Letting Your Life Speak

My favorite thing about the start of a new year, is a brand spankin’ new, fresh calendar.

A new year also seems like a perfect time to START anew, though, do we really NEED a brand new year to do that? Of course, we don’t NEED a new year to start new, but I suppose a new year is as good a time as any to set some new goals.

I prefer the term goal over the term resolution because the term resolution – to me at least – goes hand in hand with the word bigfatfailure. And I don’t know anyone who likes to fail, so, I’m sticking with goals. While I have a long list of goals that I would LOVE to set and STICK to, I suppose I should pace myself so as not to get too overwhelmed on this second day of 2012.

1. A Closer Relationship With God – In the grand scheme of life, nothing is more important to me than my personal relationship with God, yet, most days it might be difficult to prove that. I mean, sure I want to be an awesome wife, a nurturing mother and a wonderful friend, but WHAT good is ALL of that if my relationship with God suffers? Why is it that our walk with God is often defined by what we are DOING for God instead of our simply BEING with Him? Doing for God (or very often people of God) is probably the greatest weakness in my Christian life. Excessive activities and involvement in ministries very often takes the place of simple prayer and reading our Bible. And believe me, I should know. I want 2012 to be different. I love to talk. So why don’t I talk to Him more?

He is always available. Always listening. AND, He wants to hear from me.

Which is a lot more than I can say for MOST of my friends.

2. Commitment to exercise – I NEED to do this. My main problem with committing to exercise is finding the time. There is always something needing cleaned out, a few hours of PTA work needing done, another blog post to write (ok, so the blog is not HUGELY important), and of course, there is ALWAYS another load of laundry waiting to be done. I have seriously considered doing a weigh-in here on the blog bi-monthly to hold myself accountable. I would start by posting my weight (GASP!) and then possibly asking you, my lovely readers, to join in the fun by sharing healthy recipes, weight-loss tips and workout mixes. And of course rewarding myself along the way would be fun, too!

3. Let Your Life Speak – I just recently bought a sign that now sits in my bathroom. It says, “Let Your Life Speak.” As soon I saw it, it spoke to me and I just knew I needed to buy it. Some very good friends of ours recently became foster parents to raise a nephew. They have rearranged their home, their lives, and their hearts to let their lives speak. Another friend is heading up a consignment sale with all proceeds going to our local YWCA. With the exception of volunteering at my boys’ school (and talking loudly) what am I doing to let my life speak? I want my life to speak, whether it means I will look for opportunities to help others, perform random acts of kindness that no one will ever know about, or simply sending a card of encouragement to someone when the Holy Spirit brings them to my mind. Limitless opportunities await if only we are willing. I want to be willing.

4. Be More Organized – I say it often: I am the most organized, disorganized person I know. I have baskets and notebooks and folders and calendars and lists of stuff that I need to do, phone calls I need to make, things that need to be cleaned out, business that needs tending to, and laundry that needs to be done. YET? YET! I very often miss a deadline, lose paperwork, forget to make a phone call, or have mounds of laundry, simply because I am me and because I typically have nineteen irons in the fire at all times. In a house full of baskets, Sharpies, pocket notepads, and an iPhone, there is absolutely NO excuse for me to be disorganized. It is my goal to change this tendency of mine to be totally disorganized when I try so hard to be organized.

Not it’s your turn! Any new goals for the New Year?


  1. Jean says

    YOUR POST spoke to me. All 4 goals.
    Those are my 4 goals, too; which seem a bit overwhelming right now
    But, nevertheless, here I go.
    2012, you slipped up on me. But here we are.
    Let’s give these 4 goals a shot. On my mark………..

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