American Idol – Final 2

So, here we are in this last night of competition.

I was shocked that Angie Miller went home last week. Not necessarily because Kree isn’t an awesome performer, I just thought Angie’s versatility behind the piano would put her a tad bit ahead of Kree.

But lo, I was wrong.

It’s happened a time or ten.

Tonight, we’ll hear the contestants sing three different songs. The first, chosen by Simon Fuller. The next, the first single the contestants will release if they win. And a third song, their favorite from the season.


Kree Harrison – (Angel by Sarah McLachlan) – Kree is singing well, but I can think of so many other songs that would have been a better choice for her. WHY, oh why are we singing such a s-l-0-w depressing song? Simon Fuller didn’t do Kree any favors by choosing this song.

Candice Glover – (Chasing Pavements – by Adele) – First of all, it’s hard to beat a good Adele song. But Chasing Pavement, really? Why not, “Someone Like You” or even better, “One and Only“. I think Candice woulda knocked either one of those out-the-park with her big pipes. She is singing this one well, it just isn’t giving her much of an opportunity to shine. Simon didn’t really do Candice any favors, either.

Wait. WHAT?

The Dawg is leaving Idol next year?


I just did what I do when I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW.

I went to Google. Sadly, I confirmed that Randy Jackson will not return next year.

Dang. Idol needs The Dawg.





Nicki Friggin’ Minaj IS OUT TOO!

Sweeter words have never been typed.

Ok, back to business.


Kree Harrison – (All Cried Out) – This song has the makings of a great country song. It’s country, it’s slow, and it involves a breakup. In certain spots, it sounds like Kree is straining to hit the high notes. Maybe it’s me. Or her nerves. Or my ears. But I’ve heard it more than once. Not Kree’s best performance, in my humble opinion.

Candice Glover – (I Am Beautiful) – Y’all. Now that right there? Do you see what Candice just did? SHE SHINED! That song was a great fit for her and her voice. A great vocal. You could almost feel it way down deep in her soul.


Kree Harrison – (Up To The Mountain) – Kree turned it up a notch this time around. Her best performance of the night BY A MILE. Probably had something to do with the fact that she picked this one herself, but still! She made a great choice. And she sang it very well!

Candice Glover – (I Who Have Nothing) – If the winner was chosen based on tonight’s performances, Candice woulda just won this thing. She was singing’ like she meant it. It was her best performance this season and in my opinion, she just sealed the deal. I’m gonna go ahead and call it right now.

WINNER: Candice


Am I right?

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