American Idol – Top 9

 THIS. Is American Idol.

It’s my favorite night of the week. The remaining contestants are being mentored by Stevie Nicks and I sure hope my hairdresser is watching because he is a huge Stevie Nicks fan. I was just in the shop today to have my gray hair hidden highlighted, and had I known that Stevie Nicks was gonna be on the show tonight, I would have told him so. He went to her concert last summer. When we was telling me all about his concert experience, he got all wrapped up in the story and cut lots of my hair off. It was weeks before it was right again. I knew then that I needed to keep his mind centered on my hair and not on a has-been one of his favorite rockers.

Colton Dixon (Everything) – Nothing like starting Idol off with some church up in here. So, remember last week when I said I’d be voting for Colton every week? I totally meant it. You can tell ol boy is singing from his heart. I love it that he is standing there with tears in his eyes talking about “His God”. What a testimony. And what a platform. Good for you, Colton!

I love it when Randy Jackson says something is fly. I think I might start using that term because it is fun. And because I’m feelin’ my age after seeing all the gray in my hair today.

Skylar Laine (Gunpowder & Lead) – Seriously? Colton opens the night in worship. And Skylar takes the stage and sings about going straight to. Ding, dang, dong. Come on people. If I have to watch Skylar do one more fistpump I think I might scream. With all of her running around willy nilly, I can’t help but wonder if she’s not pumped up on steroids. I think Skylar could go home after this performance. The stompin and jumpin and screaching and fist pumpin is just too much for me.


Heejun Han (A Song For You) – For the first time THIS WHOLE SEASON Heejun stood there and just sang. No gimmick. No crazy. Just singing. And actually, he did a pretty good job. It’s good to see this side of Heejun, instead of the crazy, unpredictable Heejun. [How is it that he wears different glasses every single week?]

Hollie Cavanagh  (Jesus, Take The Wheel) – I’m trying to decide if Hollie’s dress is white patent leather or plastic. It looks good on her. Add a little snow, and her chops to that dress and you get all kinds of dramatic. I think Hollie is having a defining moment. I don’t remember her singing so well in past weeks. Very nice.

DeAndre Brackensick (Sometimes I Cry) – For starters, I like DeAndre. But if I’m being honest, I am not a big fan of this performance. The whole falsetto thing does nothing for me, but he is good at what he does. (Does that make sense?)

Jessica Sanchez (Sweet Dreams) – I know Jessica can really sing. She showed us when she sand I Will Always Love You and then again when she sang last week. For me though? This week was just okay. I don’t feel like she did anything extraordinary in this performance. Like I said, I know she can sing and I feel like she’ll probably be standing on that stage come finale night, but for me, this performance was just a good performance. Nothing fantastic or wonderful.

Phillip Phillips (Still Rainin’) – Two things. 1. I have never heard this song. 2. It doesn’t make a bit of difference because P Squared had me at the first note. He is such a great performer, it really makes no difference what he sings. He puts a fresh, unique spin on every song he sings and that is why I look forward to his performances week after week.

Joshua Ledet (Without You) – I am a huge Mariah Carey fan. Back in the day (some 74 years ago) I had every one of her CDs and knew every song word-for-word. I have high hopes that Joshua can pull this off, especially with the string ensemble playing right along with him. He is singing with feeling and emotion and he killed it.

Elise Testone (Whole Lotta Love) – I love Elise’s outfit. I do not like Elise’s stomp because it reminds me of Skylar’s stomp and I’ve had about all of that I can take for one night. She is rockin out to this performance and it is obvious she means business. Good job Elise!

BEST OF THE NIGHT: Colton, Joshua, and Phillip Phillips

GOING HOME: Skylar Laine

We shall see.


  1. Missy says

    I love reading these each week. I think Elise knocked that song out of the park! And I love that she was wearing the same pants as Steven Tyler! I gotta say I do not like DeAndre at all I hate the constant falsetto and I can’t stand the jumping around and slinging of hair. I also don’t like Joshua. He needs to stop trying so hard and just sing, enough with the yelling and sc reaching just sing I feel the same way about Skylar! I am also disappointed that Steven is behaving himself this year. I love his antics lol

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