The Big Three Nine

December 11th.

Today is my birthday.

This is a big one.

It is the great big THREE NINE.

That means that next year on this day in December, I’ll be choking out the words FOR. TY.

Holy heck.

And I realize that I have 364 days before I need to worry about that, but why would I wait when I can worry about it today? If I didn’t have unexplained aches and stray strands of gray on top of my head, I honestly wouldn’t mind the whole FOR. TY. thing, because most days I still feel like I’m 26 again. But then there are days when my eczema of the inner ear flares up, my knees pop and crack when I walk up stairs, and I can’t seem to remember the month, much less the date, and I think to myself, man, it sucks to get old.

But I suppose it beats the alternative.

McDaddy had the day off, and on days when he works at home or takes a vacation day, he takes the boys to school and allows me to sleep in, and when that happens, the angels sing, the harps play and crickets chirp. because I am all about sleeping past my normal 6:40 IN THE AM, especially since I stay up way too late most nights watching Criminal Minds reruns.

After waking at 9:30, McDaddy and I had breakfast together and then went to visit my sweet granny who is finally home after a week-long stay in the hospital. As we were preparing to leave, the NEWS interrupted The Young and the Restless, and we were shocked to hear that there had been a natural gas pipeline explosion less than three miles from our home.

You can watch coverage of that, right here.


My heart sank and the crazy kicked in.

McDaddy and I high-tailed it out the door and headed toward home. The radio was reporting that interstates in our area and also that the main road that runs  through our community was also closed. When we arrived at the road-block, tears filled my eyes and I was so very thankful that McDaddy was calm and in charge. He turned the car around and took a back-road that I didn’t even know existed. In less than thirty minutes we were taking a road that landed us at the end of our street. State troopers were parked there and would not allow us to turn left to get to the elementary school. They would however, allow us to drive straight through the light toward our house. We parked the car and walked the half-mile to the school to get the kids. I wanted to hug them. And hold them. And hear them argue. And hear them laugh. It was 36 degrees outside, but my insides were burning. I was scared and anxious and hoping against all hope that the school would release the boys, because by this time the radio was reporting that our area schools were sheltering-in-place which usually means doors locked – no one in and no one out.

Thankfully, we were able to sign the boys out and I haven’t ever been so happy to see their sweet faces. As we walked to the car, I just kept praising the Lord for keeping the four of us safe throughout this ordeal. My iPhone worked overtime to keep up with the texts, the Facebook messages, birthday wishes, and phone calls inquiring about our safety. It really was very scary, and because the roads were closed to traffic, the children who normally ride a bus home, were stuck at the school until further notice.

After getting all my little ducks in a row and getting them home safely, we did what we do everyday after school. We argued about 4th grade math homework. And nothing made me happier because it meant that we were all safe at home and under one roof, and at the end of the day, math homework is nonsense because I had a tutor once a week for a whole year and passed Geometry with a D- and I while still managing to earn a college degree and run a household even though I have no recollection what the geometric formula for the perimeter of a trapezoid is.

We had dinner at Olive Garden (my favorite!) and finished up the evening at the Air Guard Base for an evening with Santa. I was adamant about going because I suspect we are on borrowed time with the whole believing bit and I will ride that train until they kick me off.

I think it’s safe to assume that my 39th birthday is one that I will never forget. Until of course I turn FOR. TY. and my mind fails to cooperate. Still, I am blessed beyond measure because God has been so very good to me this year *cough SATURN SKY cough*. And even on days when the news reporters inform us of horrific tragedies in our neighborhood, I can always find something to thank God for. Today, on my 39th birthday, I thank God that even though homes were lost, lives were not. And also that McDaddy was off today and was able to talk me off of yet another ledge.

Here’s to the last year of my thirties!

Thanks to all of you who have left Facebook messages, made phone calls and texted to check on us today. We sure appreciate it!


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    Hi Julie,

    Just wanted to wish you happy birthday! I just turned 40 and it is fabulous. Like you I only feel in my mid twenties so I didn’t fret about turning the big 4-0. I held a huge party which helped!

    On another note, I am so happy that you and yours are all okay. I can only imagine the feelings you and your hubby where experiencing and glad that McDaddy was as calm as he was for you.

    Much love x
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