Serious Business. Or Maybe Just A List.

It’s Thursday night. I am sitting on my big, blue, bloggy couch watching The Young And The Restless, trying to decide between writing this post and playing Words With Friends.

You know, pretty much the same thing I do every night.

My evening activities are serious business around here.

McDaddy is sitting feet away from me on the loveseat browsing a 4WD magazine and I’m guessing he never expected to have a Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle air freshner hanging from the rearview mirror of his my beloved Jeep Wrangler.

I could tell you all about my day of making popcorn at the school, lunch with Missy and then dinner at Chili’s with my fellas, but I have no idea how to make that all sound exciting, so I’m thinking this sort of day calls for a list.

Also, because American Idol just came on.

1. I helped Becky sort Girl-Scout cookie orders yesterday. This has sort of become an annual event for the two of us, mostly because Becky and I can make anything fun because we are both dorks and also because she treated me to breakfast.

2. I made the mistake of buying four boxes of girl scout cookies. In my defense, two of those were Samoas for McDaddy. For some odd reason, I didn’t buy any Tagalongs, which in my humble opinion are the best cookie the Little Brownie Bakers sell. I shouldn’t have bought any at all, but there was pressure and sweet smiles and who in the heck can say no to the Thin Mints and the Do-Si-Dos.

3. Steven Tyler wears some of the craziest get-ups. I guess when you’re a big-time rock star you can get away with that. Did any of y’all see him strip down and dive in the water at the Las Vegas show last week? Ol boy shoulda kept his clothes on.

4. After lunch with Missy today, I went to PetSmart to buy Hamster food. It still shocks me that there is a rodent IN OUR HOUSE. At this very minute, she is running wild in her wheel. Crazy thing runs wild all night and sleeps all day.

 5. My sweet boy wrote an essay on Derek Jeter. His essay was chosen as one of the two best in his class. It’s being submitted to a writing contest. Can you tell I’m a proud mama? He failed to mention that Jeter is a hottie. He DID mention that Jeter was “born a long time ago, back in 1974, I think”. Do I dare mention I was born in 1973?

6. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees today. If it gets there, I just might go topless.

7. I made a great roast with vegetables on Monday. Sadly, I didn’t take pictures before cooking it, but rest assured I will be making it again because it was the best roast this girl has ever fixed.

Even if I say so myself.

8. Purchased some songs from iTunes tonight. Going Back To Cali, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, and Tubthumping among them.

9. I’m working the Book Fair today. If you ever have a chance to work the Book Fair, you totally should. There’s nothing like a six-year-old trying to decide how they will spend their last dollar.

Like I said. Serious business.

10. I like nice round lists. Oh, AND, I called our telephone company today and with the mention of Magic Jack, the joker on the other end of the phone was more than happy to lower our bill by twenty freakin’ dollars a month.

Oh yes he did!

Have a great weekend, y’all!