*Another* Use For A Wooden Spoon

I absolutely love Pinterest. It has slowly become my go-to site when researching something, or planning a project, or needing a  gift idea. I waste spend lots of time pinning stuff.

There are so many great ideas, recipes, signs, and decorating tips, I wouldn’t even know how to begin describing how great the site is. I don’t care who you are, you WILL find something on there that makes you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “What a great idea that is!” On more than one occasion, I felt the overwhelming urge to bust out the glue gun. Only instead of getting my glue gun out, I didn’t. 

But I do plenty of daydreaming. And I get inspired. And crazy as this sounds, last week, I got all excited about a cooking tip.

If you know me in real life, you know that I am not known in my social circles for culinary expertise. Rather, I am known for being the loudest friend most of my friends have.

A fact that I take great pride in.

Somebody’s gotta be the loud one, right?


I found a great cooking tip on Pinterest and I know that it works because I tried it.

When cooking something on your stove top that can boil over, you know, because you are talking on the phone to Becky, or going over homework, or hung up on the Facebook, place a wooden spoon on the pot.

The wooden spoon will keep the pot from boiling over.

You. Are. Welcome.

That’s what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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My Heart Will Go On …Hopefully

I spent most of the day onThursday having a stress test to check out the bundle branch block that I have on the right side of my heart.

Wow. How’s that for an opening sentence?

I strive for my blog to be a place where readers can come and find answers to their most pressing questions, so if the question pressing you today is, “What happens during a cardiac stress test?” well then, might I say, you have come to the right place.

9:38 AM – Arrive at Cardiologist’s office for 9:40 AM appointment eager to get it over with. (Remember, I’ve been on a “no caffeine” order for the past 48-hours.

10:02 AM – Look around, determine I am the youngest person in the waiting room by decades.

10:03 AM – Ponder in my head how long I might be there after reading the two HUGE signs on the wall that say, “We treat sick people. For that reason we often run minutes, even hours behind. If this is a problem, please let us know and we will be glad to refer you to another cardiologist.”

10:12 AM – Nurse enters room to insert an IV line. Decides the top of my right hand is the best option. Cringe as she shoves the thing into my skin.

10:14 AM – Nurse injects saline into IV lead to verify that yes, yes indeed, the vein did roll.

10:16 AM – Call McDaddy to whine about the hole in my hand.

10:21 AM – Second nurse enters to try her hand (ha!) at inserting the IV lead into my left hand. Veins are not visible, so nurse begins to smack the top of my left hand repeatedly.

10:30 AM – Second nurse returns with a warm compress in an attempt to coerce a vein to the surface.

10:45 AM – Text McDaddy to let him know of the IV difficulty. Hoping for moral support and sympathy.

11:12 AM – Second nurse removes warm compress to discover the vein is still not visible. Nurse asks how much water I’ve had today.

11:13 AM – Quickly consider smacking second nurse because I was told to fast as of midnight the night before. Slowly explain I was told to fast after midnight.

11:14 AM – Find out that I *could* have drank water when nurse says something like, “Well, we tell you NOT to drink water, but if you drink some, it helps with getting the line in.”

11:15 AM – Second nurse decides to go for it, after asking me to make a tight fist and hold the grip, while she repeatedly smacks the top of my left hand 1,718 times.

11:16 AM – Second nurse jams a needle deep into my vein and begins working it left, then right in an attempt to “get it in good”.

11:17 AM – Second nurse injects saline into the lead to discover that yes, yes indeed, the insertion is successful. Second nurse puts 17 pieces of tape on the lead for protection because apparently my veins are a hot mess.

11:20 AM – Take picture of IV lead and text to my friend, Missy. (What else is there to do?)

11:21 AM – Text McDaddy to let him know the IV is in.

11:32 AM – Third nurse enters exam room and applies 12 leads to chest, side, and hip areas. A fancy black box is fastened and strapped around my waist and I am instructed to sit. AND WAIT.

11:41 AM – Entertain myself by scratching the top lead and watching the heart monitor dance.

11:50 AM – Cardiologist enters the room, puts me on the treadmill. I begin walking slowly while answering his questions.

11:53 AM – Cardiologist kicks it up a notch, asks me if I have another minute in me.

11:54 AM – Walk slowly and steadily while answering the Doc’s questions. And YES, I have all kinds of minutes left in me.

11:56 AM – Cardiologist kicks it up another notch. Third nurse injects cardiolite isotope. Walk faster. Wipe sweat.

11:59 AM – Third nurse stops treadmill, tells me to sit and rest while she watches the heart monitor probably to make sure I don’t pass the heck out in the floor.

12:00 PM – Briefly consider showing her how I can make the machine dance.

12:10 PM – Escorted to waiting room TO WAIT.

12:11 PM – Enjoy huge cup of cold water. FINALLY.

12:15 PM – Taken to exam room, told to lay flat on my back on a hard table so that a tech can take images of my heart. Close my eyes and thank the good Lord that I am not claustrophobic as the machine rolls around my chest.

12:45 PM – Released and told that I can have a “light” lunch. Instructed to NOT drink any caffeine, and be back in two hours.

12:46 PM – Calculate in my head that it has now been 51 hours since my last drop of caffeine.

12:48 PM – Leave voicemail message for McDaddy letting him know I have been paroled for lunch.

12:51 PM – Leave another voicemail message for McDaddy letting him know he has approximately 5 minutes before I leave and get lunch on my own. (Remember, it has now been 14 hours since I’ve eaten.)

12:55 PM – Enjoy a nice “light” lunch of potato soup and salad at Shoneys with McDaddy.

1:35 PM – Decide to sit in my car after McDaddy drops me back at the hospital. Use the hour to catch up on Facebook and Words With Friends.

2:45 PM – Return to office ready to get this show on the road.

3:10 PM – Third nurse injects second batch of cardiolite, then escorts me to waiting room TO WAIT.

3:20 PM – My name is called. I return to freezing room to lay flat and still on the hard table so that resting images can be taken.

3:34 PM – Big machine beeps signalling second set of images are complete. I am escorted to waiting room AGAIN.

4:22 PM – Text McDaddy to tell him I am the VERY LAST patient sitting in waiting room and that I am STILL WAITING on Echocardiogram.

4:35 PM – I approach and open the door to the exam rooms to inquire about using the restroom, hoping this will remind the nurses that I AM STILL WAITING.

4:45 PM – Finally, my name is called. I am taken to a different exam room and instructed to remove my shirt and bra and put on a thin paper gown.

4:50 PM – Ultrasound tech returns to room and spends the next 10 minutes taking pictures of my ticker.

5:05 PM – Text McDaddy to tell him I am all done.

5:08 PM – Fish quarters out of my wallet.

5:10 PM – Approach soda machine like a drug fiend looking for her next fix. Utter the words hello lover.

5:12 PM – Text Missy a picture of my Dr. Pepper. (I know. I’m a dork!)

5:13 PM – Enjoy the ride home while I sip on my beloved ice cold Dr. Pepper.

5:31 PM – Arrive at home, happy to be reunited with my fellas. And my caffeine.

Letters To Crazy People

I spent 7.5 hours in a Cardiologist’s office today.

I am spent.

Which makes no sense because I spent 94% of that time waiting.

The worst part is that I won’t know any results for several days.

I’ll devote a whole post to my Stress Test experience later, but today, I thought I’d write a few letters to crazy people.


Dear Bully-Kid in the Chick-Fil-A play place:

You should thank your lucky stars that my sweet boy didn’t unload on you. Bullies like you eventually end up in jail. Trust me, I should know. Oh, and when you get there, you’ll find out there is always someone meaner and bigger than you.


Alex’s mommy (aka: A ‘retired’ inmate counselor who spent many an hour talking to young punks who should have been taught better)


Dear Bully-Kid’s Mama,

I understand that kids will be kids, HOWEVER, when you said nothing to your bully brat when he was shoving my sweet boy, I thought maybe you just didn’t see what happened. But when you entered the playpark and your bully brat admitted to punching my son repeatedly, you said NOTHING to my sweet boy or me by way of an apology. You need to get control of your kid.




Dear  Caffeine,

Fifty-four hours is a LONG time to be without you. My life just wasn’t conplete without you. I’m glad you’re back in my arms hands.


Your biggest fan


Dear Facebook Friend Who Complains About Something Every Single Day,

If it weren’t for my nosy tendencies, I would’ve hidden your statuses a long time ago. With that being said, PLEASE give. it. a. friggin. rest. Oh, and quotation marks are for quoting someone, not for personal rant marks.

Thank you in advance,

A Concerned Facebook Friend


Dear girl in the bathroom,

Look. I don’t usually get involved in people’s business, but its tough not to when you are sitting in the stall next to me talking loudly on your cell phone. Honey, you deserve better than that jerk. Move yourself along and find a man who will treat you right. He IS out there. Don’t waste your time on that crazy cat. Why would you even ask him where he was all night? If he wasn’t in a hospital, does it really matter?

Do yourself a favor and save yourself some heartache,

The girl in the next stall.


Dear Julie,

The next time you make a special trip into town at 6 PM to attend a memorial service, you *might* consider actually looking at the date when you read the obituary. Otherwise, you might show up at the funeral home and be the ONLY person there. You are such a dork.

Pay Attention Crazy Girl,

Your Silly Self


Dear Mr. Mailman,

Yesterday, every piece of mail that we received actually belonged to our neighbor. I can’t help but wonder where our mail ended up. Any ideas?

Pay Attention,

The folks in the brown house


Dear Kohls,

I love y’all. I really do. I consider Kohl’s one of my favorite stores. For that reason, it is NOT necessary to send a daily e-mail reminding me that I can save up to 30% (which by the way I NEVER draw the 30% card) on everything in the store. I always hesitate to provide my e-mail address to retail establishments and this is why.

Enough Already,

A [soon to be not so] loyal patron


Dear ADT Home Security People,

I am NOT interested in your FREE home security system that will cost me $30. per month. How many times do I have to demand to be removed from your calling list before you actually remove me? I’m about to call the Attorney General on you jokers.

Not playing around,

The girl you call every four days


Who would you write to today?

You Capture – Colorful

We are having an unusually warm January here in West Virginia (NOT western Virginia), which is absolutely fine with me seeing as how I am not a fan of heavy coats or snow. Or cold.

I am also not a fan of being on a 55-hour “no caffeine order” yet, here I sit. I have a stress test today as a result of the bundle branch blockage and I can’t wait to ‘throw one back’ as soon as the test is done. I am prayerfully hopeful that I will hear good news today about my ticker. Ever since the bundle branch blockage (try saying that three times real fast) was discovered, it has felt like a black cloud hanging over me. That might have something to do with my decision to type “bundle branch blockage” into the Google window, because after reading that mess, I’m quite sure I’ll be needing a pacemaker before all of this is said and done.

But enough about the black cloud and the cold.

Let’s put some color in this conversation, shall we?

This week’s You Capture challenge is colorful.

I absolutely love color. Especially bright colors. If I could choose to be any crayon in the box, I’d be bright pink because that one’s my favorite. I also love orange, lime green and turquoise too!

Even though I hate snow, I adore snowmen. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to paint one of these at The Pottery Place. [Note: Have you been to The Pottery Place? If you haven’t, you should, because it is loads of fun whether you are with your girlfriends or your kids. The only difference is, one requires help with the paint and the brushes and I need more water, and can I try out that pen paint thing and mom can I paint another piece because I’m done and I’m bored, and the other, well? Just laughter and fun.]

And even though we haven’t had much snow this winter, we are expecting lots and lots of rain today, so I’ll be busting this bad boy out when the time comes to get some lunch AND AN ICE COLD DR. PEPPER thankyouverymuch.

And speaking of one of my favorite colors – aren’t these pretty?

Now y’all know I rarely ever post a You Capture post without including one of these bad boys. Obviously, this is an old picture because Saturn took its toys and went home. That makes me very sad because there are few things that excited me more than a CAR LOT PLUM FULL of Saturn Skys.


It doesn’t get much better than chili pepper red and sunburst yellow.

But don’t tell midnight blue, black onyx, or ruby red that, k?


Happy Thursday y’all!

It’s A Birthday Gift, Suckers!

I don’t consider myself a crafty person. Well, that is unless you count the fact that I scrapbook.

But since I haven’t scrapbooked for well over two years, do I really still qualify as a scrapbooker? I’m thinking that maybe I should say I used to be a scrapbooker. A little over a year ago I set up a fancy new scrapbooking work station in one of our spare bedrooms (which is all I whined about since we moved here ten years ago, well maybe not all I whined about, but you get the idea, right?) and I vowed to scrapbook at least one day a week while the boys were at school.

That idea lasted about four minutes.

I recently jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, and I’m hopeful that one day I’ll have the time to sit and try all of the great craft ideas I’ve seen on the site. 

You know, sometime before I’m 80 and in a nursing home and at the mercy of one of my daughters-in-law to feed me applesauce.

A few weeks ago, I came across a really cute idea for a fun birthday gift, and thought that maybe I’d try that someday. Not more than two days later, my friend Katheryn mentioned that she was turning forty on Monday.

Oh shoot, the BIG 4 – 0!

I knew I had to do something.

The picture that I originally saw used a small decorative box (which thinking back on it would have been much easier just based on the size of the opening), but I decided to use a coffee mug, mostly because I am a rebel.

With a cause.

I started with a mug, a styrofoam ring, and two bags of suckers.

For this project you will need an X-Acto knife (or if you’re a red-neck like me, you can just bust out the box-cutter), some fancy paper or cardstock, a straw, and some glue.

I suppose this is the point in the post where I should be demonstrating how I turned the mug upside down on the styrofoam and used the box-cutter to trace and cut four rings that I then shoved down into the mug, one on top of the other.

But alas, I took no pictures of that step.

Or the next step where I attempted to shove forty suckers into the styrofoam in some sort of organized fashion. 

Nor did I get a picture of pulling all the suckers out of the styrofoam and starting over.


After (FINALLY!) placing all of the suckers in a nice round circle, I turned the mug upside down just to see if all of the suckers would stay in place. And much to my surprise, they did! I then cut a piece of the cardstock with fancy scrapbook stickers in the shape of a square, mostly because I suck at cutting nice round circles. Then, I cut another square just a tad smaller and glued the smaller piece onto the larger piece.

Next, I used a silver Sharpie to write “40 SUCKS!” on the smaller square, but really you could use any of the following phrases,

  • Enjoy this cheap gift sucker!
  • I’m cheap, sucker! Happy Birthday!
  • It sucks to be you cause you’re 32!
  • Divorce Sucks! (I know, I know, I couldn’t help myself!)

I then glued the squares onto a straw and shoved the straw into the styrofoam.

Thankfully, I remembered to get a picture of the finished product.

 I love it!

And my friend, Katheryn did too!

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What I Learned This Week

Before we get started on this week’s edition of What I Learned This Week, can I just take one second to say,


Don’t you love my new header?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how quickly my boys are changing their looks, and it dawned on me that I really needed to update their pictures here on the blog. (Only, we all know what happens when I try to do something on this blog that I have no business doing.) So, what I was really thinking was that I needed to have Jo-Lynne update their pictures here on the blog. It seems like every few months they are totally changing their looks, and I can’t tell you how much sadness that brings to me. It is also interesting to note that collectively, they gained 13 pounds, and grew 5 1/2 inches last year. It simpy baffles me.

And makes me cry.

ANYway, I am so pleased with the way the header turned out. Even though I am not pleased that the boys look so much older than they did just ONE SHORT YEAR AGO, I think the new header is gorgeous.

And no, Lulu did not make the header cut. Before you go and get yourself in an uproar though, you should know that I did add her to my About Me (which should really be the about US) page.

I know y’all didn’t come here to talk about my boys or my hamster, so I’ll just get on with what I learned this week.

Sound good?

1. Just because there are 24 people sitting in a Cardiologist’s office when you enter, that doesn’t mean (GASP!) that you will be there all day. It might mean that you’ll be there all day, but maybe not.

2.  A 24-hour heart monitor gig isn’t as big a deal as I thought it would be.

3. The whole HIPAA thing is a joke when you stop to consider that exam room walls are paper-thin.


4. Scramble With Friends is much easier to play on an iPad, than it is the iPhone.

5. If you like Words With Friends, you’ll probably LOVE Scramble With Friends.

6. There are some of the oddest things on the Pinterest. I think this coffin couch proves it.

7. When attending a scheduling meeting, it is best to take the one calendar that has all of your appointments and activities on it, or else you might realize that the Pinewood Derby race that you helped to schedule is the same weekend as a romantic FREE! marriage retreat FREE! weekend you signed up for over a month ago at a fancy resort.

Oh, and did I mention it was free?


8. Danggit doesn’t sound bad until your six-year-old says it.


9. Sausage has no place in a lasagna. (YUCK!)

10. I like nice, round lists. (Okay, so I didn’t actually learn that just this week.)

Now it’s YOUR turn. What did YOU learn this week?

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I am a stay at home mom who rarely stays home.

We had a crazy busy, enjoyable, relaxing weekend.

After dinner here at my favorite place

with 19 girlfriends, complete with chips and salsa (OH MY WORD, I LOVE THEIR CHIPS AND SALSA) and lots of laughs, we headed out for even more laughs as we watched Queen Latifah and Dolly go head-to-head in

and if you haven’t seen it, you should go. In fact, grab a group of gals, (or even your hubby cause it is a hoot!) and go this weekend. Prepare to spit goobers out your mouth as you laugh yourself silly. I have giggled several times this weekend just thinking about my favorite line from the movie:

“Is there such a thing as being too good-a-Christian, cause I think that just might be my problem?”

I think that may be my new line.

Oh I kid.

Sort of.

On Saturday, the boys enjoyed playing shootem’ up laser tag

at a birthday party for a classmate of Stevie’s.

[NOTE: I would ask that you please excuse the poor picture quality, but really none of the kids in this particular picture are mine and I’m not sure how their mamas would feel knowing they were on the blog, so the fact that this picture is (really) bad is actually helpful this time.]

Now that the boys are older, I love that I can sit back and relax and laugh and cut up with the other moms at birthday parties.

Oh, and of course I never turn down an opportunity to eat birthday cake.

Then on Sunday, Alex attended a birthday party (more cake. Score!) of a little boy in his class, at a local pizza joint.

To round out the weekend, I used these

to design a little birthday surprise for a friend who turns 40 today! I saw the idea on Pinterest and loved it. It turned out so cute! And before you ask, yes, I will share it soon, I promise!

And in between all of that I did a little more planning and plotting for our new mud room which I am so very excited about.

More about that soon, too!

Oh, and don’t forget my cardiologist appointment.

Shew. There’s a lot going on around here.

Don’t you hate cliff hangers?

Stay Tuned…..

One Day At A Time

On January 2, 2012, I wrote a blog post titled, Letting Your Life Speak. In that post, I reflected on some changes I wanted to make in my life. Specifically, I want my life to speak this year. And I’m not referring to the wild, loud and crazy words that fly out of this mouth daily.

Surprising, I know.

Basically, letting my life speak – to me – means making a difference when and wherever I can. From the most simplest of tasks to bigger, more important and maybe even life-changing tasks.

Funny thing is, when I sat down at my computer tonight, I had intended to share a story about helping a neighbor unload a chair. Not to brag or boast about helping someone, but because a bulky 138 pound box is no match for three women, a furniture dolly, and a load of motivation.

Instead though, I am typing freely. As the words form from the tips of my fingers onto my keyboard, I am letting my heart do the writing today.

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from World Vision about becoming a Child Ambassador. As I read the words on my screen, I felt like God was speaking directly to me. If you haven’t read my World Vision testimony, you can go here to read all about it. And before you go and get all crazy about kids here in the United States starving and why can’t we just feed THEM, believe me when say, I thought AND EVEN SPOKE  those same words. Seriously, you should just go that post before you read any further.

Maybe it’s just me, but when a person runs her mouth and pretty much challenges God, and HE, Himself, shows up ON THE SPOT, in an arena, at 8AM on a Saturday morning, she has no other option than to laugh and tell God that she gets it! answer the call and sponsor a little girl named Mercy with a birthday the exact same day as her son because just minutes before she declared, “Now maybe if God put a kid on my seat with the exact same birthday as one of my boys, I might think differently.”

My. Exact. Words. 

And just because God is God, guess what He did?

He placed a picture folder of a little girl named Mercy in an orange bag on my seat in that arena with a November 1st birthday.

The same birthday as Alex.

And, as you will read in that post, there is A LOT MORE to this story. So much so that I looked up and laughed and said to Him, “YOU. are. so. funny!” 

I HEARD HIM then, and I heard him a few weeks ago. I had no choice but be obedient to His calling.

I now have, in my possession five children currently needing a sponsor. I mean, obviously I don’t HAVE the children, as in have them here, but I have five folders bearing the names and pictures of five precious children.

And if you feel so led, I would love to talk to you about sponsoring one of them.

I thought about taking a picture of the folders and sharing it here on the blog, but I’m just not convinced I am supposed to do that. Just because I have chosen to let my life speak, I would never want you to think that I am hounding, harassing, or begging on my blog.


With that said, can I ask that you would pray with me for these children.

I will list their names, and their birthdates so that you can call them out by name.

The Bible says where two or three are gathered, HE WILL BE THERE. I am trusting Him to find sponsors for my five children who are really HIS children.

Suprika (g) – birthday: March 19, 2001 – from India
William (b) – birthday: November 13, 2002 – from Burundi
Dancile (g) – birthday: September 5, 2003 – from Burundi
Ashenafi (b) – birthday: June 27, 2002 – from Ethiopia
Martha (g) – birthday: June 19, 2000 – from Ethiopia

Even though He could do all of this on His own, He is allowing me to be a part of it. I think that’s pretty awesome.

I said I wanted to let my life speak, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

One day at a time.

You Capture – Cold

West Virginia is known for its very COLD winters and very HOT summers. I guess you could say our motto around here is “Go big or go home!” I’m not a huge fan of either extreme if I’m being honest. My ideal temperature is 80 degrees in the heat of the day with little or no humidity, which happens about three days out of the year.

I sweat like a pig in the summer, and I get cold sores in the winter.

But I’m not complaining.

Let’s just kick this thing off, shall we?

Cold is not my favorite weather, but then again neither is summer.

When the temps reach high nineties plus humidity, it can be a real bummer.

Up for our morning commute last week, the temperature was just sixteen

I don’t so much mind the cold temperatures, but of snow I’m not real keen.

I hate the cold sores and dry skin, not to mention the wet snowy boots.

And when the kids get all dressed to sled, it takes them forever to put on snowsuits.

My least favorite is when McDaddy’s gone and we wake up to a few feet of snow,

Though I couldn’t care less about the white stuff IF we have no place to go.

As you might imagine, it’s not my favorite, to get out and clear this mess,

Though, if McDaddy is home he always takes care of it, I must confess.

I realize we’re talking about cold this week, but you know I can’t let a week slip by,

Or miss out on another chance to show you a hot little Saturn Sky. 

Ahhh. One of these days, folks. One of these days.

 Stay warm y’all!

A great tip with a side of bad photography

I recently told Stevie we would not be buying one more Lego because the Legos are taking over our house. His dresser is covered with Legos. He and Alex both have tables in their rooms that display “their creations.”

And we won’t even talk about the “mini figures” that are all over this house.

When I said, “No more Legos,” I was serious.

On Friday, Stevie and I were sitting on the couch and I was looking at Facebook Yardsale on the laptop. When I scrolled past a post for a TOTE FULL of Legos, they caught Stevie’s attention and he asked how much the seller was asking for them.


He asked what half of $25.00 would be and then suggested I could pay half and he could pay half. I explained that IF he really wanted them, he would pay for them himself with some of his Christmas money. He agreed, I made the deal, and McDaddy met the seller to pick them up.

Upon seeing the FULL TOTE of Legos, he exclaimed, “We hit the Lego jackpot, baby!”

[NOTE: I’ve never claimed to be a photography blogger, so I do hope you’ll excuse the poor photography. Normally I can count on my iPhone to take great pictures, IF, and that’s a very BIG IF, I am holding the phone perfectly still, and I’m not standing in our greatroom in the middle of the day with bright sunshine pouring in through THREE HUGE WINDOWS.]

But back to the Legos.

The downside to buying a tote full of Legos means that every time you dump that mess out, it takes a sweet forever to pick them all back up again.

A few days ago, I was reading blogs and came across a post chock full of helpful hints. One of the hints suggested putting a fitted sheet on the floor before playing with Legos to make clean-up quicker. After helping Stevie and Alex clean those million Legos up for the 3,712th time, I suggested to Stevie that we try the fitted sheet trick.

So, we placed the sheet inside of the tote and let the fitted part hang off the side. It took us quite some time to gather the Legos and put them into the tote.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the sheet in the tote without the Legos, but you get the idea, right?

And cleaning up is SO MUCH EASIER using the sheet. Just ask these two.

The good news is the sheet fits right inside of the tote, even with the lid.

I’m telling you people, this blog is about so much more than just cheap entertainment.

The even better news is that these two can lift the sheet in and out of the tote on their own, which means I have more time to research how to take better pictures with my iPhone.

Which is obviously much needed.

I can guarantee you my DSLR would never do this to me.


This tip works for me!