Braces, Bad Perms and Big Bangs.

At this very moment, I should be packing for a camping trip. Or cleaning a hamster cage. Or folding yet another load of laundry. Instead, I thought I’d stop by here to talk briefly about a topic of great interest.


I have never been good with hair. Not choosing a style. Not styling. Not using hair products. Not anything involving hair. In fact, my hair is generally a hot mess.

Here’s a look back at the history of my hair.

I was bald for so long and mistaken for a boy so much, my mama got my ears pierced. (And yes, you can see even way back then that I was a klutz as evidenced by the big scrape on my knee.

My elementary school years were uneventful in the hair department. I had long, yellow blonde hair that was paper-thin. I didn’t know it at the time, but I should have been working with my hair, preparing it for the perms and copious amounts of hair spray what was to come in Junior High.

This next one is proof that I’ll go to just about any length for the sake of my readers and some good blog fodder.

Now do you believe me when I said I have never been good with my hair?

Between the cow-lick and the in-between bang phase, my hair didn’t stand a chance. [Oh, and on an unrelated note, this is a great before shot of my big mouth before braces and jaw surgery. My oral surgeon and orthodontist did one heck of a job.]

What a difference a year makes.

And lets not forget the time I trimmed my bangs (because I want everything RIGHT. NOW.) while they were wet. I kept cutting them crooked, so I kept trimming and trimming and trimming to get them straight. It was on that date that I swore off EVER touching my hair with a pair of scissors ever again. (Sweet hallelujah, what I wouldn’t give for that 9th grade waistline.)

The good news is the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks.

And who could forget the century of braces, bad perms and big bangs.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, I break out the bad-perm, big-bang, big-glasses phase.


Sweet heavenly day, what was I thinking?

The aqua net and I had a big time back in the day. Especially on this day.

This hair era wasn’t so bad. In fact, I kinda like the wind blown look. (This was just after my engagement to McDaddy.)

When the long locks got old, I decided to cut ’em off and try something new.

I decided pretty quickly that orange wasn’t really my color so I went off in search of something a little lighter, and decided that yes, yes indeed, blondes do have more fun.


And then there was a 98 degree day at scout camp last summer when I threw on a visor and threw the flippy sides behind my ears. This was the resulting look.


And when the stars align and the hair gods smile down on me and every hair is in its place and the back flips just as it should, it is a beautiful hair day.

And of course the best picture of my hair is also the smallest.

Here’s to good hair days ahead! Have a great weekend, y’all!


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