New Kid In Town

Dear Dodge Caravan that used to belong to the McFamily,

As I sit here tonight in this warm, dark garage (beside a stupid four-wheeler they just drug in here!) I can’t help but wonder where you are and how you’re doing tonight.

I’ve heard lots of stories about long drives and vacations that you went on with the family. I can tell they really enjoyed travelling with you, and I know that the kids miss you, probably because of your fancy DVD player. Heck, even I think that’s pretty cool.

Just yesterday I overheard Julie telling someone that even though you weren’t the coolest ride in town, your versatility was unmatched. That says a lot for you, especially since these people really seem to like their vehicles. She bragged that she would often take her two boys, three of their friends, (plus their baseball gear!) after a game to McDonalds, with plenty of room to spare.  And who hasn’t heard about the time they stowed your seats and hauled a bathroom countertop in your cargo area.

Well, LA-DI-DA.

I’m here to tell you there’s a new kid in town.

A fast, flashy, new kid to be exact.

I look good up in here.

Now granted, I will never haul a countertop.

Or baseball gear.

Or three friends.

Or even two boys at the same time.

But tell me, am I cool or what?

I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot at this joint.

Seriously, that gal is crazy about me and she looks for any excuse at all to take me out for a drive.

And really, can you blame her?

She still needs some practice getting me in the driveway without scraping my bottom, but a little bird told me that you sometimes got your bottom dragged on the driveway, too. Geez.

Regardless of what you might think, t’s not easy being me.

Hardly anyone knows my name.

I’ll probably never get to sit in the school pick-up line.

I don’t have automatic doors.

The only time my seats are heated are in the the dead heat of summer.

I can’t haul many groceries.

And I often get left behind because of the seating issue.

Still, I am adored here in my new home. I can only hope that your new owners are treating you well. It is my hope that those two little boys enjoy you just as much as these two little boys did. 

In the meantime I’ll be hanging out here at the McResidence making friends and influencing people.  


The bright, flashy, chili pepper red 2007 Saturn Sky


  1. Jean says

    Dear Chili – yes, you do look good. Very good. I have a favor to ask of you:
    If your driver’s foot starts feeling a little heavy, please resist the command to go too fast, ok? I just love those 4 McHumans that are likely to be enjoying your ride – and I surely don’t want them hurt. Thanks, Chili. You ARE one beautiful little pepper. Have fun! You make heads turn – for sure! 😀

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