Things Like This Only Happen To Me

I sat down over two hours ago to write this blog post. As I booted my laptop up, I looked around my great room and decided that I could not, in good conscience concentrate on this blog post with this room in total disarray. So, I set the alarm on my beloved iPhone for 15 minutes and I swarped like a crazy person. Before sitting back down with my laptop, I decided I’d go downstairs and start a load of laundry.

We recently got a fancy new pair of front-loaders, and I love that I can wash twice as many articles of clothing at one time.

I loaded that sucker up with all manner of laundry. As I was preparing to put detergent into the laundry drawer dispenser thing, I accidentally knocked a small orange object that was on top of the washer into the detergent drawer. Thinking I scoot the object forward with my finger, I tried best I could to get my fingers underneath the dispenser compartments. My attempts at that little endeavor were unsuccessful. 

When that didn’t work, I decided to carefully jar the drawer so that the object would roll forward toward the front of the drawer.

And guess what?

That didn’t work either.

I decided to look through the user’s manual to see what I could find out about that little drawer. And get this?

That little drawer?

It. Comes. Out.

Well it sure would have been nice to know that little tidbit of information thirty minutes prior to Operation Retrieve the doohickie.

When I took the little drawer out of the washer, I was surprised to discover the whole back of it was open.

And the little orange doohickie was nowhere to be seen. Which means that in my attempt to retrieve it, I probably knocked it right down the water hose and into the machine.


Here I sit.

With only three clean pairs of underwear.

And a very important lesson under my belt.

When you see a small orange object on top of your washing machine and you wonder to yourself what it is, your best bet would be to throw the stupid thing in the trash.


When you’re hooking the washing machine up *cough* and you pull a little orange cap-thing off the end of one of the *cough* hoses, instead of placing it on top of the washer *cough* THROW IT AWAY to insure that it doesn’t fall into the detergent dispenser *cough*and subsequently roll down into the inner workings of your week-old washing machine, especially on a day that McDaddy is working out of town.


Do not get so far behind on your laundry that a little orange doohickie falling into your washer results in a clean underwear crisis

I say it all the time people. This blog is about so much more than cheap entertainment.

Now, what did you learn this week?