What I Learned This Week

I learned a big bunch of stuff this week. And the first thing I learned is that I am the most organized – unorganized person I know.

Like this evening, Alex had a baseball game and I had the next four hours of my evening planned out and it was jam-packed. After the game, we got loaded in the car, and made it to the driveway when my phone rang. It was Stevie’s coach. I am the “team mom” for Stevie’s team which means I keep “the book” and do administrative-type tasks like making sure our team parents cover our concession stand shifts.

I sent out a text yesterday to the three parents who were to work this evening 5:30-7:30. The only problem is, our shift was actually from 7:30-9:30, which means SOMEONE had to cover our ACTUAL shift. And since I live about two minutes from the field, it was easiest for me just to run back down to the field, so that the other parents could go home as scheduled.

Which also means I wasn’t home in time to report our team’s Mission SLIMpossible Biggest Loser points to the competition director. Which means that we will lose points.

It seems that no matter how hard I try, I always FRIG something up. And that frustrates me to no end.

I guess it’s safe to say that I learned I have too many irons in the proverbial fire.

I also learned that an ingrown toenail hurts A LOT.

That’s what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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Spring Is In Full Swing

Spring is in full swing.

And so are my stupid allergies.

They were so bad at the ball field this past week, I was ready to poke my eyeballs out.

With a fork.

Not to mention my nose running like a sugar tree.

Both boys have itchy eyes and runny noses, and I’m dishing out allergy meds like I know what I’m doin’.

Like I said, Spring is in full swing.

Here’s what we’ve been up to the past few weeks (which sadly, hasn’t included a whole lot of blogging!)




And MORE baseball!

Alex got the game ball for two BIG hits and scoring two runs! I was screaming like a maniac! (His team is currently undefeated at 7-0, AND he got his first homeroom Thursday night!)

And then MORE baseball – which includes me keeping the book for Stevie’s baseball team (and they are currently on a 5-game winning streak!)

Which I love to do, by the way!

And on really great days, we add in a side of Saturn SKY

 HOT DANG, that is one beautiful car!

And FUN, too!

That’s what I’ve been doing these days, how ’bout you?

American Idol Recap – Final Four

THIS! Is your final four America!

Tonight, the contestants will sing two songs each. One song chosen by the contestants and another – chosen from a theme picked by America – ONE HIT WONDERS (which now that I’ve heard their choices, I have to WONDER, how were any of these songs HITS and why did these gals feel compelled to sing them?)

I can think of so many songs that would have made this night so much more interesting.

  • Rapper’s Delight – Sugar Hill Gang
  • Keep Your Hand’s To Yourself – Georgia Satellites
  • (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley
  • Casanova – Levert
  • Honestly – Stryper
  • It Takes Two – Rob Bass and DJ E-Z Rock
  • Knockin’ Boots – Candyman
  • A Whole New World (Aladdin’s Theme) – Regina Belle
  • Baby I Love Your Way – Big Mountain
  • Nobody Knows – The Tony Rich Project
  • When I Said I Do – Clint Black

See there? Lots of great options.

And before we get into my commentary about the actual singing competition, I have something to say. Rumors are swirling today about the possibility of American Idol execs looking to replace Mariah Carey, reportedly due to “dwindling ratings”.

IDOL EXECS, if one of you happens across my blog today, I have a message for you. Listen very carefully and trust me when I say this, because I’ve spent many an hour watching Idol. I’ve stuck with you jokers through thick Simon Cowell and thin Ellen DeGeneres, so my opinion should count for something.

Mariah isn’t the problem.

The problem is that Nicki Friggin’ Minaj.

I guarantee ratings would soar if you gave her the boot.

[End rant]

Amber HolcombThe Power of Love (Celine Dion) First of all, the solid white pant suit thing looks wonderful on her. Secondly, Oh shoot, the back of that thing is black. Very nice. But seriously though, she is singing like a songbird. I haven’t paid much attention to Amber up till now, but tonight? I won’t be forgetting this performance. This one performance just might be enough to put her in the finals.

Candice Glover Find Your Love (Drake) – HOLY MACANOLI BATMAN, those are some B-I-G earrings. I don’t know this song. And if I’m being honest, I’ve never even heard of Drake. I suppose that’s because I’m old and out of touch. Have I mentioned those earrings are HUGE? Candice is doing what she always does. She is singing the heck out of this song. I don’t think she’s making quite the impression that Amber did, but maybe she’ll do that with her next performance. I like the earrings, but I don’t think I could pull them off.

Kree Harrison – Hurts So Bad (Susan Tedeschi) – I’m probably showing my age here, but I don’t know this song, either. But the difference in this song that I don’t know and the Candice’s song that I don’t know? I would totally purchase Kree’s song on iTunes and blast it while driving topless in the SKY. That bluesy song makes me smile. It showcases her voice and I think it was a smart choice. Love it!

Nicki Minaj is being her usual punk self tonight.

Angie Miller Who You Are (Jessie J) – Ok. Maybe instead of telling you how many of these songs I don’t know, I should just tell you when I hear one that I’m familiar with. Angie is at the piano (a beautiful white one!) and that could only mean one thing. This is going to be good. I would venture to say the judges will be impressed. As always, she is kicking it up a notch. If you ask me she is heads and shoulders ahead of the rest of these gals. What she’s doing there at that piano tonight? A gift. Pure and simple and wonderful.

Kree & Amber – Rumour Has It  (Adele) – Love, love, love Adele, but somehow I’ve missed this song. I think these two are killin’ it. And by killin’ it, I mean WAY TO GO GIRLS!

Candice & Angie Stay (Rihanna) – These gals sound great together. They also seem very comfortable together – as if they’ve been singing together for years. They are both so seasoned.

Amber Holcomb – MacArthur’s Park (Richard Harris) – Was this song really a hit? I don’t know MacArthur, nor have I ever been to his park. I think when she listens to this performance, Amber is going to be VERY HAPPY that she sang The Power of Love, because this is NOT SO GREAT. I feel like she had to strain to get to some of the higher notes and I wasn’t impressed with this song at all. She could have killed ‘A Whole New World’.

Candice Glover Emotion (Samantha Sang) – She’s singing well, but honestly, I’m not at all impressed with this song. Ol girl shoulda sang (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life. *sigh*

Kree Harrison Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harem) – And Kree does it again, folks. She sings a song that makes me think, “Yup, I’d buy that.” I think Kree has had two great performances tonight. Loved this choice and thought her first performance was even better.

Angie Miller (Is she going by Angie now?) – Cry Me A River (Julie London) – OH MY HECK. Angie is on fire tonight. That song just sealed it for me. THIS was HER night. That BIG voice + A BIG ballad = A BIG FREAKIN’ performance. Plus, she is beautiful.

Best of the Night: Angie Miller

Worst of the Night: Amber Holcomb

Headed Home: I’d have to say Amber. I don’t think she’s quite the performer that the other three are.


What I Learned This Week

It’s been another exciting week of learning stuff. Now granted, some of it is inconsequential, but nevertheless,

1. An ingrown toenail REALLY hurts.

2. It is never a good idea to place an unzipped purse in the passenger seat of a convertible when driving. Especially with a purse full of napkins.

3. It is too cold, at 54 degrees, to drive with the top down.

4. My friend Shemar (as in Shemar Moore) was named for his dad, Sherrod and his mom, Marilyn = SheMar.

5. Where there is a [strong] will, there is always a way.

6. 10:30 PM on a Thursday is the ideal time to visit the Mart of Walls.

7. I will never get tired of driving the SKY.

8. My child has asked for Funyuns week after week for snack time. I thought he was on a Funyun kick. As it turns out, his friend Parker will trade “almost anything” for a bag of Funyuns. Stevie’s favorite trade is for a Cosmic Brownie.

9. When you replace contact pictures with Shemar Moore and Maksim Chremkovskiy, you will smile every single time your phone rings.

That’s what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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Letters To Crazy People

If you’ve spent any amount of time around here, you know that Letters to Crazy People is a regular feature around here. It also happens to be one of my favorite feature because Letters To Crazy People pretty much writes itself. Rest assured, there are some crazy people out there. And what’s crazier is that I seem to encounter more than my share of the crazy people.


Dear Dancing With The Stars Powers That Be,

Dancing With the Stars is just not the same without my boyfriend, Maksim shakin’ his money-maker. You need to get him back. PRONTO.


A loyal DWTS Fan


Dear Crazy Dad At The Ball Field,

Your kid is 10. As in TEN YEARS OLD. He is not playing for the New York Yankees. He is not making a gazillion dollars. Give it a friggin’ rest and enjoy the game.

Shakin’ My Head,

The Nosey Bookkeeper


Dear Grocery Store Bagger Boy,

Perhaps you should go back and retake the “how to bag” course. Eggs, in case you are confused, should be placed in a bag by themselves, or at the very most with a loaf of bread. They have no business being bagged with a 5-pound pot-roast and can of corn.

Come On Now,

The aggravated lady at register 3


Dear Friends of Mine,

If you call my phone frequently, your contact picture has probably been replaced with one of Shemar Moore, Maksim Chmerkovskiy or Derek Hough. Yes, I realize that makes me a crazy person.

And yes, you can ask to see who comes up when you call.

You’re Welcome!



Dear Baseball Bling Flip-Flop Place,

When I order a pair of baseball bling flip flops from your website, I expect to get what I pay for. Black, flat flip-flops are not the same as brown flip-flops with a heel. And I was so friggin’ excited to get them.


A Disappointed Customer


Dear Crazy Lady On Facebook,

It dawned on me the other day that I haven’t seen you and your new man’s mug plastered all over my Facebook feed in weeks. I was surprised to find out you had “defriended” me. Do you know how hard it is to nose in someone’s business when you do that?

No, I didn’t think so.

No Longer Up In Your Bidness,

Nosey McRosey


Dear Julie,

You have no business buying Funyuns or Fudge Rounds while in the midst of a Biggest Loser competition.

You know better than that nonsense,

Team Black “Weapons Of Mass Reduction” Captain


Dear Stevie and Alex,

Hurry up and eat the stupid Fudge Rounds. And before you ask, NO, WE ARE NOT BUYING MORE.


Your Mother


Dear SAMS,

I was just wondering if I could buy a single earring. I received a beautiful pair of hoops from there for Christmas. Then I lost one.

Crossing My Fingers,

The lady with one earring


Dear Si Robertson,

If ever there was a crazy person on the planet, it is you, pal. You have provided me with many-a-laugh, and I appreciate it!


The Gal Who Peed Her Pants


What would your letter to a crazy person say today?

American Idol – Top 5


Is American Idol.

It dawned on me yesterday that I haven’t done one American Idol recap this season, and that is unfortunate because I hate to pass up an opportunity to share my two cents. On anything.

Tonight, the girls will perform two songs. One from the year of their birth and another of their choice from an iconic female in the music industry.

Candice Glover – Straight Up (Paula Abdul) Candice was born in 1989. Are you friggin’ kidding me? First of all, I love Straight Up. It reminds me of the countless nights I spent at Skateland shooting the duck. (Those days are long gone in case you were wondering. I would fall over and kill the duck if I tried that today!) Even though Candice put a jazzy spin on the song, I really like it. And of course, she is singing the heck out of it.

Janelle Arthur When I Call Your Name (Vince Gill) – Another 1989 kid. Holy crap y’all, I’m old. In unrelated news, Janelle was born on December 12th which is also Stevie’s birthday. When I heard the song title, I didn’t think I knew this song. But I do know it. I just don’t like it. I didn’t like Vince Gill’s version, and I like Janelle’s version even less. In fact, it almost put me right to sleep. Zzzzzzz. Wake me up when it’s over.

Kree Harrison She Talks To Angels (Black Crows) – Should be a good song for her. Why yes, yes it is. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kree sing a bad song. She is so talented. She holds back when necessary and she lets it rip when it’s appropriate. She is a seasoned performer who always looks totally relaxed and comfortable on stage.

Angie Miller –  I’ll Stand By You (Pretenders) 1994? Really? Dang, I was in college. These girls are babies. Anytime Angie sits at that piano, you can bet the farm that whatever she sings is going to be good. Her and that piano have a time together. I love the piano. I think a grand piano is a beautiful instrument with a beautiful sound. And this gal can make that thing sing. Great song choice. Great performance. As always. My favorite so far.

Amber Holcomb  Without You (Mariah Carey) – Ok. First of all, I love every single one of Mariah’s songs from the 90’s. I had every one of her CDs. (For those of you YOUNG GUNS visiting today, CD is short for compact disc, which is what we had to purchase if we wanted access to our favorite songs back in the “old days”) Oh, and I love Amber’s colorful dress. Girlfriend is tearing this song up. It is a great song choice to showcase her big range, and I think Mariah will LOVE it!

Candice Glover When You Believe (Mariah Carey) – Not a whole lot to say about this. It’s hard to beat a big ballad with a full choir and string section. SHE NAILED IT! And I think the big reason, is because SHE BELIEVES in herself. As well she should.

Janelle Arthur – Dumb Blonde (Dolly Parton) – I’ve never heard this song. And I’m not real impressed with Janelle’s performance. After Angie’s performance at the piano and Candice belting out a big soulful ballad, this performance doesn’t do a lot for me. This particular song sounds exactly like any of the last five country songs she’s performed. Blah, blah, and BLAH. Come on Janelle, change it up a bit.

Kree Harrison Have You Ever Been In Love (Celine Dion) – Kree is two for two so far. Beautiful version of a beautiful song. B-U-T-FUL.

Angie Miller – Halo (Beyoncé) – I was hoping ol girl would sing “Love On Top”. This performance is kinda boring if I’m being honest. It doesn’t do much to showcase her range or talent. (The judges are falling all over themselves, so maybe there was something lost in translation between her performance and my television.) Even still, I believe it’ll be Angie and Candice (Or Kree) battling it out in the finale.

Amber Holcomb What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (Barbara Streisand ) – I don’t know this song, and I think that makes a difference because it’s hard to have a point of reference. As Amber always does, she sang this song beautifully. Plus, she is just standing there singing like she’s been singing professionally her whole life. I didn’t know the song, but I know she sang it well.

BEST OF THE NIGHT: Candice Glover

WORST OF THE NIGHT: Janelle Arthur

What say you, Dawg?

What I Learned This Week

Man, what a day it has been. I started the day off posting on my Facebook about McDaddy’s brother, Dave running the Boston Marathon. His personal goal was to finish under 2:30.

2:30 – as in two hours and thirty minutes.

26 miles.


That seems crazy to me because it would take me four days to WALK twenty-six miles, but then again I haven’t trained and logged 1,000 miles since January 1st either.

My brother-in-law, Dave has. In fact, it’s hard to tell how many miles he’s logged since he began running in 1997. I would be interested to know.


Like I mentioned earlier, he had a personal goal of 2:30. I was elated when my mother-in-law texted to let us know that he finished the marathon with a time of 2:29:49. He placed 80th out of 24,622 runners. God is so good!

So that means that sometime around 12:30 PM EST, Dave crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon with his second best marathon time ever. Our family was texting and sending screen shots of his rankings and praising God that he ran so well. I went to pick up the boys at school and then we spent a sweet forever in the grocery store because the cupboards were bare and I’m expected to cook up in here at least a couple times each week.

As the boys and I were carrying groceries into the house, my phone was blowing up. Facebook messages, texts, voice mails, phone calls and Facebook posts asking if Dave was ok.

You see, I had no idea that there had been two explosions at the finish line. I also had no idea if Dave had stuck around after the race or if he was running a cool-down or if he was back in New Hampshire at my sister-in-law’s house where he and his wife were staying.

Thankfully, he and his wife, along with McDaddy’s sister and her son were in the car headed back to New Hampshire at the time of the explosion. And hours later, we learned that our brother-in-law (who works in Boston) was home safe and sound after being on lock-down in his office building.


You can’t know how thankful I am that our family is safe. We are so blessed and I have thanked the Lord over and over for his protection. Life is fragile and can change in an instant.

That’s what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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What I Learned This Week

I seem to be getting into a Monday / Tuesday blogging groove. I need to get back on the bloggy wagon and check in here on a more frequent basis. If you know me IRL you know I have plenty to say.

And today, I’d like to say a little about what I learned this week.

1. I will never hear “A Thousand Years” without crying.

2. It is tough to see past what is going on right now.

3. Ordering shoes online is exciting.

4. It takes six days for a pair of shoes to travel from California to West Virginia on a UPS truck.

5. No matter how many vehicles we own, McDaddy will always be shopping for the next one.

6. When you refer to your husband as McDaddy on your blog and REAL, LIVING, BREATHING people read the blog, it is inevitable that someone will call him McDaddy in public.

7. It takes everything in me to set an alarm clock after ten days of spring break.

8. Something as simple as walking should never be taken for granted.

9. When you have hamsters in your house, it is normal to dream about them being loose in your house.

10. It is totally possible for a seven-year old to get a blister on his finger and have no idea how it got there.

11. This new laptop and its finicky operating system frustrates me.

That’s what I learned this week.

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Mission SLIMpossible Update


It dawned on me this evening that I have been so wrapped up in the goings-on of this household that I left y’all hanging on our Mission SLIMpossible contest.

In case you just tuned in to this show, Mission SLIMpossible is an eight-week weight loss challenge I joined back in January, along with 108 others. Each of us paid $20.00 to join the contest. On the first day, we were weighed and measured (chest, hips and waist). We were given a packet of papers with the rules, weight-loss tips, and a weekly point calculation sheet that looked like this.

I carried that thing around in my purse for weeks to make tracking my daily points easier.

There were many-a-day that my desire to fill in the box with points trumped any excuse I had for not completing my daily workout, so for me, the point sheets were a huge help, even though the points weren’t a requirement for the competition.

I am so pleased to announce that in the span of eight short weeks, I lost

  • 1 inch in my chest
  • 2 inches in my waist
  • AND A BIG WHOPPIN’ 6.5 inches in my hips


I lost a total of 8.2 pounds in eight weeks.

We were asked to bring the equivalent of our weight loss in canned food for a local food pantry.

This was my contribution:

Doesn’t look like a whole lot, but try carrying that mess from the kitchen to the bathroom scale and you’ll change your tune. That’s quite a load.

I was proud of my 8.2 pound loss, but I didn’t stand a chance of winning the $600. grand prize, because the biggest loser lost FORTY FRIGGIN POUNDS.

In eight weeks.

Best I can figure, that’s almost ONE POUND A DAY.


I enjoy Mexican food (and Chilis and chocolate and bread) way too much to lose a pound a day.

Still, I had a great time and met some great people.

The very best news is that I didn’t stop losing at the end of the competition.

It has now been 12 weeks since we first started Mission SLIMpossible. I am so pleased to report that I am down a total of 25.6 pounds. That’s more than three times the amount of canned food you see up there. The even better news is that we are starting a second phase of Mission SLIMpossible this weekend.

I plan to continue this journey and hope to lose at least 10 more pounds in the next eight weeks.

I’ll try to do a better job of keeping y’all posted.

This was our finale.

And this was my friend Tracy announcing the winners.

Tracy, if by chance you stop by FITP, Inc., I’d like to say thanks (and my pants do, too!) for all of your hard work and dedication in organizing this thing. I had a great time!

What I Learned This Week

It is spring break week. That means I shouldn’t have to set a stupid alarm clock. And yes, my alarm clock is stupid. I’ve actually been using my iPhone alarm instead of my alarm clock because when the electric flickers here at the McResidence (which is often!), my alarm clock decides to go nine kinds of crazy and switches itself to Pacific time. You would think a living, breathing, human being could override that setting on an alarm clock, but all I can tell you is – that I can’t.

Unfortunately though, I did have to get up and make myself presentable at an early hour because another SEARS repairman was scheduled to come out and repair our leaky four-month old fancy front loading Kenmore Elite washing machine.

I was hoping the third time would be a charm, but alas, it was not. Instead of actually finding the source of the leak, the repairman asked if the boys ever use bubble bath. When I confirmed that yes, we sometimes use bubble bath, he suggested that the leak might be due to bubble bath residue on towels.

Far fetched if you ask me, but what do I know?

One thing I DO know is that a FOUR MONTH OLD THOUSAND DOLLAR WASHING MACHINE shouldn’t be leaking.

Hallelujah and Amen.

Another thing I know is that I should not be expected to pay a $103.88 repair bill just because the repair guy can’t find the source of the leak – especially after the leak has ruined carpet in our house. Not cool, SEARS, not cool at all.

And here’s what else I learned this week…

1. There are people out there who actually eat squirrel brains.

2. An eight-pound ham would seem like a small ham if all other hams in the meat case were larger than twelve pounds.

3. An eight-pound ham is a BIG HAM.

4. It is possible for my ten-year-old to travel with the school OUT OF STATE and return safe and sound. (Thank you, Jesus!)

5. Del Monte green beans has the absolute most annoying commercial on national television right now.

6. It has been so long since I’ve watched live television, I’ve forgotten how bad I hate commercials.

7. Cold chocolate pudding feels good to a sore throat.

8. Once diagnosed with Flu B, you should go ahead and buy stock in Kleenex.

9. When you make a call to your Doctor at 9:30 in the AM, and you don’t hear from them by 3:30 in the PM, you should call them back.

10. A Whoopee cushion doesn’t last long around a certain seven-year-old.

11. NIKE dot com needs to add some decent shoes to their website.

12. I find it nearly impossible to use a SOFT toothbrush.

13. I am SO READY for spring.

That’s what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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