I Am Blogger, Hear Me Roar!

I wrote my first blog post in 2007 over on mySpace. Some of you may remember it. After blogging there for about a year, I decided to take the plunge and build a new home on the world wide web, not knowing if it would last a month, or a year because I’ve been known to get a wild hair up my hind-end (yeah, I said it) a time or two, only to find out I hadn’t thought it through, and oh, it was fun while it lasted.

Somewhere, McDaddy is sitting behind his laptop thinking, ‘ain’t that the truth!’

It’s how we ended up with a hamster.

What can I say except that I get bored easily.

Before I knew what was happening, at least eight people were showing up to read my daily dose of crazy. And now, three years later, the blog is still going strong! I guess its safe to say this little blog isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which cracks me up because my kind of crazy is unmatched in most parts, and it’s still hard to believe that there are people (complete strangers even) out there who I now call LBF’s – loyal blog fans whom I have never met.

Y’all know who you are.

As I was sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast a big truck drove out our road and knocked down a cable line. When I looked out the window just minutes later, I saw my neighbor on a ladder on the truck with a big stick holding the line up so the truck could get by. My first instinct was to take a picture because I knew it would make for some good blog fodder.

Later in the day as I was going about my domestic business, I snapped pictures of a sink full of dishes, stacks of clean folded laundry, and a growing mound of dirty laundry, all for the sake of the blog.

It got me to thinking, you know you’re a blogger when….

– You stay up way past your bedtime just to hammer out your latest post.

– You add your blog site to e-mails, and utility bills. (I’m kidding, people.)

– Normal daily activities suddenly become tomorrow’s Thursday 13 list.

– You feel compelled to e-mail companies (*coughSaturncough*) for free stuff to give away on your blog while secretly hoping they’ll give you a car.

– You find yourself thinking what inanimate objects would think if they had a brain and then you blog about it.

-Your husband has ever preceded a conversation with, “I’d rather you not blog about this.”

– You edit a post 7 times, even though it was published three days ago.

– You have contacted family members and friends asking permission to publish their pictures on your blog.

– You carry a camera because you just never know when you might need photographic proof of a good story. (Unless you have an iPhone of course.)

– Heavy traffic doesn’t bother you in the least.

– You visit the Google Thesaurus while writing  a post because you don’t want to be viewed as a goof-ball when you use a word improperly. (It happens more often than you think.)

– Your post has been finished for thirty minutes, but you’re still trying to come up with a catchy title.

– When you’re telling a story to an aquaintance and they say, “I read that on your blog.”

– You know just enough html code to be dangerous. (Oops!)

Thanks to each and every one of you who show up here day after day. I appreciate you!


  1. says

    I am the same way! Or I was. Sadly I’m not blogging anymore. 🙁 I had issues with the ex-husband’s grandma stalking my blog and making it un-enjoyable for me. I really, really miss it though. Sometimes I still write on my blog even though it’s private…just because I love the blogging!

    Love your blog…glad you are a blogger! 🙂

  2. Jean says

    After the “husband’s grandma” response, do I dare say:
    2011 – 2007 = 4? Nah. 😉
    I remember your first blogs. I still love to read them.
    You make me smile, Julie. 😀 You are a gifted writer. One day you may take the plunge into book-writing. If so, I hope I’m around to enjoy them.
    Write on!!! 🙂

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