What’s On My Plate?

It dawned on me at some point this past weekend that we only have five weeks until school starts.

Y’all, summer is half-way over. Give or take a week.

My fellas and I spent three whole weeks away from home. We spent another week at Scout Camp. This week, we’ll be at VBS. We’ll spend another week camping.

Our summer, as exciting as its been is simply flying by.

And speaking of flying…

If you missed the excitement, THIS! – this beautiful car –  is SITTING IN MY GARAGE at this very minute!

And the sucker will FLY!

Now, that doesn’t mean I FLY in it, I’m just saying that IT WILL.

Honestly, I’d love to be able to drive it every single day, but there’s just one little issue.

The boys love riding in it, too!

I have fought the urge to blog about THE SKY every single day since we bought it, because I know you don’t come here everyday to read about a car.


Driving this car is every bit of fun as I thought it would be.

Multiplied by a bunch.

Earlier this week I asked my Facebook friends for vanity plate ideas. My Facebook friends came through with lots of good ideas. My two favorite plate ideas were already registered in the state of West Virginia.


Neither of my two favorite ideas are available, either.

  • SKYLINE (my particular SKY has a redline engine, so I thought skyline was cool)

So internets, I’m asking you, what should I put on my plate?


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