Long Shots

We arrived home from Florida around 6:30 PM last night. We made the twelve hour trip in one day with minimum whining. (And I should take this opportunity to say that it’s not normally the kids who whine on long trips, ahem…) The boys started back to school today which meant my stupid alarm clock went off at the butt-crack o’ dawn, but since McDaddy had the day off, he agreed to take the boys to school allowing me to go back to bed after I got the boys up and made breakfast this morning. Glory hallelujer, is it summertime yet?

I would like to say that I took down all manner of Christmas today, but instead, I spent the day at the hospital with my granny and in the meantime, our Christmas tree is right here spinning as it has for the last four weeks. I don’t typically say much about my extended family on the blog because not everyone approves of having their business splayed out on the internet for just anyone to read, but I am mentioning this bit about my granny, because you should never take your health for granted.

Granny is my last living grandparent, and she hit a rough patch the first week in December. An annual checkup resulted in a fast-pass to the ER where she did not pass go or collect two hundred dollars. Since then, she has been poked and prodded and tested and pushed. She has some medical issues that will require serious attention, and I would appreciate your prayers for her.

I was surprised to discover that I only posted 13 times in the month of December it is January. The month of December was nothing but a whirlwind. Between the boys contracting the stupid flu, my granny being in the hospital, running Santa’s workshop at the school, McDaddy being gone two weeks out of the month, and us leaving the day after Christmas for Florida, I have been running around like a crazy person. I am hoping for a much quieter, slower January.

I have signed up for a Biggest Loser competition that kicks off this weekend. The winner will take home 75% of the $1,200. pot. With sixty people vying for the top prize over a period of six weeks, winning might be a long shot, but I’m sure excited about joining in the trash talk fun. My two biggest changes will include ditching my beloved coca cola classic, and walking at least 30 minutes a day. I suspect clearing out the Peanut Butter Lindor truffles might help out, too! Have you ever sunk your teeth into one of those suckers? Sweet holy Moses, THE STINKIN’ SMOOTHNESS is delightful. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. And LORD HAVE MERCY, please be with me and anyone coming into contact with me during this time of separation from coca cola classic.

Amen. And amen.

And I could probably get Christmas decor down faster if I’d ditch the GEMS with friends APP on my phone which I have become addicted to over the past few weeks. Do you play GEMS? If so, look me up at JulieWV and lets throw down in between taking my Christmas tree down.

A Facebook friend posted a link to a beautiful blog post last night. It’s called “Five Reasons I Am Smiling In This Picture” and the words resonated with me. They are definitely words worth remembering. I read the post late last night. And then I cried. And then I read it to McDaddy on the way to church this evening, and I cried again. I am a big cry-baby, and I’m gonna try really hard to keep the deployment prattle to a minimum around here.

But you realize that the words me and prattle and minimum are rarely used in the same sentence, so that’s probably a long shot, too.

Happy Thursday, y’all!


  1. Sara says

    We start our Biggest Loser at work on Monday. Lots of trash talking going on already… we shall see.

    Saying prayers for your Granny. Complete and quick healing. Peace and Joy for her and your family.

    I haven’t gotten my tree down either. I really should…yep.

    Have a great day Julie!

  2. says

    I read that post from your link on facebook – amazing faith – tried to comment but failed! – I’ll try again 🙂

    We head to Florida in 5 WEEKS – any recommedations for great family friendly restaurants?

    Happy New Year – and hugs and prayers for your granny
    Janmary, N Ireland recently posted…A New Year!My Profile

  3. Jean says

    Please keep us posted on your Granny. 🙁 Praying for you and your family. It’s still too quiet here – and no Legos on the floor! :’-(
    We did find one little Lego – holding it for you. 😉

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