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Is American Idol.

It dawned on me yesterday that I haven’t done one American Idol recap this season, and that is unfortunate because I hate to pass up an opportunity to share my two cents. On anything.

Tonight, the girls will perform two songs. One from the year of their birth and another of their choice from an iconic female in the music industry.

Candice Glover – Straight Up (Paula Abdul) Candice was born in 1989. Are you friggin’ kidding me? First of all, I love Straight Up. It reminds me of the countless nights I spent at Skateland shooting the duck. (Those days are long gone in case you were wondering. I would fall over and kill the duck if I tried that today!) Even though Candice put a jazzy spin on the song, I really like it. And of course, she is singing the heck out of it.

Janelle Arthur When I Call Your Name (Vince Gill) – Another 1989 kid. Holy crap y’all, I’m old. In unrelated news, Janelle was born on December 12th which is also Stevie’s birthday. When I heard the song title, I didn’t think I knew this song. But I do know it. I just don’t like it. I didn’t like Vince Gill’s version, and I like Janelle’s version even less. In fact, it almost put me right to sleep. Zzzzzzz. Wake me up when it’s over.

Kree Harrison She Talks To Angels (Black Crows) – Should be a good song for her. Why yes, yes it is. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kree sing a bad song. She is so talented. She holds back when necessary and she lets it rip when it’s appropriate. She is a seasoned performer who always looks totally relaxed and comfortable on stage.

Angie Miller –  I’ll Stand By You (Pretenders) 1994? Really? Dang, I was in college. These girls are babies. Anytime Angie sits at that piano, you can bet the farm that whatever she sings is going to be good. Her and that piano have a time together. I love the piano. I think a grand piano is a beautiful instrument with a beautiful sound. And this gal can make that thing sing. Great song choice. Great performance. As always. My favorite so far.

Amber Holcomb  Without You (Mariah Carey) – Ok. First of all, I love every single one of Mariah’s songs from the 90’s. I had every one of her CDs. (For those of you YOUNG GUNS visiting today, CD is short for compact disc, which is what we had to purchase if we wanted access to our favorite songs back in the “old days”) Oh, and I love Amber’s colorful dress. Girlfriend is tearing this song up. It is a great song choice to showcase her big range, and I think Mariah will LOVE it!

Candice Glover When You Believe (Mariah Carey) – Not a whole lot to say about this. It’s hard to beat a big ballad with a full choir and string section. SHE NAILED IT! And I think the big reason, is because SHE BELIEVES in herself. As well she should.

Janelle Arthur – Dumb Blonde (Dolly Parton) – I’ve never heard this song. And I’m not real impressed with Janelle’s performance. After Angie’s performance at the piano and Candice belting out a big soulful ballad, this performance doesn’t do a lot for me. This particular song sounds exactly like any of the last five country songs she’s performed. Blah, blah, and BLAH. Come on Janelle, change it up a bit.

Kree Harrison Have You Ever Been In Love (Celine Dion) – Kree is two for two so far. Beautiful version of a beautiful song. B-U-T-FUL.

Angie Miller – Halo (Beyoncé) – I was hoping ol girl would sing “Love On Top”. This performance is kinda boring if I’m being honest. It doesn’t do much to showcase her range or talent. (The judges are falling all over themselves, so maybe there was something lost in translation between her performance and my television.) Even still, I believe it’ll be Angie and Candice (Or Kree) battling it out in the finale.

Amber Holcomb What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (Barbara Streisand ) – I don’t know this song, and I think that makes a difference because it’s hard to have a point of reference. As Amber always does, she sang this song beautifully. Plus, she is just standing there singing like she’s been singing professionally her whole life. I didn’t know the song, but I know she sang it well.

BEST OF THE NIGHT: Candice Glover

WORST OF THE NIGHT: Janelle Arthur

What say you, Dawg?

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