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I thought about coming here today and talking about the ingrown toe-nail on my left foot. Or the fact that McDaddy informed me this morning that I have an outbreak of zits (at thirty-eight years old, mind you!) on my face. Then, it dawned on me that my loyal blog readers might not be one bit interested in any of those things, so, maybe I should just live blog American Idol.

The only problem is that I happen to be watching American Idol on DVR, so I guess the whole live blogging thing is out, too. I have to do it that way, folks. I sometimes rewind these performances three and four times to be fair and impartial (especially if they stomp and kick and do the fist pump WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK!).

Anyway, THIS! Is American Idol!

And as an added bonus, the contestants will be singing hits from Queen, along with a song of their choice.

What in the name of Pete is Jennifer Lopez wearing? Gold lame’? Gold tin-foil? I suspect she’ll regret that choice come morning. Tommy Hilfiger needs to get on the scene. And if he was on the scene and approved of that gold mess, he should be fired.

Jessica Sanchez (Bohemian Rhapsody) – I don’t really understand the tennis shoes… Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite Queen song of all time, so I hope she does it justice. I don’t claim to have a perfect ear for pitch, but the slow part of this song seems way to low for Jessica’s voice. Holy crap, all of a sudden Jessica busted out the rock card. I don’t think this is a great song for her, and it is definitely not her best performance. I love this song, but I didn’t like her performance of it.

Skylar Laine (The Show Must Go On) – I  haven’t always been a fan of Skylar’s, mostly because of the fist-pump and the stomp. Tonight, though? She is just standing there singing, and it is really good. She made a good song choice and sang it well. I typically wanna poke my eyeballs out with a fork when I watch Skylar perform, but I actually enjoyed this performance.

Joshua Ledet (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) – Oh look, its an old-timey microphone. That’s different. Ol boy is dancing and singing like he’s all hyped up on steroids or tonight. I think this might be one of his best performances! He brought the total package tonight and I liked it. A LOT.

What a great night of Idol. Well, except for Jennifer’s wardrobe choice. And Jessica’s tennis shoes.

“Tommy, come quickly!”

Elise Testone (I Want It All) – Elise is doing her thing up there tonight, too. A good song choice and a good performance. Elise wants it all!!!

Phillip Phillips (Fat Bottomed Girls) – Oh snap. This is not good. It is not good, because IT IS GREAT! My favorite performance so far this evening. This song fits Phillip likes a glove. It is my favorite performance of his to date and my favorite one so far tonight on the show. Wait, did I already say that? I am pulling for Phillip to pull this thing out. I want to see him in the finale.

In my humble opinion, Randy Jackson has lost his darn mind.

Hollie Cavanagh (Save Me) – Is there any irony in the fact that Hollie is singing a song called Save Me? Yes, I thought so. Love, love, love this performance. Hollie is the comeback kid, and I think this is a good song for her. (The judges do not agree with me.)

Jessica Sanchez – Dance With My Father (Luther Vandross) – Now this is more like it. Jessica can sing a ballad like nobody’s business, and I suspect she knows that. This performance was much better for me than the first one, but then again, I’m a military wife who’s lived through a deployment. This song tugs at my heart, and I feel bad for her. Good for her that she can make it through the song without doing the ugly cry because since deployment? I never hear The Star Spangled Banner without wiping tears… She is a talented kid who has a big future ahead of her. She just doesn’t happen to be my favorite singer in the competition.

Skylar Laine – Tattoos On This Town (Jason Aldean) – This is pretty much like every other country song Skylar has performed. I could take a pee break right now and not miss a thing because I’ve seen this same performance for the past ten weeks. It’s good. Not great, but good.

Joshua Ledet – Ready For Love (India Arie) – Well now. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. I don’t know this song, but I love the performance. Joshua just knocked it ‘out the park’. I was on the edge of my seat hanging on his every note. (Ok, so I wasn’t literally on the edge of my seat, but you know what I mean, right?) He sold it and I bought it.

I love the little “in between” interviews the contestants are giving.

Elise Testone – Bold As Love (Jimi Hendrix) – Ok. I think this is my favorite performance of hers even though I have never heard this song. It was a little bit jazz, a little bit rock, and a little bit funk. I was tapping my toe and boppin’ in my big, blue, bloggy couch. (Shew, that’s a mouthful.) I don’t even know which radio station Elise will be heard on if / when she makes it big. There’s a market out there for her I’m sure, I just don’t know which one it would be.

Phillip Phillips – The Stone Lyrics (Dave Matthews Band) – So. I love Dave Matthews Band. He sings some wonderful songs. But this isn’t one of ’em. Still, though? I think Phillip did his thang on it. Such a different song. But still a wonderful performance. For me, at least. (And I hope America agrees, because? Hello, he has mad talent!)

Hollie Cavanagh – The Climb (Miley Cyrus) – “Hey Hollie, are you listening?” This song? Purr-fect for you! You are making The Climb slowly but surely. It was time, girl. It was time. Good for you!


ROUND 1: Phillip

ROUND 2: Hollie

Going Home: Hoping for Elise or Skylar, but probably Hollie.

Talk amongst yourselves….


  1. says

    Oooh so looking to watching this episode! Will have to wait two days though – boooo.

    I wasn’t overly keen on Jennifer’s outfit last week except for how it showed off her oh so defined abs – that made me kinda jealous but I am guessing she probably works harder in the gym for them than I do….

  2. says

    I agree wholeheartedly… i love phillip! I think Jessica needs to go, but she’s decent. I just think she doesn’t have a lot of flair.

  3. says

    Well now that the UK has caught up – Oh my goodness!!!!

    I love Queen so am perfectly comfortable saying I preferred the first round so much more than the second. My favourite performances of the night go to Philip and Joshua.

    Fat Bottomed Girls is my all time favourite Queen song and he did it justice and more – he seemed so comfortable singing the song. Joshua was great – again, he seemed perfectly at home singing the song and seemed to let himself go in the Queen performance.

    Hollie’s performance of The Climb was better than Miley’s version – my daughter would love this version.

    I’ve gone totally off Skylar – whilst I can listen to Faith Hill and Martina McBride all day I don’t think I could listen to a whole album of Skylar.

    The song “Dance with My Father” again was lovely and I am going to send a link to my daughter of the song – she will love it, having only just lost her daddy.

    And Jennifer……fully agree, I did wonder whether she dressed in the dark. Though I have to say it showed her butt off so very well and now along with her abs, I also want her butt.
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