Super Summer Summary

Summer is holding on by a thread. Or maybe I should say I’m holding on to summer by a thread. The mornings are cooler. Daylight ends sooner. And I don’t even want to mention the dread I feel just thinking about the cold weather that is no doubt just around the corner, with its friends snow, and ice. It’s enough to depress a person.

Especially when the person is afraid to drive in the snow and ice. Just to keep things light and airy though I won’t dwell on winter and all of the madness it brings to the party.

Today was the fourth day of school. It has not been an easy adjustment for me, or my sweet Alex. I was at his school today for some PTA business and he spotted me from the lunchroom in the hallway. I walked over to say hi to him and noticed that he was crying. He said he missed me and wished I could stay with him all day long. I hated the fact that he was crying, but I’m glad to know that he misses me. I hate it that summer is over because it means I am at the mercy of my stupid alarm clock. I wish we could just have another month of summer, because I miss having my boys at home with me, and because we had an awesome summer. I am so sorry to see it come to an end.

Fortunately Stevie is having a ball in third grade. He loves school and his new teacher.

On the first day of school, his teacher, Mrs. H. asked the kids to draw four pictures that represented their summer.

I was amused at his super summer summary.

First, there was his second place medal for BB shooting at Cub Scout day camp

Even though I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn, and it was 149 degrees that week, it was for me, a memorable week. I helped out with a wonderful group of boys (and two girls) and I was pleasantly surprised that I REALLY enjoyed myself.

Second, he mentions seeing CARS 2 which might not amount to a hill of beans to some people, but, when you live here in this house, CARS 2 is big business, especially since two fans have been waiting since the release of CARS 1 to watch the sequel. As usual, Disney Pixar did not disappoint.

Just under that picture, he mentioned having sleepovers with good friends x 7 which cracks me up, becuase I would bet the farm that he really did have seven different sleepovers. He is, and always has been a technical kid. He takes details very seriously WHICH AGGRAVATES ME TO NO END because seriously details are overrated.

What can I say, except that he is his father’s son.

The fourth and final picture cracks me up. In it, he recalls the most harrowing moment of our summer. The moment just after having a bike wreck and crying so hard he couldn’t get his breath which resulted in him passing out in the middle of the street, riding to the hospital in an ambulance and the discovery that our sweet boy has an extra spleen.

Yes, I said spleen.

We sure know how to make ’em around here.

Thanks for the memories, summer!  I’ll miss you!


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    I love his summary and the details. I am a detailed person…okay that’s a lie. I like details of others but can never remember details of my own.

    You have sure had a very interesting summer. Glad everyone has such great memories of it.

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