At The First Sign Of Trouble

On a terribly boring day, I sit here, laptop in hand (or on my lap, as it were) attempting to come up with something thought provoking or amusing to write about. On a good day, I come here already knowing what it is I’m going to blog about and sit here with my fingers on the keyboard waiting for the post to pretty much write itself. And on a really good day, I get here, get my laptop turned on, go to the internet, click on my blog, finally arrive on my dashboard (where I write blog posts before publishing) and I done went and forgot what in the heck I had planned to write about.

Getting old stinks.

Excuse me while I go drink my Ensure.

And before you go and get your panties in an uproar, you should know that I don’t normally go around saying stuff like “done went and forgot”. I just like to shake things up here on the blog from time to time.

For the past month or so, I’ve been experiencing some lightheadedness. Or dizziness as it is also called.

When I google lightheadedness or visit DiagnoseMe dot com, I find all sorts of symptoms and causes and oh my word would somebody please remind McDaddy that I’ve outlined instructions for my funeral here on the blog on the off chance that this is it.

What? You don’t visit DiagnoseMe dot com?

I can’t say that I blame you, because the first thing any medical professional will tell you when something is wrong is to stay off of the internet. Though, had I listened and never visited a medical site, how else do you think I might have learned about Pott’s puffy tumor?

So, for me, visiting Dr. Interneticus is generally what I do at the first sign of trouble.

It all started the day of Christina’s card addressing party. One minute, I was sitting there stuffing some 200 Christmas cards, laughing, eating, and sharing my Facebook Yardsale success story, and the next minute I was in the bathroom trying to make for sure that I wouldn’t hit my head on the sink if I passed out on the toilet. 

True Story.

I quickly packed my things and came home to lay down because I was sure I was about to pass the heck out, and the last thing I wanted to do was add a head injury to my medical history. Or my obitiuary. The lightheadedness was pretty serious for about three days, and then it eased up some. Several weeks later, it is much better but still rears it ugly head from time to time.

Rears it ugly head! I crack myself up. 

When I put the words lightheadedness and dizziness into the search box on the medical site (which is admittedly no substitute for a visit with a quailified, licensed health care professional) , I am presented with several possible reasons for my newest diagnosis.

The first possibility is sinus trouble.

I am a nose-blower. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night. My nose is a hot mess. Still, my nose has been that way for 38 years and it’s doubtful that it is the source of my dizzy spells. The site suggests the use of a neti-pot to ease sinus pressure and trouble, and I do have one, but Dr. Travis Stork (The Doctors) mentioned that neti-pots are killing people because bacteria grows in the pot, and then people pour the bacteria straight into their noses, and yada yada yada, that just doesn’t appeal to me, so I vowed never to use the neti pot again.

Wonder if I could sell the thing on the Facebook yardsale site?

The next possible source of the lightheadedness/dizzy spells is inner ear trouble.


I am the poster child for inner ear mess.

You may recall I was diagnosed a year or so ago with eczema of the inner ear. Folks, you talk about a great big case of aggravation. Eczema of the inner ear is it. I am forever digging, scratching, or applying my “special salve” as McDaddy calls it to my inner ear with a Q-tip. So, it is totally possible that eczema of the inner ear is the culprit of the dizzy spells. And yes, I am well aware I should not be sticking a Q-tip in my ear, however, the ear/nose/throat specialist I went to suggested a Q-tip is the best way to get the suave way back into the inner ear to ease the itch.


You can imagine the dilemma with my ear.

When I finally got in to see my medical Doctor’s partner, he did several tests. The first test was to determine if I had suffered a stroke. I’m guessing the fact that I have high blood pressure, coupled with the revelation that I have been taking 320 miligrams of blood pressure medicine instead of the prescribed 160 miligrams might have thrown up a caution flag, because overmedicating is also a symptom of lightheadedness.

Don’t even ask how this happened.

The truth is I have no idea.

The only thing I know is that I WAS WELL AWARE I was taking 320 miligrams. And the Cigna pharmacy home delivery people were well aware because they were sending it. The two medical professionals in charge of prescribing the medication, however? Neither of them could figure out how/when/or why I was on the larger dosage. The even funnier part of this story is that when I receive my medications, I pour them all into one bottle because one bottle takes up less room than three. One of the bottles I threw away was the bottle for the 320 mg blood pressure pill.

It’s a miracle of sorts that I’m even alive.

My Doctor advised against this practice and strongly suggested I keep all medicines in the appropriate container for the life of the prescription.

Next up was an EKG.

An EKG that appeared to be abnormal until he asked if I had a bundle branch blockage.

You may or may not remember that I had an EKG about a year ago when I was having serious issues with my blood and its pressure. As a result, I discovered that I have a right bundle branch blockage in my heart. [Try saying that fast three times.] And apparently I should have had a complete cardiac evaluation after that discovery. Instead, I had nothing.


I was referred to a cardiologist for a complete evaluation, which may or may not have anything whatsoever to do with my dizzy spells.

The cardiologist called yesterday to remind me of an appointment today at 10:00 AM. The only problem is I make popcorn at the boy’s school every Thursday. When I called to reschedule, the receptionist totally understood the importance of the popcorn mom at a school and gladly rescheduled my appointment for three weeks.

With a little luck my heart will hold up that long.

Especially now that I’m taking the right dosage of blood pressure medication.

And drinking my Ensure.

Have a great Friday, y’all.


I came *this close* to titling this post, Popping Corn and Popping Pills because I knew the search engines would send a lot of crazy people searching for ‘popping pills’ my way.

Then I thought better of it.


  1. says

    I personally prefer the boost in my old age, the Ensure gets a little chalky after a while……………………………………………………LOL!

    And I almost wet my pants laughing at your alternative title, off to go change my poise pad.

  2. says

    Hope they sort you out! (in the nicest possible way!)

    All my prescriptions here come in blister packs (you know – with the foil and each tablet has it’s own wee home) – it’s been years since I had any tablets in a bottle.

    Wonder why it’s different? Cause my inquiring mind would like to know! But I’m not expeciting you to know! Just thinking out loud here….I’ll go now!

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