American Idol – Top 8

THIS! Is American Idol.

It’s 80’s night, y’all! I feel like I need to pull out my Keds and my Swatch Watch. I have such high hopes for the night – Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Poison, Rob Bass – the possibilities are endless. I’d bet the farm though, that half of these jokers will sing lesser known, less exciting songs.

But we shall see.

DeAndre Brackensick  (I Like It) – Did I not call it? Lesser known. Less exciting. DeBarge? Really? As much as I like DeAndre, I must admit his voice really does nothing for me. If you enjoy caterwauling, then you probably loved this performance. Otherwise, you, might have used this time to take a pee break.

Elise Testone (I Want To Know What Love Is) – The song started out sort of slow for me, and I didn’t really “feel it” until the big choir came waltzing in. Still, I think this performance will be forgotten by the time the next contestant hits the stage. And what the heck is going on with all of those beads hanging from her neck. Wonder if Tommy approved that mess?

Colton and Skylar  (Islands In The Stream) – Well, this should be interesting. All things considered (and by that I mean, Colton is SINGING COUNTRY), I think these two sound great together. Very nice.

Phillip Phillips (That’s All) – Philip is one of my favorites and I think this is a great song for him. Unlike the first two performances, this one won’t be soon forgotten. Phillip’s facial expression, as he sings makes me smile. It’s obvious he enjoys what he is doing. Great voice. Great performance.

Hollie and DeAndre (I’m So Excited) – I’m not sure who has the task of matching the contestants up for these duets, but these two sound really good together, too. Hollie seems excited. For once… Good for her.

Joshua Ledet (If You Don’t Know Me By Now) – YES!!!! This is one of my favorite songs from the 80’s. It reminds me of Jr. High School when I spent many-a-night waiting for my favorite songs to play on the radio so I could hit the “record” button to make my latest compilation tape. (And I realize there are at least a handful of you out there who have no idea what a cassette tape is. Babies.) I suspect this will be a great song for Joshua… Oh my word. He is is tearing this song UP. He is RIGHT ON PITCH. My favorite performance of his so far. Joshua, my boy, if you’re reading this by some chance, you did a fabulous job!

Jessica Sanchez  (How Will I Know?) – I was sure that Jessica would do a big emotional ballad tonight. I’m not even sure it matters what Jessica sings because she is articulate and unique and talented. Not one negative thing to say except, what is up with the big chunky plastic spike bracelet thing?

Phillip and Elise (Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around) – Another great pairing (and my favorite so far).

Hollie Cavanaugh (What A Feelin’) – I have a feelin’ Hollie will be leaving us tomorrow. That is all.

Joshua and Jessica (I Knew You Were Waiting) – I liked Phillip and Elise’s duet. I LOVE Joshua and Jessica’s duet. Best duet of the night. Joshua and Jessica are both seasoned performers. They could hit the road TODAY and be stars.

Colton Dixon (Time After Time) – Well, I wasn’t sure this song would work for him, but he is actually doing a great job on it. About half-way through, when he broke loose [along with the drummer, who was FLY by the way] and took it up a notch, I was up out of my seat. Yay Colton!

Skylar Laine (Wind Beneath My Wings) – Ok. So I’m not usually a big fan of Skylar’s. But tonight? She sold this performance. She needed to kick it up a notch after last week, and she did just that. 

My rankings after tonight



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    Not only do I know what you mean by recording onto a tape, I did it. I never purchased a tape. Only problem came when I would stop recording too late. We were on a long road trip to Canada in August one year, and I forgot that I was listening to my Walkman. A radio guy said to be prepared for snow, and I yelled at my mom, “there’s going to be snow?!?!” Everyone had a great laugh about it. And they still bring it up frequently.

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