What I Learned This Week – SKY Edition

We bought the SKY on June 22nd. That means we’ve had it for one month. I’ve probably driven it ten of those days. But if I’m honest, I think about driving it everyday. It is so fun to drive, and it will absolutely fly. I DO NOT fly in it because speed is not really my thing. I love that it CAN FLY though, and I enjoy the GET UP AND GO it has when getting on an interstate entrance ramp.

It means business.

In the past month, I have learned a lot about my dream car.

1. When shifting gears, the car makes a sound that sounds like a bird chirping.  According to McDaddy, that’s just the sound the turbo engine makes.

2. The top can be put down in a matter of ten seconds. It takes about thirty to put it up.

3. The trunk is finicky. You must apply some force or else the “trunk ajar” button will come on.

4. The clutch is not nearly as loose as the one in the JEEP. That, or either I’m just not used to it yet.

5. Though it is a beautiful car, many people have never heard of it.

6. When driving it anywhere, you must think about what all you need to get while you are out. There is not room for much of anything.

If you have the top down, you’ll be lucky to get your purse in the trunk.

7. McDaddy’s uncle once commented after test-driving a SKY that you had to fall into it and roll out of it.

He was not far off.

8. The little flag type emblem with a red-line through it lets you know that the SKY has the red-line turbo engine in it. You will not find the flag emblem on the base model SKY.

I felt like a dork when asking McDaddy if he had any idea what the emblem was all about. In all my years of researching the SKY, one would think I would have known that.



9. The SKY sits low. Our driveway is steep. That is a bad combination. The SKY will only go in, without dragging, on one side of the driveway. It’s a simple task for McDaddy. It’s not so simple for Nervous Nellie.

10. And finally, when must have the doors closed when closing the hood. Apparently, this was design flaw in the 2007 model.

Now, what did YOU learn this week?



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