Thursday Thirteen – Observations I’ve Made Today

It has been a ridiculous crazy week. I am heading up Santa’s Workshop and on Monday, I got a call that my granny was in the ER with serious breathing issues. All of this after the little orange thing fell into the motor of my new washing machine. While sitting in the surgical waiting room at the hospital, I made some observations, and thought this might be a good as place as any to share them.

And on top of that, my BFF Becky will be thrilled that I’ve done Thursday Thirteen two weeks in a row.

1. A Baby Ruth candy bar is messy.

2. The pre-op area is a busy joint. My nosy gene was working overtime standing at granny’s bedside watching all the hubbub.

3. Oatmeal, when dropped on a table and left for hours is almost impossible to clean up without some serious elbow grease.

4. I can spend a great deal of time on Zappos.

5. The bluetooth in the new company car is super cool.

6. My fourth grader is spending a heck of a lot of time learning to estimate.

7. Hautelook sends me an e-mail every single day. So does Kohls.

8. Stevie needs a new backpack.

9. I have way too much Christmas decor.

10. My curtains need to be washed. But that can’t happen with my washer out of commission.

11. The hamsters never eat the brown pellet things in the food bowl.

12. There is such a thing as my phone ringing TOO much.

13. I am running out of time to get Stevie a present for his birthday.

Have you make any interesting observations today?