What I Learned This Week – Olympics Edition

I’ve been neglecting the blog as of late.

It’s summer. We’ve been camping. We’ve got family staying with us. And now, the OLYMPICS are in full swing.

Have I mentioned that I love the Olympics? I am especially thankful for my TiVo because it is hard to keep up with the madness.

Just like right now. I’m watching Ryan Lochte swim the 200 M Free. and its hard to focus and concentrate on What I Learned This Week because OH THE EXCITEMENT!

And just hold on to your hats, because after that comes men’s gymnastics.

Here’s some of what I learned this week. 

  • A TiVo does you no good whatsoever if you don’t set it to record. DANG. IT.
  • The Olympics TRUMPS the “no TV in the Camper rule.”
  • If my child were competing in the Olympics, I would not be the calm mama quietly waving a flag in the stands. Rather, I’d be the one whooping and hollering like a crazy person, cheering my baby on. Have I mentioned I come from a long line of loud?
  • I could watch Phelpsie swim all. live. long. day. He is a freakin’ machine. And a cutie, too.
  • Chinese people (especially gymnasts)  look a lot younger than they claim to be.
  • When I watch a female Olympic gymnast cry when she doesn’t make the women’s all-around, it makes me cry, too.
  • iHop makes a really good Fajita salad.
  • Sneezing 382 times in one day will make you want to rip your nose right off your face. Plus, it makes it tough to concentrate on Olympic Swimming.
  • Things can change in a second. (Just ask the men from Ukraine’s gymnastic’s team).
  • A waterfall is torture when you have to pee. (Not really related to the Olympics, its just something I’m dealing with at this minute.)
  • My boys enjoy watching the Olympics as much as I do. 
  • The Star Spangled Banner makes me cry every single time I hear it.
  • There are some vicious critters in the Amish Country. Either I have several really bad bug bites, or several medium size cysts that, according to DiagnoseMe.com could be deadly.
  • A person with dramatic tendancies should not consult DiagonoseMe.com for any reason.
  • It is tough to turn the Olympics off and GO TO BED.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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  1. says

    Loving the Olympics here too. My 7 year old said he would go to bed when the Olympics were over!!!!

    What did you make of the Opening Ceremony? – loved it but wasn’t sure what international viewers would make of some of it.

    Happy camping!

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