. Conchata Ferrell no longer talks to Charlie because, in her words, “when he went off the deep end, he changed all of his phone numbers”.

9. The new massage place in the mall is a great place to get a massage.

10. A seven-year old can have a lot of fun making a scrapbook.

11. An alarm is always best.

12. A dead mouse in a glue trap is 7,514 kinds of nasty.

13. When you accidentally buy cream cheese instead of sour cream for a dessert you are making, you should know there’s a good chance it will taste okay.

14. The word fatuous means silly and/or pointless.

That’s what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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Alrightythen. Ready, Set, GO!


  1. says

    It being a bank holiday in the UK yesterday I sat and watched “Top Gear” with Hubby yesterday and on watching one of the presenters rock the car as his gear box had locked up to get it working again I turned to Hubby and said “Maybe that is what happened to mine that time” – he was unimpressed for some reason.

    Luckily it didn’t cost the expected £300; I may well have choked at the idea of $150 for a new seatbelt but as they say: you can’t put a value on safety.

    Ribenatina @ ribena.musings recently posted…25 years too earlyMy Profile

  2. Jean says

    Hi Julie – pretty cool meeting a TV personality! Maybe you can be a shining light in her life. 🙂

  3. traci says

    I learned that…
    1. Snow in May really puts a damper on spring fun!
    2. I am not sure if I can pull off my first weight goal by the beginning of summer if I don’t quit it already with the sweets!
    3. I love the simplicity of a bonfire, friends, Frisbees, and roasting hot dogs over fire!
    4. It is twelve kinds of hard to keep motivated to finish out the home school year when all the kids want to do is run outside!

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