What I Learned This Week

It has been a crazy, busy, yucky day. And that’s after a crazy, busy, yucky week. And now, here I sit two hours before bedtime with a headache from you-know-where. If I were a bettin’ woman, I’d bet the farm that this pain in my head is directly correlated to the stress in my heart.

Because I am having difficulty concentrating this is going to be a short post.

Here are a few important lessons I learned this week.

1. You just never know what people have going on. Appearances can be very deceiving.

2. A headache makes it tough to concentrate on a blog post.

3. My face and neck produce an insane amount of heat and turn blood-red when I am flip-hoppin’ mad.

4. There’s a good chance that an insane amount of heat on my face and neck area cause a headache from you-know-where.

5. The older I get, the less patience I have.

That’s what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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3. Then visit the other participants and see what they learned this week.

Alrightythen. Ready, Set, GO!


  1. ERIKA says

    Hey your suppose to have more patience the older you get. You got to Let go let God, and just let some stuff go that its not worth get stresesed. Hugs to you Julie praying for you. Remember your a strong christian woman that has God always there for you and your the great woman behind the man who serves his country proundly.

    God bless you

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