Some Things I Love

When I read that this week’s You Capture challenge is ‘something you love’, I knew I wanted to participate, because doesn’t that sound fun?

My favorite Dr. Pepper is an ice-cold 20 ounce bottle straight out of the cooler. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I triple love this monster. It takes the best pictures, especially at the ball field.

I am forever running out on our back deck to snap a picture of the latest sunset. I love that we get to see such beautiful sunsets from our back yard.

Isn’t this chair fun? It’s one of my favorite pieces in our home.

It is fancy with a country feel.

This next one is probably a bit weird.

but I love a good plate a Mexican food, mostly because of the chips and salsa.

In fact, I’d like to have some right now.

This fella is more than just a thing. He’s my oldest child and I love him a big whole bunch.

This shot looks a tad blurry. Either my beloved iPhone camera failed me or my left eye is playing tricks on me after jabbing it with a mascara wand this morning. (My lands, that sure was painful!)

And this sweet little thing makes my heart happy. I love him!

And without a doubt he would want me to point out that his shoes match his Tiger shirt and hat.

Now this next guy – this next guy – is the love of my life.

Even though I don’t tell him often enough, I love him more everyday.

And y’all knew this was coming…

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this beautiful car.

The Saturn Sky.

Have a great Monday, y’all.

A Day In The Life

6:42 AM – Curse Wake to the sound of the crickets coming out of my iPhone, signalling the start of a new day.

6:51 AM – Discuss the importance of a healthy breakfast with the boys, while also explaining that we cannot eat poptarts for breakfast everyday.

7:29 AM – Leave the house to drop the boys off at school. Grumble about the idiots in the drop-off line. For the love of all that is holy, WHY is this so difficult?

8:04 AM – Make the toughest decision I’ll make all day. Should I nap on the couch or in my bed?

9:17 AM – Remember that I forgot to move the laundry f rom the washer to the dryer last night. And now, of course, it’s a stinky mildewy mess. So, we shall wash it again.

10:23 AM – Wonder to myself why I have such a tough time keeping the kitchen cabinet clear of debris.

10:26 AM – Conclude I can’t keep the kitchen cabinet cleared off because I spend too much time on Facebook.

10:30 AM – Text the ball team to remind them of our game tonight. Check e-mail while on my phone and realize I just got side-tracked whilst cleaning off the counter. Again.

11:46 AM – Decide that because it is a nice afternoon, I should take the SKY out for a drive instead of cleaning off the kitchen counter.

11:51 AM – Discover the friggin’ water company workers have cut huge holes in the road at the bottom of the hill, which means there is dust all over the road, and of course, my pretty red car. DANGGIT.

12:14 PM – Remember that McDaddy just washed the car yesterday. Scowl when it starts to rain because he will not be a happy camper.

12:17 PM – Pray for the rain to stop.

1:42 PM – Head home to change vehicles before picking the boys up from school.

1:52 PM – Barely make it into the house and into the bathroom just before peeing my pants. Why do I wait to the last minute to go? My 38 year-old-bladder is no longer up to that challenge.

2:20 PM – Play Words With Friends in the pick-up line before discovering that Houston, we have a problem…

2:21 PM – Sitting in the school pick-up line wondering why people make it so freakin’ difficult. It is not ROCKET SCIENCE people. If parents would remember two simple rules, the pick-up line would operate like a well-oiled machine.

  1.  Follow the leader. But only follow the leader if the person in front of you is where they should be. 
  2. Do not skip line.

Sweet hallelujah, there is nothing that aggravates me more than a selfish joker who skips line in the pick-up line. If you’re not late for an organ donation appointment or bleeding from your bowel, GET IN LINE behind the rest of us.

2:46 PM – Pat myself on the back and marvel that I completely understand Alex’s math homework. For the first day in a week.

3:04 PM – Call out spelling words to Stevie in preparation for the pre-test he will have the next day.

3:09 PM – Spend 14 seconds looking at 4th grade math homework before telling Stevie to “Go over it with daddy when he gets home”.

4:13 PM – Decide that all manner of dizziness is gone from my head. I suspect my Doctor was correct in his assessment that it was being brought on by my attempt at weaning myself off of Paxil, which I began taking when McDaddy got deployed back in 2009. Yes, I am an emotionally needy being who benefits from the little blue pill which is smaller than my pinky fingernail. So, for now I’ll remain on it. So, that’s that.

4:17 PM – Kick myself for taking a nap instead of putting on a pot of taco soup earlier this morning.

5:52 PM – Head to baseball field for an evening of fall ball.

6:29 PM – Wonder why parents let their kids act the way they do. Sheesh, what is wrong with people?

6:47 PM – Scream like a crazy person when my boy is up to bat.

8:14 PM – Make a mad dash for home to get baths, pajamas and in bed so I won’t be dealing with grumpy bears come 6:40 in the AM.


9:47 PM – Sit down with my laptop, iPhone and the TiVo remote to watch The Young and The Restless, and Criminal Minds.

10:12 PM – Nose around on Facebook and remember that the mud-room ceiling still needs to be painted.

10:16 PM – Contact a painter asking them to stop by for an estimate.

11:48 PM – Finally post my daily dose of crazy.

12:14 AM – Head to bed, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

These Two

When McDaddy and I were away at the Jeep Jamboree, his computer was on the desk in the hotel and his screen saver popped up. It was this picture of the boys that was taken in 2008.

I fought back tears as I studied their faces and tried to figure out where my babies went.

I mean, it seems like just yesterday, Stevie was pushing Alex around in a laundry basket on vacation in a Florida condo.

I can hardly remember the time when Stevie wore glasses, and Alex did not.

These boys have always looked up to their daddy, and it is my hope that they turn out to be just like him.

And of course, anything they can pick up in the kitchen along the way from their mama will be an added bonus.

When Stevie was a Tiger Cub, Alex was two years old. As of Monday evening, Alex is an official Tiger cub, and Stevie is ten.

Even on the worst of days, their smiles can brighten a mood. (This picture was taken the day McDaddy left for his deployment to Cuba.)

And of all the pictures I have of the two of them, this is one of my favorites.

 And this one IS my very favorite.

 Even though I am not a fan of the mohawk, they ask for one every summer. (I think they look cute, even with crazy hair.)

 I love these two more than life itself. 

 I just wish the growing would SLOW the heck down. 

 I am blessed to look at these sweet faces and have these little arms wrapped around my neck every single day. 

And I don’t want to ever take that for granted.

What I Learned This Week

For those of you who showed up here anticipating a medical diagnosis for my dizziness, I have good news. My medical Doctor seems to think one of my medicines is to blame. We should know within a week if there is a real problem. Until then, I’ll be praying that the dizziness is not caused by a non-cancerous growth behind my eardrum.

Now down to bloggy business.

1. I learned that the new season of Dancing With The Stars – All Stars started last night. At 8:01, I remembered to set the TiVo. I would have been so mad if I had missed this first show. Thank goodness for Facebook.

2. It is with a heavy heart that I make this next announcement. At the end of the 2013 Maksim Chmerkovskiy, will quit Dancing With The Stars, saying,

“Essentially, 80 percent of our job is to give somebody another push in their career,” he says. “Or we make them into likable characters. But at the end of the day, they go off and they better themselves … I loved doing it. But to be honest with you, at 32, I am at what-about-me time.”

I have one thing to say about that. Before Dancing With The Stars, I’d bet 96% of the general public had no idea who Maksim Chmerkovskiy was. So, if we’re being honest, the show actually gave YOUR career a push as well. Am I right?

3. Even the slightest wind can snatch a camper awning and turn it upside down.

4. It is never a good idea to apply ear cream in the dark. Especially if you keep Neosporin in the same basket as the ear cream.

5. It is difficult to hear with an ear full of Neosporin.

6. I should know better than to watch Criminal Minds before bed when McDaddy is out-of-town.

7. Important papers should not be left to fend for themselves on the kitchen counter.

8. Apparently it is possible to drive for 24 days in the state of West Virginia with an expired license plate without being caught. [And before you get your panties in a bunch, you should know that I have a perfectly legal temporary plate for the SKY, but I keep forgetting to have McDaddy to put it on. At this point, its like a game to me.]

9. The SKY has a finicky trunk.

10. It is tough for me to end a list on an odd number.

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Just Some News

The good news is:

I spent the weekend in this

with these three,

and several families from our church.

And in between all of that, we watched this,

The bad news is:

I’ve been dizzy on and off for days.

And, according to Diagnose Me dot com could mean either my blood pressure is dropping, I am dehydrated, my allergies are wreaking havoc, or I have a noncancerous growth in the space behind my eardrum.

At any rate, I hope to see my Doctor today, and I’m hoping this is something as simple as allergies because Lord knows my nose has been running a marathon for weeks, and has yet to cross the finish line.

Braces, Bad Perms and Big Bangs.

At this very moment, I should be packing for a camping trip. Or cleaning a hamster cage. Or folding yet another load of laundry. Instead, I thought I’d stop by here to talk briefly about a topic of great interest.


I have never been good with hair. Not choosing a style. Not styling. Not using hair products. Not anything involving hair. In fact, my hair is generally a hot mess.

Here’s a look back at the history of my hair.

I was bald for so long and mistaken for a boy so much, my mama got my ears pierced. (And yes, you can see even way back then that I was a klutz as evidenced by the big scrape on my knee.

My elementary school years were uneventful in the hair department. I had long, yellow blonde hair that was paper-thin. I didn’t know it at the time, but I should have been working with my hair, preparing it for the perms and copious amounts of hair spray what was to come in Junior High.

This next one is proof that I’ll go to just about any length for the sake of my readers and some good blog fodder.

Now do you believe me when I said I have never been good with my hair?

Between the cow-lick and the in-between bang phase, my hair didn’t stand a chance. [Oh, and on an unrelated note, this is a great before shot of my big mouth before braces and jaw surgery. My oral surgeon and orthodontist did one heck of a job.]

What a difference a year makes.

And lets not forget the time I trimmed my bangs (because I want everything RIGHT. NOW.) while they were wet. I kept cutting them crooked, so I kept trimming and trimming and trimming to get them straight. It was on that date that I swore off EVER touching my hair with a pair of scissors ever again. (Sweet hallelujah, what I wouldn’t give for that 9th grade waistline.)

The good news is the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks.

And who could forget the century of braces, bad perms and big bangs.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, I break out the bad-perm, big-bang, big-glasses phase.


Sweet heavenly day, what was I thinking?

The aqua net and I had a big time back in the day. Especially on this day.

This hair era wasn’t so bad. In fact, I kinda like the wind blown look. (This was just after my engagement to McDaddy.)

When the long locks got old, I decided to cut ’em off and try something new.

I decided pretty quickly that orange wasn’t really my color so I went off in search of something a little lighter, and decided that yes, yes indeed, blondes do have more fun.


And then there was a 98 degree day at scout camp last summer when I threw on a visor and threw the flippy sides behind my ears. This was the resulting look.


And when the stars align and the hair gods smile down on me and every hair is in its place and the back flips just as it should, it is a beautiful hair day.

And of course the best picture of my hair is also the smallest.

Here’s to good hair days ahead! Have a great weekend, y’all!

Where’d You Come From?

I am often entertained by that little Feedjit box over in my sidebar. It tells me where my readers come from, what search engine they used to get here, and get this – the words they type into the search engine that lands them here. Folks, there are some crazy, crazy people out there.

Over the past week, here’s what people searched for, that landed them here at my bloggy house.

Lafayette, Indiana arrived from on “Who Do We Have Here?” by searching for Amish candles ear.

  • What’s up, Lafayette, Indiana? With the help of my friend, Jessica, I used the Amish ear candles on one occasion. After the candling, my ears felt better, but I’m not sure they really worked. My ears felt better afterwards, and there was obvious, um, nastiness on the end, but sadly, it did nothing for my inner ear eczema, as I had hoped.

De Kalb, Texas arrived from on “Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things In My Purse” by searching for applying hand sanitizer on fever blisters.

  • Welcome, DeKalb! Um, hand sanitizer on a fever blister. Really? I do get fever blisters from time-to-time, and I must admit, I’d try a lot of things if I thought they would work, but I’m not sure about the hand sanitizer. Thanks for stopping by, though. 

Ashland, Kentucky arrived from on “Thursday Thirteen – The Letter K” by searching for Hamor Street Townhouse Flatwoods KY.

  •  Aw, hey there Ashland, Kentucky! McDaddy and I lived at Hamor Street Townhomes (#6 – the one with the wreath) in Flatwoods (Home of Billy Ray Cyrus!) during our first year of marriage. It was a wonderful place to live, and the townhomes, back in 1998 were new. Oh, and on an unrelated note, our phone number when we lived there was 606-836-8365.

Perth, Western Australia arrived from on “One Of Those Dreaded Christmas Letters” by searching for Free happy Christmas letters.

  •  G’day, Mate! I always love to see International Visitors show up here at From Inmates To Playdates, Inc. I hope you found some great ideas for your annual Christmas letter while you were here. Yes, I am one of those people who send out an annual letter every December.

Borger, Texas arrived from on “Who Do We Have Here?” by searching for milia removal.

  • Welcome, Borger, Texas! A few years back, I had (a) milia removed from my face. It was quick and painless, and I was told by the dermatologist that a tool is available at the Wal-Mart for do-it-yourself milia removal. I recently tried to convince McDaddy that I could remove his after watching her remove mine. He declined my offer.

San Diego, California arrived from on “Broken Jaws” by searching for Are jaws broken during embalming?

  • San Diego, I’m so happy that you’ve stopped by. It may surprise you to know that a funeral director friend of mine invited me to watch an embalming a few years back. The jaw is NOT broken during embalming. It is, however, wired shut for all of eternity during the embalming. The mouth is closed either by tying the jaw together with a piece of suture string or by a special injector gun. [Bryan, if you’re reading this, please remember that if I happen across your embalming table that I don’t want to be wired completely shut.] My jaws were wired shut for six weeks after mandibular surgery when I was a senior in high school, and I have no desire to be wired shut ever again.

 Monroe, Louisiana arrived from on “Letters To Crazy People – From Inmates to Playdates” by searching for Letters people have wrote to their ex dealing with his new wife.

  • Monroe, how are you today? I giggled when I read the whole “letters people have [written] to their ex dealing with his new wife” thing. While I write plenty of Letters to Crazy People around here, I don’t have an ex, and I’ve never had to deal with a new wife. But if I were dealing with a new wife, you better bet there would be plenty of letters to her around these parts. 

Florence, Kentucky arrived from on “A Little Bit Of Gross! — From Inmates to Playdates” by searching for How to get my wife to get a little bit nasty but not gross nasty.

  •  Florence, Kentucky, I have no words. And that doesn’t happen often.

Espoo, Southern Finland arrived from on “Kinky In Helsinki” by searching for kinky in Helsinki.

  • Well hello Finland! I guess by now you know that I didn’t really get kinky in Helsinki. In fact, I’ve never even been to Helsinki. In this case, Kinky in Helsinki is, in fact, a pretty pink nail polish color.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all!

Hope to see you again real soon.

OCD with a Side of Crazy

I’ve mentioned more than once that I have a slight – slight – case of OCD. I have no idea when or how I discovered this fact, but I think it’s safe to say, (in the words of Lady GagGag), that I was born this way. It’s no secret that I have a truck-load of quirks, (Remember, I did work in jail!) and I operate best when everything is in its place.

I was standing in line at the grocery store a few days ago, when it dawned on me that I am all kinds of crazy. When the cashier handed cash back to me, I turned it all the same direction before filing it – in denominational order – in my wallet. The gal behind me let out a loud sigh that told me she didn’t appreciate me standing at the register a mere fourteen seconds while I took care of my business.

She’s lucky I had my Women of Faith t-shirt on, or I might have given her a piece of my mind.

(I’m just keeping it real, here.)


Over the years, McDaddy has learned to adapt – and even embraces – my quirks.

Well, most of them, anyway.

He does not however, embrace my love of lighting elements.

1. When I’m at home, I like the front door to be open (saying WELCOME!) and all the lights to be on. McDaddy (God love him!) is a firm believer in energy and HVAC conservation, and prefers the doors and blinds closed and the lights off. (We go round and round every single time he turns off a light in the room I’m in.)

2. I never, ever sleep in socks. In fact, I don’t even really like socks. It would thrill me to wear flip-flops 365 days a year.

3. And speaking of shoes, I rarely EVER go barefoot outside. When I see people at theme parks and public places without shoes, it makes me cringe because that is straight-up nasty.

4. I prefer to drink soda from a COLD 20 ounce bottle. It is my belief that when a soda sits in a fridge for any amount of time, it loses fizz or flavor (usually both!) and is gross. On any given day, there are three or four 20 oz. bottles of coke in the fridge that have about three swigs left. I pretty much have to make myself drink those, and usually gag doing it.

5. As a general rule, I never, ever buy generic cereal or poptarts.

6. Canned foods are lined up with labels facing forward in the cupboards. Same with drinking glasses. I’m pretty sure it’s a sickness.

7.  I hate to see numbers on my badge APPs on my iPhone. When my voicemail badge has a number by it, I have to erase it or it drives me crazy crazier. I rarely ever have WWF plays waiting on me because I can’t stand seeing the number notification on there.

8. I make my bed as soon as I get out of it in the morning. It is something I’ve done for many, many years.

Yes, my freak flag flies high some days.

9. I am the bookkeeper for Stevie’s baseball team. I am pretty particular about the book. Recently, one of the dads kept the book until I could make it to the game from an appointment. Y’all! HE USED A FRIGGIN PEN. Once I got home, I ripped the pages out and recopied them in my writing, WITH A PENCIL. Because of that, there is a running joke among the baseball parents that I am OCD about the book. A fact that I do not deny.

10. It is difficult impossible for me to STAY FOCUSED on any one thing for long periods of time. That fact, makes that baseball book a tough gig at times. It is also the main reason I am up so late every night. I sit down with my laptop at 10 PM thinking I can crank a blog post out in a reasonable amount of time, and lo and behold, the iPhone starts to ding with every Words With Friends play, and that number shows up on the badge APP, and then I make the plays, return to the blog post and then discover another episode of Dance Moms or DCC Making the Team on the DVR, and then the next thing you know it is midnight and I’m over on Facebook nosing in somebody’s bidness.

It is interesting to note that I am writing this very sentence at 1:12 AM.

11. I have about 213 pairs of sunglasses. I wore glasses and/or contacts for many years, so I never purchased sunglasses. After LASEK surgery though, I became a sunglasses buying fool. Although I have several [read: A LOT] pairs of sunglasses, I rarely have a pair when I need them because I often forget and leave every single pair in the same vehicle glove box. That fact drives this crazy OCD gal nuts.

Believe me, I could go on-and-on because my crazy spans for miles, but it’s late and Dance Moms – The Reunion is on, not to mention I’m up to 839 words and y’all are probably bored to tears, so I’ll stop now.

Care to share a quirk?

What I Learned This Week – Jeep Edition

As you might imagine, I learned a great deal during our Jeep Jamboree weekend. And on the off chance that any of you ever attend a Jeep Jamboree weekend, here are some things you might want to know.

1. If you put your top down before the trail ride, be prepared to clean for hours days to remove the stink mud.

2. Or better yet, DO NOT PUT YOUR TOP DOWN FOR ANY REASON on the trail ride.

3. Leave your good camera at home.

4. Don’t wear anything that you don’t want ruined.

5. If you do decide to put your top down, you might consider taking a tarp to cover the contents of the JEEP.


7. Do not wear bright white new-ish tennis shoes.

8. Flip-flops probably aren’t a great idea, either.

9. Bottled drinks are better than canned drinks because 1) they won’t splash out when you’re on the trails, and 2) when they are empty the last little bit won’t spill out into the trash bag.

10. Pack plenty of toilet paper.

11. And speaking of toilet paper… men to the left, women to the right. Why? Because women are ALWAYS right!

12. Don’t just pack the bug spray. USE IT! 

13. When driving in deep water, GO VERY SLOW. Especially if your top is down.

14. DO NOT PUT YOUR TOP DOWN FOR ANY REASON on the trail ride.

15. Pack a change or ‘draws’.

16. Be sure to take your stupid blood pressure pill.

17. If you have an Incipio audio cord in your vehicle, remove it for the day and use a normal iPhone car charger. Otherwise you will be hitting pause or turning off your stereo each time you plug your phone in to charge.

18. Avoid the trees.

19. Read the FAQ’s on the Jeep Jamboree site before the trip.

20. DO NOT PUT YOUR TOP DOWN FOR ANY REASON on the trail ride.

Now, what did YOU learn this week?

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A Bad Day To Be Topless

McDaddy and I typically take a weekend trip for our anniversary. One year, he took me to Charlotte for Dancing With The Stars Tour. For our tenth anniversary, he surprised me with the trip of a lifetime when he told me to pack a bag for temperatures in the 70’s and lots of walking. As it turned out, he had booked two airline tickets to Minnesota and we went to the Mall of America.

My boyfriend Maks one year.

The largest shopping mall in America another year.

It would be hard to top that.

I had been throwing out some hints and ideas about this year’s romantic getaway, and I was excited to see where we’d end up.

Back in December, McDaddy mentioned the idea of the two of us attending the Jeep Jamboree in Farmington, Pennsylvania.

Um, not quite the romantic getaway I had in mind. And I can’t imagine there’d be much shopping there, unless of course you count the Jeep Jamboree clothing corner.

He purchased the tickets, saying that this trip was his due.

Yes, I suppose it is.

I was happy to find out a couple from our church had purchased tickets to the Jamboree too, so at least I’d have a girlfriend to pal around with. The Jamboree was being held at a fancy schmancy resort and spa, so I had it in my head that Kelley and I would have time for a pedicure or a massage. Or both.

That is, until I received this e-mail from McDaddy. Apparently he and our friend Brian had a different idea about this JEEP Jamboree weekend.

Yep…they better get that stuff out of their system!….this ain’t no FRU-FRU weekend…it’s about getting mud on the Jeep…not hotsy-totsy mud baths at a spa….ha-ha


Aside from the obvious JEEP trail rides, I had no idea what to expect. I figured there’d be lots of talk about winches, suspension lift kits, lockers, sway bar disconnects, airing down, high-lift jacks, skid plates, rock rails, blah, blah, blah.

These JEEP Jamboree folks did not disappoint. They mean business. I was surprised to discover that many of the JEEP drivers were women, and even more surprised that there were so many women at the Jamboree.

On our way out-of-town on Thursday, there was a problem with our brakes. Not something you want to hear on your way to the Jeep Jamboree for sure. Thankfully it was a pretty quick fix and between McDaddy and our friend Brian, we were back on the road headed to Pennsylvania in no time.

There was this whole JEEP vehicle evaluation process and following that there was the trail selection process, but honestly, no matter what spin I put on it, I can’t think of one way to make it even the least bit interesting. The trails guides basically spent ten or so minutes evaluating each JEEP, asking the driver what types of modifications their JEEPS had. Then, based on the evaluation, drivers are asked to sign up for trails rated for their JEEPS.

Like I said, boring.

And now on to the interesting part.

This here is a shot of McDaddy and I before the smile got wiped off of my face.

The good time was short-lived.

Approximately 45 minutes into our first day, we came to a big, honkin water hole that appeared to be about three feet deep. When it was our turn, McDaddy put the pedal to the medal and floored it. We barreled through that friggin’ hole for about six seconds until coming to an abrupt stop.

That’s when all heck broke loose and I screamed like a crazy person.

And by heck, I mean this:

and this:

And because I was in the passenger seat, it also meant this:

Now let me ask you this.

What kind of idiot holds her $700. camera on her lap when barreling through a three-foot mud hole with the top down?

Apparently, this idiot.

Why I thought bringing my good camera along on this trip instead of my point-and-shoot is beyond me.

I have babied my beloved Canon Rebel for almost two years. And in a matter of six seconds, the case was covered in mud and the camera itself was splotched with mud.

As it turns out, there is a reason that *most* of the JEEP Jamboree people left the tops up on their jeeps. One would think it would have dawned on us that this was the case before heading out for the day.

As you might imagine, it took a bit for me to regroup after that incident. And if I’m being honest, the only reason I didn’t throw a bigger fit is because I could tell that McDaddy was aggravated about it too. I decided to put my big girl panties on and deal with it. MUD. and All.

When I said I was really wanting a massage or a mud-facial, I was actually hoping to get it at the Nemacolin Resort and not out on the Grinder Trail.

All that mud covering our JEEP, its contents and its passengers was staight-up PURE CRAZINESS.

The motor is not supposed to look like this.

I was not one bit happy about the mud, but thankfully, that incident was the worst part of the entire weekend.

We actually had a great time crawling over rocks, climbing hills, straddling ruts, barreling through deep mud and sludge, and laughing at the events of the day.

The Grinder Trail. 

Thanks to a tree, this was the worst hit that our JEEP took over the weekend.

After a great first day out on the trail, we headed to the ballroom for a fancy dinner. Unfortunately there was not a lot of time to get cleaned up.

As you can see, there was plenty of mud to go around.

As an added bonus, we met a lot of great people and saw JEEPS of all shapes, colors and sizes.

My favorite JEEP colors are surf blue, dozer (think Caterpillar bulldozer orange), Mango Tango Pearl (think bronze pearl), and crush (think orange crush soda).

There is at least one car-wash owner in the Farmington, PA area who’s happy the JEEP Jamboree came to his town.

He may also be a bit aggravated that his car-wash bays were covered in mud.

And thankfully, after a great day on the trails, I found my smile!

And after a good 90 minutes of cleaning at the hotel, IN THE DARK, I was pretty proud of the progress I made on the dash. It is interesting to note however, that McDaddy has since spent at least four more hours cleaning out vents and visors.

McDadddy and I had a great weekend. I hope it is everything he had hoped it would be. 

After all, it was his due.

Oh, and McDaddy, if you’re reading this, it is time to LIFT THAT SUCKER. I didn’t like being told that we “might not make it.”