American Idol Final 2

Somehow I missed that American Idol would be on tonight.

I was on Facebook when I saw all the Idol hoopla. I switched my TiVo over to my daily docket and sure enough, there it was. Sheesh. McDaddy even asked me earlier in the evening if Idol was on. I was all wrapped up in Dancing With The Stars and quickly dismissed his question, and replied, “No, it’s on tomorrow.”

[Hey McDaddy: It’s never a good idea to ask me a question while I’m watching my boyfriend dance, mkay?]

The contestants will sing three songs this evening. I’ll dispense with the commentary and get this show on the road. 

Round 1:  Simon Fuller’s choice.

Jessica: (I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston) – Not a whole lot to say about this performance. Jessica sang well (as she always does), but for me, it is the same ballady performance we’ve seen 417 times this season.

Phillip: (Stand By Me – Ben E King) – I would love to know how the song pickers choose the songs for the contestants, because this song? Genuis. Pure genuis, my friends. Perfect songs choice for him AND  my favorite performance of his this season. I am so happy for Phillip, he is such a great entertainer. He sat on a stool and did his thang. And I am smiling from ear to ear thinking I need to add this song to my iPod.

Round 2: Contestant’s Favorite Song of the Season

Jessica: (The Prayer – Celine Dion) – I felt sure Jess would choose  “I Will Always Love You” and sing the heck out of it. I was in awe of her the night she sang that and I’m thinking that might have made a greater impact than this performance. We’ll see, I suppose. This girl is talented, no doubt about that, but I think she got an unfair shake when they handed her this song.

Phillip: (Movin’ Out – Billy Joel) – Week after week I wonder what kind of spin P Squared will put on the song he has chosen. And each week, he does NOT disappoint. I love this performance and I think he is well on his way to winning this thing.

Round 3: Possible First Single

Jessica: (Change Nothing) – This song is just okay to me. Maybe I’m a little biased toward P Squared, or maybe I’m just bored of the ballads. I can’t help but wonder why Jessica wouldn’t have chosen something that would have showcased more of her range. This seemed forced and strained. She is capable of more, but I’ll take it if it means a win for Phillip.

Phillip: (Home) – OH HECK YEAH. Phillip is KILLIN’ IT. I love the percussion section accompanying him on the stage. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Did I mention that I love it? I think he just sealed the deal.


And now, I’m off to vote

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