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For years, my mother-in-law has left comments here on the blog encouraging me to write a book. That thought makes me giggle because seriously, who in the heck – besides the mother-in-law (and probably my parents) – would buy a book written by a loud-mouth crazy person.

I can think of maybe three of you out there.

In honor and celebration of her first book Sparkly Green Earrings debuting at #27 on this week’s New York Times Best Seller list my friend Melanie is hosting a give-away over at her place – for what else? – sparkly green earrings, of course!

When I read about Big Mama’s giveaway I began to ponder titles for my first book. I’ve got strong opinions on an array of topics, so that means the writing possibilities are endless. In honor of thinking about writing my first book, here are 10 books that I could write, with confidence.

1. Organization: Be the most unorganized, organized person you know.

2. Powers of Persuasion: How to talk your husband into just about anything.

3. Getting to [REALLY] Know Your iPhone.

4. Beating The Clutter Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

5. Talking Is My Gift

6. 40 and Fabulous! (It would take me at least a year to write it, right?)

7. Sounds In The Night – Dealing With A Travelling Spouse

8. My Time In Jail – A Memoir

9. Does A Stay At Home Mom Have To Stay At Home?

10. What I Did Before Facebook.

Any of these sound like a best seller to you?


  1. says

    Okay, there must be something *very* special about this book(Sparkly Green Earrings). The wife of my husband’s co-worker recently posted on her FB page that the author was in a Texas B&N signing her book and did any of her Texas friends live close. No one responded, so I called the store(I work at my local B&N) and asked if there was any way Melanie could sign the book and send it to me so I could give it to her. She did, and I thought it was amazing!
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  2. Wendy Brooks says

    I would buy your book if you write one! I vote for My Time In Jail – A Memoir. I would love to hear about those experiences. You might want to change the names of the people in the book to protect the . . . not-so-innocent!

  3. says

    I would definitely buy any book you wrote; I think you are hilarious. I think you should get right to it.

    A prison memoir would be great!

    Sounds in the night – I know how that feels! Years ago, all alone in my mum’s house I could hear a ticking and managed to convince myself it must be a bomb. Why I thought it would be a great idea to go and look for it to confirm my theory I will never know but so glad that I did – turned out it was the cuckoo clock!
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