Seven years ago today, McDaddy and I were blessed with a sweet baby boy that we named Alex Ryan.

He weighed ten pounds, five ounces and the nurses gave him the nick-name, King because he was the biggest boy in the nursery.

The Lord gave him a cute little blonde head of hair that looked like a mohawk.

Or a hot mess, depending on how you look at it.

And he LOVED his passy, or as he called it, a ro-rosh.

He straight-up hated a haircut.

But loved his passy passies.

He has always been a handful.

And then some.

Full of life, excitement, and happiness.

With a side of stubborn.

He is independent, sweet, fast, and smart.

With a side of silly.


He gives great hugs and loves to cuddle.

And when he gets something in his head, there is no changing his mind.

Which is exactly how he ended up with these glasses.

He is a great kid who is like his mama in many ways.

Especially the side of stubborn.

He has been talking about being seven for weeks and he is so excited about his basketball birthday party on Saturday.

I am blessed to be his mama.

Happy 7th birthday sweet Alex! We love you!

Ode To Sandy

We first heard your name on the news last week,
Snow in October? Holy crap, it just makes me weep!
I didn’t want to think about snow just yet,
With an eye on the radar, I tried not to fret.
Oh yes, she’s coming, just you wait and see
I shook my head in disbelief thinking, how could this be?
You hit us hard, as you said you would,
We woke up to six inches of snow in the hood.
You are a girl of your word, I really must say
I was sure hoping things would be different today.
Without power and water, we packed all our stuff
And carrying it all up our snowy driveway, yes that was tough.
But we’re all safe and our house is intact,
We’re blessed beyond measure and that is a fact.
Prayers to those who have lost it all,
And also to those responding to calls.
Hoping tomorrow warms up and is free of snow
So, please Sandy, please just go!

What I Learned This Week

McDaddy just got a new company car – the Chevy Equinox. I drove it quite a bit last week because he flew to Maine on business. Aside from the fancy dashboard display, I was impressed with its handling and smooth ride. The one thing I didn’t like about it, was the door locks. Anytime I tried to lock the driver’s door from the switch on the door panel, the lock would lock and then quickly unlock. I was aggravated because I assumed the locks weren’t working, and because the car only has 1,000 miles on it. When I talked to McDaddy, I asked if he had any idea the door locks were broken. He told me that he actually set them up that way so that he wouldn’t lock his keys in his car.

I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard because I had no idea you could even do that. I also couldn’t figure out why anyone would do it. Because I have no filter, I responded with, “Well how many times have you ever locked your keys in your car?”

Fast forward to last Friday.

You can probably figure out where this is going.

I had to make a WalMart run, and since it was 75 degrees out, I took the SKY.

After an hour-long tour of the store picking up birthday invitations, favors for treat bags, pumpkins for fall parties, and Dr. Pepper, I made my way to the car. After searching through my purse twice for my keys, I went back into WalMart to see if anyone had turned in a car key.

As you might have guessed, there were no keys turned into the service desk.

And the key wasn’t in the ignition.

So, here I stood, beside the SKY, with a cart full of stuff…

trying to decide if I should go back into the store and check to make sure the key didn’t fall out of my purse in the bathroom.

Instead, I checked my purse. Again.

And then, I did what I do when I have a problem.

I called McDaddy.

After sharing my concern about someone finding the key and clicking the key-fob until my car honked, I decided to just stay put until someone could bring me a key.

McDaddy was over an hour away at a job site.


I called my neighbor, Anitra and asked her if she could run to my house, let herself into the house through the garage, come upstairs to our bedroom, find McDaddy’s SKY key on his dresser, and bring it to me at the WalMart.

Y’all it takes a real friend to do all that.

Twenty minutes later, Anitra rolled up onto the scene. (I just love to say rolled-up!) 

After opening the driver side door, here’s what I saw.

If McDaddy remembered the conversation we had about the Equinox’s door locks a few days prior, he sure didn’t mention it.

But, it was one of the first things I thought of.

So, I learned…

1. New vehicle door locks can be turned off.

2. This is not a bad idea.

3. Be careful what you run your trap about.

Now, what did YOU learn this week?



All Dressed Up

Tuesday is Trick-or-Treat in our city.

A huge storm (Frankenstorm) WITH SNOW is set to hit our area on Tuesday. 

I am nine kinds of unhappy that my kids may not get to trick-or-treat. To make matters worse, the weatherman is calling for snow in October.



McDaddy keeps saying it won’t get cold enough for snow.

I say we better run to the store and pick up milk, bread, mozerella cheese, poptarts, kettle corn, bologna, and grapes. And if I had any sense, I would of picked up a few bottles cases of water.

As I was all down-in-the-dumps about the prospect of missing trick-or-treat, I took a walk down memory lane. Halloween is always such an exciting time for this bunch. We’ve had our Halloween costumes for at least a month, and the boys have tried them on everyday since then. Alex is excited for Halloween because his birthday is the next day.

Can you believe he’ll be 7 this year?

Seems like just yesterday, he was all dressed up as a sweet little lion who didn’t want to sit still long enough for me to paint whiskers on his cheeks with my eyeliner.

 The next year, they both wanted to dress up as heroes. I love that Alex wanted to be in the WV Air National Guard, just like daddy. This was back when Stevie wore glasses, and Alex didn’t.

 And then, of course, there was my favorite costume, The Scarecrow. Only, guess who would NOT, under any circumstance allow me to draw dots and freckles on his cheek.



The next year, they both wanted to be super-hereos. This picture makes me smile.

The next year?

We were on a Transformer kick. 


 Thanks to Lego Star Wars, that was our next stop, though when Alex saw the Hulk mask, he had to have this costume.


That Hulk mask cracks me up every single time I see this picture.

And this year, if the weather cooperates, I will be out and about with Anakin Skywalker and a US Navy Seal.

I’m crossing my fingers that Frankenstorm takes his nasty behind elsewhere, and that our weatherman is wrong. It is way too early for the dreaded four letter s-word.

But I’m preparing for the worst, because that’s what I do…

Hope it’s a great week, y’all.


One Of Those Days

There are days when I sit down with a clear idea of what to write about.

Sadly, this is not one of those days.

I’ve been flying solo this week because McDaddy has been away on business, and he doesn’t like for me to mention the fact that he is out of town  here on the blog, because, you know, there is the whole let’s break in because the man of the house is out of town thing.

It’s a good thing I have the good Lord watching out for me and my band of four because I’m the kind of girl who locks and deadbolts the front door, only to wake up the next morning and find my house keys hanging in the door knob.

On the outside of the door, of course.

And on a totally unrelated note (because that’s the way my brain rolls most of the time) I am watching Criminal Minds. Partly because hello, from INMATES to Playdates and all that, but mostly because of this hottie Shemar Moore.

I have several [read: A LOT] friends who have a crush on Shemar. We text pictures of him back and forth and very often, I wake up to his picture plastered on my FB page courtesy of one of them. I’ve been a fan of his ever since he played Malcolm on The Young And The Restless, and I don’t know which genius thought it was a good idea to cast another Malcolm because clearly it was not. There’s just something about Derrick Morgan and his bullet proof vest busting into a room, gun drawn, yelling F-B-I. Phew doggies, it gets me every single time. And before you ask, Criminal Minds is a great show, especially if you happen to be a fan of people getting shot. The only problem is that I rarely figure out who the unsub is before he is apprehended.

I tested with the Federal Bureau of Investigation when I was in Grad School, mostly because I wanted to be able to flash a badge, but also because HEY, FEDERAL JOB WITH GOOD BENEFITS. My FBI dreams were short-lived however, because apparently you have to know A HECK OF A LOT OF MATH to work for the FBI, and well, we all know that I suck at the Math.

One of my biggest concerns about this upcoming deployment is that Stevie, who will be starting Middle School, stands very little chance of passing Math if McDaddy is not here to check his work. If only the alphabet hadn’t gone all psycho and wormed it’s way into Math, using the name – Alg. E. Bra.

Which now that I think about it, I would say – for me at least – that Math is comparable in aggravation to a bra.

A nasty tight one, at that.

But that’s enough for one day about bras.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. So beautiful in fact that I got to enjoy the SKY today. The bad news is, I read somewhere that we’re supposed to have our first snow-fall next week.

WHICH SUCKS bytheway. Because snow sucks. Especially snow in October.

Oh, and I made the mistake of clicking on a link on the Facebook a few weeks back, and now these suckers show up every single day on websites that I visit. I still love em, and I’m still fighting the urge to click the “checkout” button because they have been in my cart for weeks.

Here’s hoping for more 80 degree days and NO SNOW until the fifth of never.

And a good calculator to help with the Math.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

This, That, And Then Some

This has been a crazy, busy week. After helping to process approximately 250 cookie dough orders and counting more than $35,000. in cash and checks, I am happy to report that this year’s major fundraiser will be concluded as of today. Well, except for the four or five orders that will continue to straggle in more than a week late.

Just when I think I’m ALL done, in comes another one.

We had a processing party at my house on Monday. My dining room table was full of activity.

Around here, the excitement never ends.

And apparently, neither do the out-of-focus photos.

It took a great group of parent volunteers, more than eight hours to process the bulk of the orders, and then we’ve spent probably another three or four making sure this thing goes off without a hitch. For the third year in a row, we have sold over $35,000. worth of cookie dough.

Yes, you read that right.

I was thinking this might be the year that the sales start to dwindle. But alas, that was not the case. My Type-A personality had its hands full this week.

After finishing up my work at the school today, one of my mom-friends and I ran home to get the SKY so that we could take full advantage of the 75 degree day. It was straight-up fabulous, except for when we had to make a decision whether we should eat lunch at the mall or somewhere else. I need to get my wedding ring serviced, so I thought I could have lunch and get my ring checked all in one trip, but there was a little issue last week with the sixth floor of the mall parking garage falling onto the fifth floor of the parking garage, and the last thing I wanted was for my cute little car to get smashed Linda and I to be flattened like a pancake. We ultimately decided to steer clear of the mall, opting instead to eat at a mexican joint, where we solved third-world problems over chips and salsa and cheese sauce.

Later in the evening, the boys and I met my daddy at sLOWES to buy some wood.

After waiting for over twenty minutes for an employee who could actually operate this saw, I remembered why I call that place sLOWES. Sometime this week, my daddy is building a wall unit similar to this one for my soon-to-be mudroom. But first I have to paint 12 pieces of plywood, which is fine with me because I’m excited to get it built and in place. I have been planning this room in my head (and on my Pinterest board) for a couple of years.

I’ll be sharing pics as soon as the unit is finished.

In the meantime you can count on more pics of this sucker, because I still can’t believe that it is mine. 

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

What I Learned This Week


Can you hear that?

That’s the sound of the LAST Presidential debate.

Can I get an amen?

I, for one, will be glad when this mess is over. Every four years I look forward to one thing. The Olympics. I do not look forward to the political phone calls. The media. The mud-slinging. The lies. Or the lies. This debate is a whole bunch of bull. My head is pounding and it’s only seven minutes in.

For starters, I learned that it’s hard to concentrate with a huge head-ache and two prattling crazy people on the television.

1. Stevie has a weekly vocabulary test. One of his words this week is CORD. A cord is the amount of wood that, when “ranked and well stowed” (arranged so pieces are aligned, parallel, touching and compact), occupies a volume of 128 cubic feet. This corresponds to a well stacked woodpile 4 feet wide, 4 feet high, and 8 feet long; or any other arrangement of linear measurements that yields the same volume. In my 38 years of life, I have never EVER heard that.

2. Turning out the light in the living room causes the hamster stop running in the wheel. Sometimes I flick the lights on and off before going to bed just to hear that wheel start and stop.

3. Kindergarteners + Money to spend + Book fair = Excitement

4. Finding a hair in a Ziploc bag full of change makes me cringe.

5. If you open up Ziploc bags and some of them are fused together, you can call the company and they will send you some coupons for free products.

6. If your ear salve doesn’t seem to be helping your eczema of the inner ear, it probably expired in 2011. 

7. Yankee Candle’s Pumpkin Pie candle is yummy.

8. I am getting old and forgetful.

9. There has been no change in Alex’s vision since his eye appointment last year.

You ever asked yourself why a camel has a hump?

Here’s what I learned about camels this week.

10. Camels have humps because they are essential for the camels survival in hot, dry weather where food and water is not easily accessed. The hump stores nutrients and water in the form of fat, which is slowly used up as the camel travels through areas where there is nothing to eat. Once all the fat in the hump has been used up, the hump becomes limp and floppy, much like a deflated balloon. When camels are somewhere where there is food and water, they eat and drink large amounts at a time. Thirsty adult camels can drink up to 30 gallons in one sitting! If they have to, camels can survive about two weeks without ever drinking water and up to a month without eating.

Now there’s something you don’t read everyday.

And now it’s your turn. What did YOU learn this week?

You Capture – Smiles

Most days I am busier than a racoon in a trash-pile. For someone not on a payroll, I stay super busy. Between my domestic duties, the school fund-raising responsibilities, and keeping up with my Facebook Yardsale side business, I am a stay-at-home mom who rarely stays at home.

And taking care of these two makes me smile.

After-school orthodontic appointments

Monday night scouts

Middle of the day pumpkin drop field trips


And of course, MORE baseball.

And nothing makes me happier.

But speaking of smiles….


puts one on my face every. single. time.

This post is linked to You Capture.

Thursday Thirteen – Things I Hate About Facebook

I have a love-hate relationship with the Facebook. On one hand, I spend way too much time on there, but on the other hand, I am thankful that I can keep in contact with out-of-town friends and relatives.

I am so thankful that Facebook wasn’t around during my awkward, teenage years. It is anybody’s guess what manner of chaos I would have been involved in back then. I would love to think that even in the midst of chaos, I would be smarter than these girls today who post pictures while making a duck-face.

1. Which is the first thing I hate, HATE about Facebook – THE DUCK-FACE. Oh my word, I wish these girls would STOP making the stupid duck-face. It is never EVER flattering. In fact, it is stupid.

2. And speaking of pictures, I hate the Nike ones. Why are those things still circulating?

3. When people over-use words and phrases, such as: epic fail, just sayin, said no one ever, and amazing in their status updates.

4. I hate that people use Facebook to stir up family drama. It is inappropriate and juvenile. Keep your dirty laundry where it belongs, OFF OF THE INTERNET.

5. I triple HATE Facebook games. I have no desire to start a farm, own a cafe, play in a smurf village, or try my luck at the slots. STOP INVITING ME TO PLAY GAMES.I have blocked hundreds of games, yet I still receive requests for more. I think it may be time to block people who invite me to play the games.

6. I liked the plain ol Facebook that showed ALL status updates of all of my friends in the order in which they were posted. I hate this new format.

7. Sponsored posts are a pain in the butt. And yes, I hate them.

8.The “other” message folder. It is tough to do business on the Facebook yard sale when some of my messages land in the “other” folder which is apparently not accessible on my beloved iPhone.

9. I like choices. I have grown tired of Facebook’s BLUE theme. I think it would be fun if we could color customize our page. Mine? Would be pink.

10. I hate that I’m not always able to see who my friends are friends with.

Nosy, much?

11. That I can’t always delete posts or comments from my phone. Sometimes it is necessary to delete stuff.

12. I hate that I can’t see who has “de-friended” me.

Yes, I am that nosy.

13. And lastly, I hate that there is not a DISLIKE button.

Because I would dislike at least 11 of these items on a daily basis.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Some Points Of Interest

1. I rarely ever talk about politics here on the blog. For one, I don’t know enough about foreign policy or the energy crisis to stir up a debate, and for two, ELECTION DAY HURRY UP AND GET HERE! I will say this however: If you are one of those people who spout off, calling people close-minded, misguided, stupid or foolish because they endorse a different candidate than you, please, for the love of all that is holy, STOP. IT.

2. For the past three days, ZAPPOS has been tempting me with some great shoes over in my side-bar. It seems that every time I open a window on my laptop, I have some really great shoes smiling at me. I’m fighting the urge to order these even though the last thing I need is another pair of tennis shoes. What can I say, except that I’m a sucker for pink. I’ll take these in a size 9, please.

And now? This exact pair shows up every time an ad pops up in my sidebar.

3. And speaking of shoes, have  I mentioned that I have created a monster? My sweet Alex loves shoes. He has approximately six or seven pair of tennis shoes. He takes great pride in matching his shoes to his outfit. That fact makes me smile.

4. But smiling hurts. When I went to bed on Saturday night, I was happy that the fever blister on my bottom lip was almost gone. When I got up on Sunday morning, I was so sad to discover that another one popped up on my top lip overnight. It hurts and it’s ugly. I’m guessing this is a direct result of the deployment stress I’m under.

5. Have you seen the Ohio State University Band perform their video-game themed half-time show against Nebraska? At 6:36 into the performance The OSU Band makes an incredible formation. As a past band-geek, I have a true appreciation for the work necessary to pull that off. I have one word. Superfreakinfabulous.

6. Our last fall baseball game is scheduled for Friday evening. Wouldn’t you know there is a 60% chance of rain that day. I think we’ve only played seven of our scheduled 20 games thanks to the rain. Rain, rain, go away.

7. McDaddy brought a new company car home yesterday. The 2011 Chevy Impala is old news. Welcome to the McFleet, Chevy Equinox.

8. Thanks to Scentsy’s Mocha-Doodle brick, my house smells divine. I love fall!

9. Maks and Kirstie were in the bottom two again. I was ready to swear off Dancing With The Stars if Maks got the boot before Bristol and Mark. I have to wonder if cutting off the goatee’ had anything to do with this week’s fall from glory.

10. I recently discovered an APP called InstaCollageFree. It is my newest favorite thing to do on my iPhone. There are endless possibilities and all kinds of choices. That equates to many-an-hour spent creating fun pictures.

 And just look how young the boys are in this next one.

You can expect to see many more collages in the weeks to come.

InstaCollage works for me

And now I’m off to fight the urge to buy look at some shoes.